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A demo video is a kind of an explainer video demonstrating the features, benefits & uses of a product or service. If the audience watches a demo video, they’re more likely to make a purchase than the visitors who never really watched it. 

As per Wyzowl, Explainer videos are the most commonly created style of videos for brand marketing purposes. 93% of marketers say that video has helped them boost brand awareness. In fact in 2021, 14% of businesses created product demo videos for their video marketing campaigns. 

So, this post is all about the top 15 product demo videos that you can take ideas from for marketing your brand or product. 

Why Are Product Demo Videos Important for the Business?

92% of video marketers consider video as an important part of their marketing strategy. Plus, video content help you:

  • Build Brand awareness
  • Boost sales 
  • Explain products & services 
  • Increase traffic 
  • Attract more customers

The marketing strategy these days cannot exist without the use of video content. People love watching videos. YouTube and other social media platforms are the best platforms to put forth your message in the form of videos. The audience on these platforms expect brands and companies to showcase their products or services through interesting and engaging videos. 

Top 15 Product Demo Videos To Inspire Your Marketing Game in 2022

1. Airtable 

Airtable Demo - YouTube

In this video, Airtable shows how animation and screencast works together to explain how to use the software in an easy way. The video will make the viewers feel that despite not being able to use the software before, they’ll still not face any problems using it. 

The structure of the video is as follows: 

  • Presenting the product
  • Explanation of the product
  • Call to action accompanied by a brand logo

Pay heed to the voiceover. It plays a huge role in explaining how to use the product and to tell the audience what exactly the video is about. 

2. Zendesk Sunshine 

Break free with Zendesk Sunshine™ - Zendesk

This video by Zendesk, introduces Zendesk Sunshine - a platform that allows us to work with clients. In the video, you’ll see an eye-catching combination of 2D & 3D graphics, along with moving typography and live-action videos. 

It mainly focuses on directing the viewer’s attention to the key features and explaining them effectively. 

3. Zoominfo Engage 

ZoomInfo Engage - YouTube

As you already know that animation is used for creating characters of a video story. In this video by Zoominfo Engage, you can see the entire story revolves around a character trying to solve a problem. 

Zoominfo Engage helps in finding and connecting with prospects. This video shows how the software works. Besides, it also helps the viewers understand whether Zoominfo Engage will be able to help them with their requests or not. 

4. Survey Monkey 

Introducing the new SurveyMonkey - YouTube

This video by Survey Monkey is a popular product demo video that uses 3D animation, typography and screencast. The interesting part of this video is that there’s no voiceover, but only sound. 

Excluding voiceover can be challenging, but Survey Monkey pulled it off and explained all the important points just with the sound effects. 

5. Headspace 

25 Best Product Demo Videos from Different Industries | Breadnbeyond

Headspace offers an animated product demo video explaining how meditation works and the way it helps in changing our perspective. 

In this video, you’ll see 2D animation, custom characters as well as voiceover, which are the main components that make any demo video interesting to watch. 

6. Nike 

10 Amazing Product Demo Video Examples To Inspire You

This video by Nike is a compilation of live-action and 3D graphics to give the product demonstration. It’s something more than a promo demo. Here, you’ll see a comprehensive explanation of how a product is manufactured, its design inspiration along with how Nike Sports Research Lab is striving to craft new products that can change the world. 

7. Slack 

Slack Survey Integrations | Integrate Slack & Surveys | SurveySparrow

Slack is one of the biggest companies in the world that creates interesting free product demo video for their audience. In this video, they use 2D animation, live-action techniques and screencast. 

Besides, the voiceover makes the viewers easily understand the important features and how they work. 

8. Duolingo Push

Duolingo Push

In this video, Duolingo uses live-action footage to demonstrate and explain their newest launched feature - Duolingo Push. The company has used humour and incorporated a funny character in the story to make it more attractive and memorable for the viewers. 

9. Introducing iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR

iPhone XS vs. XS Max vs. XR vs. X, Which One Should You Pick?

In this product demo, Apple uses a combination of 3D graphics and live-action footage to explain how the products work. 

10. Sphero

Sphero – Teq

Sphero uses 3D animation and live-action to explain their product. In this video, they showcase the entire process of developing and using RVR - a programmable robot. This is the best and the most effective approach Sphero could have used to demonstrate its products. 

11. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams Tutorial — with Demos - YouTube

In this video, Microsoft uses screencast as well as 2D animation to introduce Microsoft Teams to the viewers. It's an ideal combination as 2D animation easily evokes emotions, and the screencast helps to explain how its features work. 

12. IKEA Place

Ikea Place ARKit App Brings Virtual Furniture Into Your Home - VRScout

In this video, IKEA introduces augmented reality features and explains how it works. The live-action videos make it more impressive and realistic, and the viewers can easily understand how AR works. 

13. LEGO Life 

20 of the Best Product Demo Videos of ALL TIME | Wyzowl

In this video, you only get 30 seconds to understand the key idea/message. The video uses a combo of whiteboard animation, typography and voiceover, which makes it easy to understand the purpose of the product or how it works. 

This video by LEGO Life proves that it’s not necessary to make a lengthy video to explain the benefits of a product. 

14. Houseparty 

The big thing about Houseparty is not Video | by Jorge Serna | Prototypr

This 27-second long video by Houseparty is an ideal example of a short demo video. The company uses typography and text to present their idea. So, there’s no use of voiceover here. 

15. Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo Switch: Free Demo Released For Critically-Acclaimed Game - Daily  Bayonet

Last but not least, this video by Nintendo Switch is a perfect example of a video excluding voiceover, but an engaging script is the gamechanger in explaining the benefits of the product. It uses live-action footage with some 2D graphics

Create A Product Demo Video For Your Business 

Demo videos are necessary for almost all types of businesses, as they help to demonstrate the features, benefits and other important uses of the product. These are often showcased as explainer videos, to make it engaging and enjoyable for the viewers. However, creating a demo video isn’t as simple as it seems!

If you wish to create a video of a similar quality as one of the demo videos mentioned above, you’ll need the help of a professional video production company. By doing this, you’ll be able to put forth your product or service in the best possible manner in front of your audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to make a demo video for a software or website?

Creating demo videos for a software can be a little challenging as you’ve to inform the audience who aren’t so tech-savvy or have less idea about it. Whiteboard Animated software demo videos are the best way to engage your viewers about whatever software or website you wish to promote. Besides this, you must keep these few points in mind:

  • Understand your audience and their demographic thoroughly 
  • Write an engaging script that creates an impression 
  • Create a storyboard 
  • Share your software demo videos on the social platforms, and add a call-to-action 

2. Can a demo video boost a product’s SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in ranking a website or video higher on search engine results. Some of the main reasons why a demo video can up your SEO game are:

  • Viewers prefer videos more than reading lengthy text
  • Google too prefers relevant video content 
  • Video generates more traffic and keep the viewers hooked for a longer period of time
  • Videos are more effective when shared on social media platforms

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