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Searching for animation software for your PC? With the number of animation software available, finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, here we have for you the top 10 Animation Software for PC that you can use. You will definitely find the best one for yourself from this list.

The art of animation has seen significant development in the recent years. Now a person without any coding or drawing skills can create animations. This is possible due to the development of animation software. These software are so easy to learn and use that anyone can start using them in a short period of time.

The animation software in this list is suitable for all types of users irrespective of their skills or experience. This software packs in a number of advanced functions and useful tools that will help you create animations that have the power to deliver strong messages. Moreover, for you beginners out of three there is a solid support system behind each of this software. You will find a number of tutorials for each of them to help you get started.

Now let's take a look at our top 10 free animation software that you can use on your PC. These software are compatible with PCs that use different types of operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac.

Best Free Animation Software for PC


Blender is a popular free animation software for PC that is also open source. This software features tons of essential animating tools for motion tracking, modelling, video editing, simulating etc. Blender has an animation pipeline that is in the format of 2d.

In addition to object tracking Blender also lets you use tools that help in panning, 360 degrees camera rotation, and track tilting. You can customize the user interface for ease of navigation with the help of Python API. This is possible even while working on multiple assignments.


  • Users can customize the interface according to their requirements.
  • Blender helps in creating featureful animations.
  • Its simulation process is in terms of the industry standard.
  • Life-like rendering is possible with the help of an advanced production path tracer.


Powtoon is one of the best animation software for PC that is web-based. This means it can be used only when the internet connection is available. Animated videos made on Powtoon can be used for numerous purposes like an advertisement, educational videos, tutorial videos, etc.

It is very easy to create animation on Powtoon and share it on other platforms thanks to its easy-to-use interface. You can even use Google Drive to save and share the animations created on Powtoon. This animation software comprises various tools that serve several aspects of animation such as voice-overs, clips, images, soundtracks, etc.


  • There option to download your finished animations in Mp4 format.
  • There are privacy control features.
  • You get 24*7 support.
  • This software provides the right to commercially use animations.
  • You can even upload your own customized fonts.
  • Powtoon's library is filled with all royalty-free items


This is really fun to use animation software for PC free. It has an advanced feature that lets you create animation right within any game engine.

With this animation software you can make use of every asset that is available in the game. You can use Studio Filmmaker for configuring any asset in the game or vice versa.


  • This software lets you preview or render your animation almost instantly.
  • You can download it for free.
  • You can create an entire movie in a single system by managing the workflow.
  • There are props, characters, lighting and camera features that give the feel of a movie set in the virtual world.


Maya is considered as the best free animation software for PC. Its animation quality is very popular among professional animators. Maya software is mainly used by commercial movie makers to add animation and visual effects in their movies.

Anyone can use this software easily provided they undergo a basic course teaching all its features and functions. Apart from movies this software has also been used in TV series production and even developing games.


  • There are procedural effects that are built within the game itself.
  • You get to use premade graphs.
  • It has an advanced hair grooming feature.
  • There is a liquid simulator that is highly adaptive.
  • Further it has an ocean simulator that is Bifrost.
  • It makes use of advanced bullet physics.
  • There is an option for cached playback.


Any list of animation software for PC which is free cannot be complete without Toon Boom Harmony. It is an extremely easy to use 3d animation software. This software in=s mainly used to create storyboards, short animation clips and art pieces.

At first glance this software may appear complicated. But once you get used to it, you will find a whole lot of tools and features that will get your creative juices flowing on another level. You get both bitmap and vector tools to use for the purpose of animation.


  • It features an advanced bitmap and vector technology.
  • There are high quality paint options and color palettes.
  • You can make professional level animation using its 2d and 3d integration feature.
  • There are tools that let you cut out animations.
  • This software features traditional style paperless animation.

  • K-3D

K-3D is a free animation software for PC that specializes in 3D modeling and animation creation. This software combines plugins with a visual pipeline architecture. As a result you get a powerful yet flexible platform for animation.

Using this software animators can implement unique combinations in their animations. K-3D will make animation a simple and easy task for you.


  • It has an undo and redo function that is pretty advanced.
  • There is an interactive medium to adjust the properties.
  • Its visual pipeline is node based.


Videoscribe is one of the best animation software for PCs well known for its whiteboard-style animation. It is a cloud-based software that can be used from any place having an internet connection. This software is useful for creating, editing, and uploading videos.


  • You get to use premium quality images.
  • There is an option to import your own fonts or music files.
  • This software can be used offline.
  • You can save online projects.
  • There is a voice-over recording option.
  • A library full of high-quality images is available for your use.
  • You can publish your finished animation directly to other platforms.
  • There are several video resolution options for you to choose from.
  • You get a collection of royalty-free music tracks that you can use in your animation.


This animation software for PC is free. Biteable is mostly used for adding special effects to animations and also VFX. It is pretty easy to use and straight forward. It is popular for 3d animation creation. This software makes use of a basic drag and drop interface. You can use the tools available in this software to add colors, sounds, photos and texts to your animated videos.


  • There are pre made templates for the purpose of creating logos, slideshows and presentations.
  • You can even add video elements in your animations.
  • Its database has over 85,000 footages that you can use in your animation projects.
  • You can publish your finished animation videos directly to the other social media platforms.


Keyshot is a free animation software for PC that is well known for rendering 3D models in real time. With this 3d animation software you can create simple to complex animations that are visually very appealing. Since it offers real time rendering you can view your finished animation as soon as it is finished. This will save you a lot of time as your projects will get over sooner.


  • You can use this software for creating both 2d and 3d animation videos.
  • This software lets you adjust or illuminate any object or scene with its HDRI lighting.
  • In this software you can simulate a physical camera with the help of its virtual camera controls.
  • There is a virtual mapping feature that lets you simulate the physical appearance of any site.
  • You can lay focus using this software to make sure any particular object is properly lit.


OpenToonz is regarded as one of the best free animation software for PC. Image processing and altering picture style are its well known features.

OpenTonnz is both free and open source animation software for PC. It has all the tools needed for creating amazing 2d animation videos. Being a n open source software you can easily customize it to suit your project's demand.


  • You scan images of different types that are within the product.
  • Affected incident lights can be produced with this software.
  • Distortions that are wavy can be created using this software.
  • You can alter the style of pictures.


These were all the software that you can use for animation on a PC. Each of them has a free trial or free version and a monthly or yearly paid plan. The free trial or free versions will let you use only a limited number of the features and functions. However, if you want to use the more advanced features you can purchase their paid plans.

Our recommendation for you will be to go for Blender. This is because it is the only software that is free in the true sense. There are sufficient features available in its free version to create amazing 3d and 2d animation videos. Once you get used to the interface it gets really easy to use and you can create professional-level animation without spending a lot. We hope you find the best animation software for PC from the above list.

Frequently Asked Question

How to download animation software for pc?

Ans. You can easily download any animation software for your PC by visiting the official website. You will find a download link that will help you get the file on your PC. All you will have to then is run the file on your PC to get the software installed.

How can I download animation software for free?

Ans. There are a number of free animation software that you can download for free. Just follow the method mentioned above.

Where can I animate for free?

Ans. You can use the free software mentioned above to animate for free.

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