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2D Animation

“A lot of the time in animation is spent getting
the story right – that’s something you can’t rush.”

2d Animation

2D Animation Company

Animation is a modern technique used to make objects more vibrant and dynamic by introducing the concept of motion to ‘still images’. We can define animation as the movement and the change in shape of the objects processed as images. Into day’s world there a variety of different animation styles practiced currently.If you’re interested in animation, then you need to know about the different types including 2D animation!

What is 2D Animation?

2D animation fashions movement in a two-dimensional creative space. Animators create images and characters in the two-dimensional format and show life in them with movement.It requires having artistry, creativity and technological skills if you want to work in the field of 2D animation.

How is it different from 2D animation video?

2D animation is a technique that contains digital images, 2D geometric models and text in two-dimensions. The 2D animation computer graphics and animations were introduced around mid-1800 s, and received an increasing predilection since then. 2D animation video simply refers to a series of 2D animations put together to create a more meaningful piece of work. This may be a 2D animation video, short film or movie. It builds on the same concept! Do you know that 2D animation is considered tobe the most traditional animation method? After the introduction of 3D animation, a buzz was created. Nonetheless some traditional animators still prefer working with 2D animation. This technique of animation is viewed as the traditional form of animation with basic, non-voluminous figures moving up, down, right, and left.Not everyone likes the real life image of every thing; sometimes they prefer simpler version and that’s how 2D animation has managed to keep its charm!

What Do 2D Animators Do In A 2D Animation Studio?

A2D animation studio is where 2D animators come together and put their creativity to the test. It is where sketches are drawn, figures painted and flat images are made to move. The 2D animation studio is where animators exercise their art.

2D animators are very much in demand; they provide a wide range of services for their clients that includes:

  • A range of designs with the usage of life drawing techniques
  • The application of digital simulation and video
  • The creation and designing of the character
  • The formation of stop motion and web animation

Usually the traditional 2D animators usetraditional tools such as Adobe Animate CC (Flash) and Adobe Photoshop. Evenyou could become a 2D animator and work in a 2D animation studio! After all everyone has access to thesesoftware and there’s a whole list of tutorials on the internet.

What are the 2D animation services a 2Danimation company can offer?

A 2D animation company is a type of movie like digital images production house that works with the 2-dimensional framework. In brief, it converts the conventional painting art in to a digital format. You watch and appreciate the motion pictures all over on the TV, at websites, in cinemas, and also at the billboards on the roads. Traditional cartoons, advertising, 2D games and many more, are the illustrations of such amazing artworks. Such 2D animation companies offer a series of 2D animation services that you can take advantage of!

What are these 2D animation services?

The following are 2D animation services.

  • Music videos
  • Video editing
  • Educational content
  • Video post-production
  • Explainer videos
  • Applications
  • Video Games
  • Commercial videos
  • Motion cartoons

2D animation companies aim to captivate the audience with the alluring, productive animation of the characters. So the viewers can anticipate the character, and their unconscious or conscious wish to continue watching this video or playing the game will increase.

A 2D animation production company or a 3D one. Which one should you go for?

2D animation brought a revolutionary change in the world of graphic designing in around 1950, and has progressed a lot since then. Regardless of the benefits and admiration of 3D animation in 1990 s, nonetheless, traditional animation is still performing a vital role in the realm of animation in the form of 2D animation. The reason to its footing is many benefits it brings. Below are some reasons why you would consider going for a 2D animation company instead of a 3D one.

Simpler Designs

The designs of 2D animation are simpler and less complex. They are perfect to actually deliver a message instead of focusing on other factors such as complex backgrounds or extremely detailed characters as it is in 3D animation. Such characters are bound to look like real life characters. Simpler designs are considered more effective in advertising if the purpose is to convey a simpler message. Explainer videos are almost always in 2D animation designs. This way there are less diversions and more focus towards the main issue in hand. Although in the gaming industry, 3D has brought a virtual storm but many gamer still prefer opting for simpler games that serves the purpose of entertainment, instead of heavily complex gaming controls. Often less complex designs of 2D animation attracts more audience, examples are many popular games such as Candy Crush Saga. This game does not involve complex 3D animation techniques,simple movement in four directions i.e. left, right, up and down; are enough to grasp a huge chunk of consumers. The game is engaging and does not in any way require any more complexities.

