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In the competitive world that we are living in, it has become very difficult for your brand to get the required recognition. Thus, it is quite obvious that the Youtube videos that are being uploaded by you are lost in the gigantic and vast Youtube galaxy.

If you have googled about this, then you must have heard of a miracle term: Youtube SEO. Fortunately, this exists and this could help you to get more organic traffic to your tube videos.

Before getting to know, how could you do this, let us have a look why is the organic traffic important for your Youtube videos:

  • Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google and it is estimated that it fetches 92 billion page views every month, thus providing the colossal traffic to the different websites and blogs.

  • With the help of Youtube videos, you can easily monetize the content of your videos and if your Youtube videos get enough views, then you can easily make out the ample amount of money with the help of youtube videos.

Thus, only uploading the video on Youtube is not the only task that you have to do to get the desired amount of organic traffic on your channel. You have to follow some of the techniques that are used to optimize your youtube videos to get the maximum organic audience visiting your channel and viewing your videos. Here are some of the best SEO techniques for your Youtube videos. If you are new to Youtube SEO, then yes with the help of the Youtube SEO, you can easily get the organic traffic to your YouTube videos and here are the tips that you can use to get better search results for your videos.

Let us get started:

  • Title: The title of the video is the first point of attraction for the viewers. Make sure that you are using the perfect title for your video that matches the content of the video and uses the most search keywords embedded in it. This will be very for the viewers and as well as to the Youtube search algorithm.

To get a better title, Google's and Youtube's autocomplete feature can aid you. This will help you to know what people are searching on the internet related to the services and the content that you have in your videos. Thus, you can easily optimize the content according to the trending searches on the internet.

You can take the help of various tools like the TubeBuddy which is specifically a complete SEO tool for Youtube and help you to do better research for Youtube.

  • Video description: This is rather more important than anything. Yes! You have to write a description for your video content. The initial lines of the description can really do great work for video optimization. This will hold the major power to get better video rankings in the search engine results. There is the option to use the search engine’s auto-complete keyword phrases for your video description. In case if the keywords match in your first two lines then the video is likely to have higher rankings in the SERP.

  • Choose your thumbnail wisely: You must have not thought about the power of the thumbnails for your videos. It is much more important than you think. Whenever people search for your videos, it is the first thing that will watch and so it needs to be click-worthy. Make your thumbnails for the videos appealing and attractive so that your videos get a number of views.

  • Name your video properly: So have you completely made and edited your video and it is ready for uploading on the youtube channels, the most crucial things are the name with which you have saved your video. Change the name of your video to the keyword.mp4.

If you are using the keyword strategic video name in your explainer video or the video you are uploading, then this helps the search engine to know what is there in your video as the search engines are not capable of looking into your video content. The name of the file will tell the search algorithm to know what your video is all about. This will help the search engine in another way as well, indexing! The search engine will be able to index your videos easily and thereby help you to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results. So, always try to include the keyword in the name of the video file.

  • Use the search data to optimize your existing videos: This is the best way to optimize the videos that are already existing on YouTube. Doing this is quite simple: Go to the and check on analytics > top videos. Now you have to select the video that you have to optimize and this will tell you the analytics page for the selected video page. Next, click on the traffic source and then the Youtube search. Once you have done this, you would easily get to see the page that displays all the queries that users are using to find your video and now thus accordingly you can optimize your video title, description and the tags that are based on it. The queries here should be treated as the keywords for which you should optimize your videos.

  • Closed caption feature in the YouTube video: This is a feature that is present in the Youtube videos which help to show your text over the videos. Thus, these features help in the better understanding of the video content to the viewers. You can also translate it into various languages thus by this you can definitely reach a maximum number of users.

On the other hand, you can also upload the transcripts for the video. The latest algorithm of YouTube can easily convert your voice into a transcript that is quite easier to activate. If there is no voice in the video, still you can utilize the feature of the closed captions. This will give your video the index in the search engine. Create the captions or the uploaded YouTube videos.

  • Make the videos more featured: Youtube has an excellent feature that shows you the most recent video on your channel page under the tag of the featured videos. This is indeed a great option for the users that post on a regular basis and for the users that make the posts occasionally, it is better to select another video to occupy that slot of the video.

Doing this is also an easy and simple task: go to the creator studio and open up the settings and select the featured content that is present under the left menu under the channel. Next, make a click on the feature content button and then you can choose if you wish to make the most recently uploaded video or even can choose a newly created playlist.

  • Add the channel tags: With the tags, you can get the number of the viewers. You can get the option of tagging under the setting option on the My channel menu.

  • Put up a short intro video: In order to capture a huge set of audience for your channel, a short and catchy explainer video can be of great help to boost the subscriber count on your channel.

  • Pay attention to the comments: Engage with the audience and thus, you can get the number of views on your videos. If you are engaging with the audience, reading and replying to the comments section of the video then the audience will feel more connected to your channel.

  • Publish the high retention videos: If you want the higher ranks to your videos, then it is important that people keep on watching the videos. Audience retention is a great factor that is used to determine how much organic traffic your website will get. This indeed is a huge ranking factor for the youtube videos. Create videos that are engaging and simple. The key to getting a number of users is that people are generally attracted by the few beginning seconds of the videos. Make your start of video more appealing so that users tend to watch the entire video.

Youtube makes the use of its own algorithm for ranking your video. Buying inorganic traffic may not help you to get more of the organic traffic to your videos. The view time of the videos is also an important factor that will help you to decide whether you have a higher ranking or not. Thus, use these SEO tips for your YouTube Videos and rule over the Video channels on Youtube with the maximum views and organic traffic. You can also try to upload different types of videos for your YouTube channels such as Explainer video or whiteboard animation video to give a variety to your audience.

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