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Mobile App Video

“A lot of the time in animation is spent getting
the story right – that’s something you can’t rush.”

Mobile App Video Production Company, App Explainer Videos Promotion

Mobile apps are all the rage these days. Every good mobileapp comes with an app promo to highlight the benefits the user will getfrom the app and to give a sneak peek into the app. Many games and servicesapps are being advertised with an app promo advertisement over socialmedia. An app explainer video is an excellent way to capture attention.The desired target audience can be drawn towards the app promo byutilizing simple graphics, brand colors and catchy music.  Most users prefer to watch a 30 second to 1minute intro of the app, than read text that explains the app. It is easier toshow the working of the app in a video than use screenshots of different screens.Images of the screens don’t do justice to the app and might not be able todescribe the app as an app explainer video can do.

What makes a good app promo Video

  • It is simple: Multiple apps are available for the same service. The app that chooses to make a simple, yet catchy app promo is noticeable.
  • It explains the app: A good app explainer video highlights the key features of the app, making it easy for the user to grasp the idea behind the app and the various functionality the app presents.
  • It exudes professionalism: A good promo is created by trained experts. There are many app promo video services available who can help create an exciting and professional app promo.Why make an app promo video
  • A good promo help you stand out: There are many apps available for solving the same problems. New ones are being added to app stores on a daily basis. In this plethora of apps, app creators have to do everything to shine.One way is to create an appealing app promo. When other apps use text and screen shots to showcase their specialties, it is the app explainer video that woos the user.
  • It is easily shareable: When an app promo is made professionally,enthusiastic users not only learn and enjoy the app explainer video, but they also like to share it with friends and family, garnering word of mouth very easily.
  • It can be used as an advertisement: The app promo video can become an advertisement to be used on various social media platforms. Advertising post such as sponsored posts on Facebook with videos get much more engagement than a simple text based or image based ad.
  • It can be used as a tutorial: Users have questions about how to use the app? The app promo can be shared as a tutorial for the app.  When there are multiple promos, multiple app promos can be created to show different functionalities. The same can also be targeted at different users to grab their attention.
  • It can be an extension of the company’s brand identity: A good app promo can build on the brand identity and carry the same theme to make the company’s brand more recognizable. This can be accomplished by using brand colors, font, music,audio etc with in the app promo.

How to make an attractive app promo video

  • Choose the right format: An app promo can be an animation, a video tutorial, screen capture or even whiteboard animation. Each format has its own virtues. Choose the one that goes best with the app, the company’s image and the brand identity.
  • Choose a professional service: Choose a good app promo video service to create the app explainer video. This decision Is crucial. An unappealing video promo can kill the app, while an exciting and alluring app promo can increase the number of user exponentially.
  • Optimize it for use without sound: Sounds supplement the app promo video, but it is quite possible that the user might be watching it without turning the sound on. A good preview video is optimized for consumption without sound as well. It means that while sound enhances the video message, it does not cause any loss when turned off.
  • Offer subtitles: If the app has global appeal, it is always a good idea to provide subtitles in different languages. This will make your ap punderstandable for a wide variety of audiences, and be easily understood by them.
  • Include desired action: Encourage users to take an action when they have watched the promo. The action can be anything from downloading the app to taking the user to the pricing page. Adding the call to action in the video increases user engagement beyond the app promo.
  • How to market the app promo: Once the app promo is created and finalized, it is important to market it to the right target audience. Any combination of the following methods can be utilized to market the app promo to appropriate audiences.
  • Social media advertising: The app promo can be presented to the right target audience in their social media feed using the social media promotional services. This will showcase your app to the user, while providing a rich in sight into the app.
  • Hire an app promotion service: An app promotion service will ensure that the app is noticed, installed and reviewed afterwards. They will choose avenues to highlight the app promo, getting the word out to the core target audience for the app.
  • In-app promos: A popup promo can be placed within another app. When the user has the other app open, the promo will be played for the user. This is a good way to get the message across, as the user will stop and watch the message before continuing their usage of the first app.
  • Get tech bloggers on board: Tech bloggers are always looking forward to review new apps. Top bloggers are contacted by many app creators,therefore they end up having to choose which ones to review. An app promo can be the first step to engage a tech blogger and getting their support in promoting the app.
  • Encourage users to leave reviews on the app page: Whether your app id for android ori OS, reviews from real users can make or break the impression of the app. When the app promo instills the idea of using the app, the app can direct the user to the app page on app stores and encourage them to leave a reply.
  • App promos: need as much time and effort as the actual app itself. When done correctly, the app promo can lead to a monumental increase in app installs by highlighting the app and making it appear attractive. If the app promo is mediocre, it gives the impression of a mediocre app and causes prestige and financial losses to the app creator.

Mobile app Video

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”