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Top: 10 Best Free Video Animation Software for Kids 2024 [2D & 3D]

There are kids who develop extraordinary imagination at a very young age. What you need to do is cultivate this talent among your kids at a young age itself.

One of the ways you can do that is by getting animation software for kids. There is software that will let your kid unleash their imagination power.

Most people have a misconception that animation software is only for adults. But in reality animation software in present times have been developed in such a way that they can be used by kids too. They have an easy to use and fun interface that will keep them engaged for a long time and also keep up their interest in art. Further, these apps help the kids develop discipline, hard work, perseverance and also learn drawing, storytelling, and several other skills.

Here we have a list of the best free video animation software for kids. You will definitely find the right one for your kid to develop the animator inside them. So, without any further ado let's get on with this list of best animation software for kids.

Best Video Animation Software for Kids

The below list contains both 2d animation software for kids and also 3d animation software for kids. This software can be used to make many other types of animations. In addition to that, this software is specifically made to be fun, interactive, and also easy to understand for the users.

1. Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker is the world's first Doodle video production software that employs intuitive artificial intelligence to allow anybody, regardless of technical ability, age, or creative talents, to produce spectacular, realistic, and professional Doodle films in minutes in over 60 languages.

You may make a realistic and professional animated whiteboard, chalkboard, colorful Doodle-type films in a simple way, copy/paste text, and let the software do all the work with a really new generation of Doodle Maker. You are in charge of your own creative thoughts (no technical skills necessary!). By registering for a very unique webinar arranged by content creators to commemorate this fantastic release, you may win a "free copy" of this innovative new software.


  • This is a time-consuming feature that the doodle maker offers. Through. You may effortlessly change the entire content of a website into an incredible speech with this tool.
  • Its system has more than 100 male and female voices. So you have a lot of audio possibilities if you want to make an audio conversion or turn your text into nice, relevant voice.
  • You can record and alter your own voice without having to deal with complicated software.
  • You may build high-quality, limitless films using doodle creator. There are no limits on export.
  • When it comes to the quality of a video, templates are crucial. There are over 300 ready-made templates to pick from to help you develop an exceptional video doodle creator.
  • You may quickly export your design to outstanding resolution, such as HD 720P or Full HD 1080P, using a doodle creator. It's all up to you.
  • Inserting a large transition while generating slide presentations or chapter videos is critical, thus doodle creator includes built-in transitions to assist you.
  • This is a fully cloud-based solution that saves all made films indefinitely and allows you to access them from anywhere.
  • You may quickly upload your film to YouTube or Vimeo, which are the world's leading content search engines, with the aid of the doodle maker.
  • Doodle Maker offers a huge picture collection with thousands of amazing graphics. So, if you're making a video, you'll need a picture.
  • Doodle Maker comes with a commercial license that allows you to white label it and sells it to an infinite number of people or give services to an unlimited number of people.


  • Rights to trade are included!
  • Over 100 male and female voices, text-to-speech, AI translation engine
  • Icon Finder and the Pixabay API allow you to register your own voice.
  • Color picture for sketch converter, built-in image library.
  • Export in 720p or 1080p HD resolution.
  • Editor for YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Create an endless number of videos with the manual editor.
  • Switch the table, add your own watermark, and use the built-in transitions.
  • Change the item and the color.


  • The price will rise to 197 USD once the launch period finishes on September 5.
  • Doodle Maker features four big improvements, so you'll need to purchase Upsells to get the most out of it, but it's still a great front-end tool.


Blender is the perfect free animation software for kids who want to explore the world of 3d animation. Being an open source 3d animation software Blender is used not only by animation beginners but also professionals.

Even though it is free to use, it is compared with some of the premium animation software. It is suitable for not only kids but also professionals thanks to its advanced features.


  • This software features tools such as 3d modeling, rendering, texture etc.
  • Blender features VR rendering support and HDR lighting.
  • It is a cross platform animation software.
  • This software is regularly updated and new features are also added.
  • There are sufficient tutorials and support available online for you to get started with this software.


Harmony by Toon Boom is one of the best animation software for kids. There are several tools for animation, style, texture and brush strokes that can help your kids in making eye catching animations.

