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How to Use Animated Explainer Videos to Grow Conversions and Audience Engagement

Animation has become the game changer in the video marketing landscape. Brands across a variety of industries resort to animation for increasing customer engagement and conversions. In fact, animated explainer video is one of the most effective practices for driving traffic and generating leads for a product or service. 

Animated explainer video is the most powerful tool in the current digital era. It helps users draw the audience's attention, evokes their emotions and interest in a brand while compelling them to click on CTA and take a glance at the website.  

So, this post talks about how marketers & brands can use explainer videos in increasing their conversion rate and audience engagement

Let’s Understand What Explainer Video Is?

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An explainer video is a short animated video mostly used by brands and businesses to convey their brand story in a clear, concise and engaging manner. Animated explainer videos are generally used for marketing and sales purposes, as well as for highlighting the features or benefits of a product, brand or service. 

In fact, explainer videos are the most commonly created type of video, which amounts to 74% of the total video content created for promotional purposes. Some websites have even claimed that their conversion rates have increased by 144% after incorporating an explainer on their website. 

Where You Must Use Explainer Videos To Boost Conversion Rates

How to Increase Conversion Rate With Explainer Videos


Explainer videos can be used in all spheres of digital marketing. These videos can be posted on a website and social media platforms as part of your content marketing strategy. It engages the viewers, piques their interest in your brand or product while motivating them to learn more about it. 

Explainer videos come in various forms like app explainer video and whiteboard explainer videos. These can also be used in online advertising. Video is undoubtedly one of the most actionable content formats in advertising as it leads to more sales than still images, slideshows, or carousel ads. 

Nowadays, a lot of brands add an animated product demo or brand story on their websites. It works perfectly in introducing the brand to new audiences, and allows them to understand what the brand is about. Explainer videos are also placed on a product or service’s landing page to emphasize on all its features and benefits, while encouraging the visitors to buy it. 

Besides, few companies just upload these explainers on their YouTube channels and try to influence their audience. As you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, which increases your chances of getting popular on the internet. 

Benefits of Explainer Videos for Marketing Purposes

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Animated explainer videos perform a variety of functions to boost sales and conversions of a brand. Take a look at some of the main benefits of these videos:

1. Simplifies Your Concept/idea or Product

An animated explainer briefly & clearly explains your brand story, product or service while engaging the audience. A 3-minute animated video is capable of capturing viewer’s attention and encouraging them to go through the website. 

These videos are much more effective in making the viewers listen to the message till the end. An engaged viewer is more likely to make a purchase. It helps marketers turn the potential customers into profitable leads by compelling them to visit the website. Consequently, it drives more traffic and boosts conversions. 

2. It Builds A Brand

Many brands nowadays use a variety of branding elements such as logo, colours, text, etc in their explainer videos so they can showcase their brand’s uniqueness and increase brand awareness. By uploading such videos on your website, social media platforms or any other form of digital advertising, you can make your brand stand out on the internet and strengthen your brand’s identity. 

3. Animated Videos Evokes Emotions 

Animation is the best approach for driving people’s emotions. Funny animated characters, eye-catching images, engaging stories, and the right kind of music can play a huge role in creating a mood in the viewers minds. An animated product demo video can even make a viewer burst with laughter. 

Not only does an animated video evoke emotions, but it also fosters customer loyalty. In both cases, it grows conversions because people are easily driven by emotions while making purchases and buying products they’re loyal to. 

4. People Love to Watch & Share Animated Videos on Social Media Platforms

The audience gets driven by attractive videos, which is why fun animation deserve a place on social media as it has millions of users from across the globe. Therefore, if you wish to convey information about your business or brand in the quickest way possible, it's best you upload a captivating animated promotional video

People will not only love watching your videos, but also make an effort to share it with their friends or family. The higher the number of shares, the higher will be the conversion rate!

5. Animated Explainer Videos Are More Effective in Spreading Information

An explainer allows a brand to interact with its viewers both visually and at auditory levels. These help convey the message better as you not only hear it, but watch it too. The goal of an explainer video is to engage the audience and give out the information in 2-3 minutes. In simple words, you need to capture your audience’s attention while conveying all the important points of your product or service. 

Wrapping Up

I hope this post was successful in informing you how you can use the best whiteboard explainer videos to grow your conversion rate and audience engagement. Explainer videos are the most effective approach to reach wider audiences in an engaging and compelling way. Now, the only thing you’re required to do is choose an experienced professional for creating your explainer video so that you can make the best out of your time and money. 

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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