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Top: 10 Best Free Video Animation App for Android/iPhone/iPad 2023: Essence Studios

With a large number of video animation apps available, you no longer need to be a professional artist or be good at drawing to create animation. If you are one of those people who can't afford expensive animation software for PC then we have for you the 10 best animation video app. These animation software apps are compatible with both android and ios devices.

Most people have a perception that animation can only be created using advanced animation software on a PC. However, in reality, you can create animations on your mobile devices using animation video maker apps. In this article, you will find such animation software apps that are available for free. Yes, you read that right. You can create animation using these animation maker apps for free.

However, we would recommend you to use animation software on a PC to further edit your videos. This will allow you to have more control over your animated videos.

Now without any further ado lets get into our list of the 10 best free video animation app for your android, iPhone and iPad.

Best Free Video Animation App 2023

1. Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker was designed to offer you total control over your doodle and to enable you to customize it as much as you like. This allows the doodle to be unique and tailored to your preferences.

Doodle Maker App

This animation app is utilized all around the world for Artificial Intelligence. With only one program, you can make a blackboard, or glass board videos in minutes. It is converting all of your current videos into animated doodle videos for the future generation.

doodle maker price
Doodle Maker Software

To produce quality, this is the world's best language text. Without ever capturing your speech, appearing in front of the camera, or hiring expensive voices over musicians, every language studio creates films. Without needing to master advanced animation skills, you may appear to be a talented video animator. There are more than 300 lovely models to pick from!

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This is one of the best animation software app that is available for free. However, it has some in app purchase options.

Muvimi lets you create animation without actually animating. Basically, you can use this app for making animated avatars of yourself or your friends. After making the animated avatar of your character, you can use the customizable voiceover and sets to make entire movies.


After your animation scenes are ready you can effortlessly put them together using this app. This app is guaranteed to make your animated video creation process fun. Further, this app lets you share your creation to other social media platforms of your choice.


It is one of the best animation app for iPhone and iPad. You can get it for free but it will include in app purchases.

This is an effective app for making flipbook animations that are in cartoon style. There are tons of features and functions on this app. Its interface is also pretty easy to navigate and user friendly.

Motion Book

You can save your finished artwork on iCloud and later sync them on all of your iPhone and iPad devices.

One of its most useful features is the option to import external videos. You can use such videos for taking reference while drawing gestures or poses.

This app follows the traditional frame by frame animation technique. It is a good starting point for beginner animators. This app will prepare you for the more advanced animation software.


Pixel Studio is one of the best animation app for android and iOS. As the name suggests this app lets you create pixel style animated videos.

Pixel Studio

This app is suitable for both beginners and experienced. The process of animation on this app is also pretty simple and straightforward.

This app also follows the traditional frame by frame animation technique. In addition to this it also has the multi-layered approach.

This app is compatible with external tools like the Samsung S-pen and the Apple Pencil for the iPad. With Pixel Studio you never have to worry about losing your animation work thanks to its autosave and backup features.


Animoto Review & Sign Up | Animoto Free Video Maker - LegitRoom

One of the best animation app for iPhone and iPad, Animoto was created for people who are into posting on social media. It is free to download and has options for in-app purchases.

In addition to video editing, this animation video app is also used for digital marketing and creating vertical videos that are unique. It is very easy to learn and has a very user-friendly interface. You don't need to be from the animation background to be able to use this app.

This app has pre made templates for uploading photos and videos including video stories directly from your phone. Further there are animated texts, fonts, collages and layouts that you can use. These features will help you in infusing a genuine feel in your videos.

You can also use this app for importing your music from the iTunes library. But if you want to upload them online you need to be careful about the copyright guidelines.

We will totally recommend this app for those of you who are into social media marketing.


flipaclip for pc download now latest version for windows 7/8/10

This video animation app is well known for its frame-by-frame animation on mobile devices. It is one of the best animation apps for android and iOS devices. You can get this app for free and it will also have options for in-app purchases.

Sketching and storyboard animations are two methods of animating on this app. While animating on this app you will have access to several features and functions that will enhance your animation experience. It is very easy to share your finished animations on other social media platforms.

With FlipaClip you will be able to create GIFS and also save your finished animation work in the Mp4 format.

This app has a strong community of animators that will help you learn and grow. Further, there are many contests organized where you can win many prizes.


Textro: Animated Text Video - Apps on Google Play

If you want to animate your videos using texts then this is the best animation app for android. This app is free to download but only for the android users as it is not available for iOS. It also has an option for in-app purchases.

You can create high quality animation in no time on this app. It is very easy to use and intuitive.

You can use this app for your YouTube channels intro or your Instagram stories. Basically, this app lets you add texts to any of your animation video projects.

If you want to get your videos noticed by your target audience then there are many unique features on this app that will help you do exactly that. You can try various combinations to make your videos more attractive and visually appealing. You also get to choose from a wide range of fonts for your texts that can also be customized.

This app has the option for adding music to your animated videos that gives them a genuine feel. Overall this app is best for all the people who create content for various social media platforms.


How To Download Adobe Spark For Students — The Jerny - Travel and  Inspirations

This video animation app is free to download and has options for in-app purchases. It is best used for creating graphics and video stories using various themes and formats right from your mobile devices.

You can easily sync this app on various devices so that you can continue your work on multiple devices. Although Adobe Spark is not completely dedicated to animated videos it still stands out due to its easy-to-use features and functions. There are pre-made templates that you can use to make simple animated videos.

You can use this app for creating video content for your personnel use, educational purposes or for business. Further, you can make your social media posts more professional by using this apps animation features.

After you are done creating animated video content you can easily share it to any platform right from the app.


Animation Desk–Cartoon & GIF - Apps on Google Play

Animation Desk is an animation software app that lets you animate in the frame by frame style. Beginners will be able to learn its uses fairly easily. On the other hand, expert animators will have a large selection of features and functions to explore. Animation Desk is basically a stop motion app.

You can use this featureful app for making long videos and short sketches. There are a lot of import and export options available on this app. For the purpose of 2d animation, this app has the onion skinning feature.

This app can be downloaded for both android and iOS. However, it is the best animation app for iPad. It is compatible with the apple pencil or any other similar stylus.

Animation Desk has a strong community of animators who share their creative works. This will be really helpful for you to learn new techniques and improve your animation style.


How to use | PicsArt Animator | Simple & Easy - YouTube

Picsart Animator is one of the best animation apps for android that is used for making animated GIFs, videos, or cartoons. This app is best for beginners as it is very easy to learn and use. In addition to that, it has rich features and functions.

With this app you can import any image and draw over them to bring them to life. After you are done creating you can even share your finished work.

You will need to have patience as the animation process generally takes some time.


Video animation app is available in various forms and have different utilities. It is up to you to first determine your objective and then your experience in animation before choosing the right one for you.

We hope you were able to narrow down on the animation software app that will suit your animation needs. All the above apps are excellent for various forms of animations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add animation in an android app?

Ans. You will need to first get a powerful video animation app for android. You will be able to add animations with the help of such apps.

Which is the best app for animation?

Ans. The best app for animation depends on your animation project and your level of expertise.

How to do animation in an android app?

Ans. First thing you need to do is get an animation video app for android. Then run the app for creating animations.

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