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Refund Policy

Refund Policies

At Essence Studios, we divide the video creation and payment in 3 parts.

Part 1:

As soon you reach out to us, you discuss the project with our marketing team and we will quote a price for your project.After this, you need to pay 10% of the initial cost of the actual quote and we will start your project with creation of a storyboard.

Part 2:

In this stage our team understands what are your thoughts and how we can display these in the form of a video
. After this we will create a storyboard of the video and will share the same with you. If the same isapproved, the next 40 % of the agreed payment will be made.

Part 3:

After the storyboard is approved, our team will start creating the video according to the storyboard. After creating thevideo, we will showcase the first half of the video for your feedback.If approved, we will create the full video and once you complete the agreed payment, we will deliver the video in your desired format.

Our Refund Policy:

It would be rare that you need a refund. But, unfortunately if you need a refund, we can certainly do that, if we failed to meet your requirements.
In case you ask us for a refund, our review team will inspect the whole situation and then a final decision will be taken.

Please be informed, if we find that there were lapses from the buyer end in giving initial instructions we have the full rights to deny any kind of refund.

However, if buyer have given precise instructions initially and we were unable to create the video according to him/her then we will initiate refunds after deducting our necessary production cost.
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