More Efficient

Another benefit that 2D animation offers is the efficiency it brings to the projects. In no way this requires less skill,efforts or creativity, the background details, required meticulous approach to the theme and characters etc. demands high skill level. However, due to its less complex nature it is simpler and easier to create with only two dimensions. 2D animation companies do not have to create images that give a real life vibe to them; since the animators do not need to spend time and effort on the third dimension, using 2D animation brings efficiency. Efficient 2D animation is favorable for those who wants their projects completed faster and in way less time.

Cost effectiveness

The simplicity and efficiency 2D animation offers, results in cost effectiveness. The people who are willing to get animation services but cannot spend a fortune on 3D animation projects can get benefit from 2D animation companies. They are more affordable and less time consuming than 3D animation. 2D animation requires less resources and meticulousness. Small companies with tight budgets often prefer 2D animation over 3D animation, since it brings added cost effectiveness. You can talk to any 2D animation provider and most likely to get someone that can meet the requirements of creative approach of your project as well as your financial limitations.

Creative Liberty

Animation if every type brings various creative promises with it. Though, 3D animation restricts the creator to must always design an image that appears realistic and lifelike, no matter what, people, scene or objects it is portraying. On the other hand, 2D animation, gives a whole new world. For example, with the help of traditional animation, the animator can fashion animated cartoons, people, and a lot more things that are not existent in actual life. Consequently, anyone demanding an animated assignment can utilize 2D animation to create imageries and worlds more easily that would be very tough to film or craft using 3D tools otherwise. This characteristic of 2D animation also offers itself well to creating projects targeted to specific audiences. The animator can not only use their imaginations to fashion characters and worlds that are not lifelike or realistic, but, by doing so,they can indulge in character design and other practices that result in projects personalized to the taste of specific audiences. Because of the creative freedom offered by 2D animation,this animation type entails a superior level of talent that brands the animator as capable as any other person working with a three dimensional project. From character design to concept design and going towards storyboards, 2D animators must employ their proficiency to create precisely the type of project the clients are anticipating and the targets that they are aiming for the project.

Learning from the best 2D animation production companies in the market.

The 2D animation services offered by this 2D animation company are admirable. They include different steps in their working procedure. You can have a look at their steps and book an appointment with the experts to get hassle-free services. They offer both pre-production and post-production services. The creative team of these 2D animation outsourcing companies create exciting and unique animation theme which keeps the elders and children much interested. 2D animation is traditional yet brings a lot of scope for the potential customers to play with; their content can been ganging and simpler for targeted audience to understand, with cost effectiveness.

What’s the main take away?

With the use of 2D animation, the major focus is always on the main message that you intend to deliver. 3D designs are of complex nature and there is a lot of stuff going on in the frame. While the graphics and the visual details might look captivating and engaging, they often result in diverted focus and attention from the actual message. The message that was actually supposed to be delivered hides behind all the fancy stuff going on. With the use of 2D animation for your projects, you can keep the audience’s focus and attention towards the main message you want to convey, more effectively. 2D animation brings unlimited choices for you. It is a myth that picking 2D animation for your animation job mean that you are restraining your choices. However, in reality, the cost effectiveness, artistic liberty, simplicity, and the efficiency 2D animation brings; permits the expert animator to give life to your idea, deliver you with compensations that in numerous circumstances prove it to be a way better option than 3D animation for concluding your animated task successfully.

2D Animation Company

There is a top notch 2D animation company that offers the finest services. They state that 2D animation is a swift display of images that get viewed one after other at a higher pace. This is the one which creates the illusion to move pictures. The animators also have the competence of creating the animations for the short video films, the serials,movies, sites of e-learning and more. The 2D design also helps in simulating the movements and actions which gives every user realistic experience. Their 2D animation services of animating means the communication of feelings through the storytelling and this company know it well to do this. 2D animation is an exciting field to dabble in. A world of excitement and learning awaits you should you choose to dabble in it more!

2D Animation Video

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”