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Top 10 Real Estate Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are the best approach when it comes to marketing your brand or company among your target audience. Be it huge corporations, tech industry or any other type of business, explainers work incredibly well. Not just this, if you’re into construction, property or real estate, explainer videos could be exactly what your business may need in this digital era. 

In this piece, we’ll take you through top 10 real estate explainer videos, and you’ll know how you can get inspired while creating videos of your own. 

1. Odagled 

An explainer video helps businesses build long-term customer loyalty even in the real estate industry. You should definitely opt for an explainer video if your goal is bigger than attracting just one-time buyers of your brand or product. 

Sunday - Single by Odagled | Spotify

According to the Odagled video, you can observe how video can influence the way people understand and see your business. 

2. Walliance 

Using bright colours can be really beneficial. This is an effective marketing approach. This is one of the best real estate explainer videos as it makes it hard to ignore it due to its vibrancy. 

File:WallianceLogo.png - Wikimedia Commons

It’s evident that using the right colour palette can play a huge role in impressing the viewers. This video uses colours to attract the attention of viewers to remain hooked to the video till the end. Another noticeable feature of this video is how it manipulates different shapes that easily follow the narration while creating an in-depth connection with the demonstration. 

3. Meet Eqpt

Eqpt | LinkedIn

This is one of the real estate animated explainer videos that simplifies ideas in a way that everyone understands them. The style they followed is beautiful and the video runs at a slower pace while allowing the viewer to grasp the important information. 

4. Discover a Better Place to Call Home 

This video is one of the best real estate animated explainer videos showing amazing possibilities that the EYA team offers. 

A Place to Call Home (TV series) - Wikipedia

Visual storytelling is a universal language in itself, and if created well, can convey your message in the most effective way possible. 

The learning that we take away from this explainer video is that by providing clear and detailed descriptions, it becomes easier for the audience to understand and connect with it. 

5. Spike Construction 

Every business or company wants to save time when it comes to marketing. One of the best ways to save time is using paid ads. This is the best approach to spread your message to a wider audience as it both boosts its effectiveness and saves your resources for the long term. 

Spike Construction |

Usually, an explainer is just 30-50 seconds long but it works wonders on a website’s landing page or social media profile as an ad. 

If you wish to create versatile video content that works across different channels, then you must take a look at this video. 

6. Ility


Explainer videos are mainly designed for the purpose of processing comprehensive information and converting into a more simple and structured explanation. This video by Ility shows the importance of simplifying ideas especially when it comes to offer complex solutions for their customers. 

7. About Scioto Properties

Scioto Properties Closes $20MM+ Real Estate Acquisition

Telling a story through an animated explainer video is the best format to convey a message for a real estate business. It’s a proven fact that whenever people hear a story, our brain naturally starts synchronizing with the storyteller or narrator. This video is a perfect example of how we can use storytelling to craft an emphatic real estate explainer video. 

8. Private Property at Scale

What Are Conveyancing Searches? | Property Law Solicitor Dublin

While it's a universal thought that short videos work better, explainer videos can often be lengthier as long as it's done in the right manner. If you can pique the interest of your audience through a long video, then well & good. 

For anyone who’s looking to purchase a new property, this explainer video will be more compelling as it combines a real-life story along with detailed explanation of all the services they offer. 

The best feature about this video is that they use a CTA to direct their viewers to their online property portal. 

9. Property Works


Property Works | LinkedIn

This animated software video is quite attractive to the eyes due to its colours and design. In real estate too, it's always better to stand out and craft video content that’s memorable for the audience. 

This video shows that searching for a new property is more fun rather than a tedious and intimidating job. 

10. West Green - Auckland

The Perfect Home To Start A Family | West Green | Auckland

This is a vertically-designed video specifically for social media platforms. As per studies, over 50% of the world’s population use social media these days. Therefore, creating explainer videos specifically for social media users can be really beneficial. 

In this video, we see how various animators can turn an animation into unlimited shapes and structures while excellently convincing different online audiences. 


Animated explainer videos are meant for different types of businesses. Now that you’re aware that these work amazingly well for the real estate industry, especially when they’re intricately-designed and convey stories in a compelling manner. 

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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