Toon Boom is a well-known name in the animation industry. Both kids and professionals will have a fun time animating using this software. Harmony features bitmap and vector artwork features. This lets your kids take up small to big animation projects. These features will increase the interest of your kid in animation works.

Kids using this software get different elements and skill badges that encourage them to improve their animation skills.

There are ample resources like video tutorials, and webinars that will help your kids become master animators.


  • Users will stay in absolute control of their animations with help of a number of advanced tools.
  • It allows you to combine 2d and 3d models to create hybrid animations.
  • This software regularly upgrades its old features and introduces new features.
  • Harmony is a cross platform animation software.
  • There is an option to apply 3d animation effects in this software.

4. Animatron

If you think other animation software might get too overwhelming for your kids, then you must get Animatron. With Animatron, your kids will be slowly introduced to 2d and other forms of animation. This 3d animation software for kids is also free to use.

Animatron has a light mode with which your kids can use the drag and drop interface to implement various effects and elements into your animation. It is very easy to narrate a story, animate 2d objects and draw characters using this tool. Not just your kids but even you can use these tools to create amazing 2d animations.

Animatron is a web based software which means you don't need to download the software.


  • Both kids and adults can use this software easily.
  • There is a drag and drop interface in its lite mode.
  • Kids at the age of 8 and above can easily use this software.
  • You can access this software from any platform and anywhere.
  • You can get this software for free for your kids.


This 2d animation software for kids also supports stop motion animation. The best part is it does not have to compromise with its features to become kids friendly.

The kids can directly draw on the screen using a touch screen tablet, and stylus. It is possible to draw on more than one frame or one frame at a time in this animation software for kids.

You can upload still images in this software and then animate them using the available tools. Further, there are tools for your kids to try stop motion animation.


  • Using the import feature you will be able to add overlays, backgrounds, videos, etc. to your animation project.
  • This software has the option for exporting the finished animation to other software.
  • It is a cross platform animation software.
  • Kids can learn to use this software with the help of several tutorial videos available online.


This software is not exclusively made for kids however the interface is so simple that even kids can easily use it. PowToon is a 3d animation software for kids that is used by students to create projects and assignments.

Your kids will love experimenting with the large number of effects available in this software. Further, there are several premade scenes that you can use for the purpose of animation.

The animation videos created using Powtoon are of superior quality and have been used for the purpose of marketing several brands.


  • It is very easy to learn the use of this software with the help of its sound knowledge base.
  • There is a library full of templates and stock images.
  • Kids will easily learn this software thanks to its easy to use interface.
  • It is even possible to import or export data on this animation software.


It is very easy to use Stop Motion Studio for creating animated videos. Your kids are guaranteed to have an awesome experience using this software.

Even though this software has a very simple looking interface, it is very powerful. The kids are assured to explore all the effects and features in this software. The free version of this software has certain limitations. In the premium version it is possible to create 4K videos.


  • It is a cross platform animation software.
  • This software allows you to continue your animation project on various devices.
  • It is possible to use pre made templates for the purpose of animation.
  • The background objects can be easily defined and created.
  • Multi layers can be utilized for animation.


Synfig is an open source animation software that is perfect for kids to begin learning about 2d animation. It has both free and paid versions.

Free version has some experimental features that are best for kids to start animating using this animation software.


  • You get to use multi layers in animation projects.
  • You can cut out animations for bitmap images using bone systems.
  • It is possible to add voiceover or music to your animation videos.


If you want to get your kids to begin 2d animation then OpenToonz is the best software for you. This software is free to use and can be used by both kids and adults. Being an open source program you can customize this software to fit your animation projects.


  • It has a GTS scanning tool.
  • There is an option to change the picture style.
  • You can add distortions and lighting effects.


It is an open source animation software that your kids can use to create animations. This simple and easy to use animation software is best for kids to create amazing and unique animation software.


  • This software has a minimalist design.
  • You can easily switch between raster and vector animation.
  • This software has cross platform compatibility.


We hope you find the right animation software for kids from the above list. Your kids are going to get immersed in the world of animation using any of the above software. Let your kids explore the animator inside them using this animation software.

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