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Whiteboard Animation

Animated Explainer Video Production

Utilizing graphics to connect with your audience is not a new concept. Ever since human shave learnt to communicate, they have used drawings to explain concepts that are otherwise difficult to get across. Add in motion to the graphics and it becomes worth a thousand pictures. Animations are moving graphics that grab the viewer’s attention, provide passive pleasure of absorbing the content without having to make too much effort. Animations have been around for a long time. White board animations are a specific kind of animation that is popular for its simple,clean and sleek presentation. A whiteboard animation is hand drawn flow of concepts over an expanse of white space. Previously, communicators would record themselves drawing images on whiteboard, moving from one idea to the other, until the whole collection unifies them together into one big message.Now it has become easier with animation software; they perform the task of drawing the message as you define the idea. There is just something stimulating and nostalgic about simple handmade drawings on white boards. It exudes an air of learning and education, taking the viewer back to a fun classroom. White board animations are extremely popular in various sectors, from education to business. An exquisitely developed whiteboard animation exponentially increases the retention of the message.

What is a whiteboard animation video?

A video that shows a hand drawing elements on a white background, with crisp yet often exaggerated graphics is called white board animation video. The video starts at a very basic step and moves on, adding on steps and further information, making it easy to understand a complex idea broken down into steps. Whiteboard animations are best to explain flowcharts. White board animations are also the marketers’ choice for advertising as well as explainer animations. The basic phenomenon behind whiteboard animations is essentially like a stop action video, but the use of software lends a fluidity to the drawing movements that it looks like a true animation instead of a whiteboard stop motion animation.

Why make whiteboard animation videos?

Whiteboard animation videoshave many benefits over other forms of animations.

  • Widerappeal: Whiteboard animation is suitable for a variety of topics andindustries because of its inherent promise of simplicity.
  • Uncluttered: While other forms of animations are colorful and graphically more extensive, whiteboardanimations are uncluttered with their white background and few “marker”colors. Usually whiteboard animations are drawn using a basic black marker.
  • Independent of language: Whiteboard animations can be understood by viewers of different locales. They capitalize on the universality of drawings and can explain even the most complex concepts without needing words. Unlike other forms of animation, whiteboard animations are effective independent of language.
  • Cost effective: All you need is a whiteboard animation service or software and you are on the way to create magic with your animations.  Other animations cost much more with dedicated artists and designers required for the project.
  • Marketing collateral: Whiteboard animations double as marketing collateral for your brand. Whiteboard animation characters draw attention to themselves, help the viewer create parallels with them and increase the chance for acting on the call to action.
  • Shareable:Whiteboard animations can be shared online via various social media platforms as well as from the company’s website. They can be used as educational tools by companies to lead the consumer into the brand ideology.

White board Animation Video Uses

Whiteboard animation is best used to explain intricate complex concepts in an easy manner. White board animations are a versatile medium that can benefit many industries.

  • Education Everyone has sat through boring science lectures with information being droned on them. The same ideas when presented through a whiteboard animation become understandable and interesting.
  • Technical Products and Services Services like banking services can use whiteboard explainer videos to explain the more complex services, enticing the consumer with not only cool graphics, but also making them feel intelligent and accepted. Technical products like bitcoin are also a good candidate for whiteboard animations.
  • Present too many ideas in little man Certain topics or even industries need to get out huge amounts of information to their viewers. Whiteboard animations do not overwhelm the viewer, and presents the ideas such that viewer retains most of it.
  • Marketing videos Whiteboard animations make for lighthearted marketing videos that are easy on the eye and the mind, yet retain a businesslike demeanor without diminishing the actual marketing message.

Whiteboard animation musts

Some elements are a must for an elegant whiteboard animation video.

  • The drawing hand - The drawing acts as an anchor for the viewer, instilling a sense of ease, which will lack if the hand is entirely missing.
  • White background -  Whiteboard animations are done on white background. There is no other way to do it. It is not pink board animation or blue board animation. It is called whiteboard animation because of the use of plain white background.
  • Build connections – The fluidity of the whiteboard animation comes from the smooth transition between one element and the next. If the elements are disjointed, the animation renders itself useless.
  • A good script – A well-written script is the beginning of a great white board animation.
  • Sound effects and narration – Relevant sound effects combined with great voice overs add an element of authority to the whiteboard animation.

What to look for in a Whiteboard Animation Company?

So you have decided to get a whiteboard animation created for your brand? Keep a lookout for the best whiteboard animation company. The best way to find one is by looking at their past works and judge them on the level of quality you are looking for. The company you choose should assign a team who is easily reachable when you are finalizing ideas, or need some changes made to the animation. Your budget is also an important factor in this decision, so you have to draw the compromise between quality and price. Just remember expensive does not translate into quality. Now that you know that a lot goes into whiteboard animations, start planning now for yours so that you can choose the right company for your needs and create the best whiteboard animation out there.

Whiteboard Animation

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”