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The USA has a high density of companies that are creative and innovative. This makes it the perfect location to find explainer video production companies in the USA.

A good explainer video can work wonders for your marketing strategy. Businesses with an awesome explainer video on their home page have shown to generate a significant increase in user engagement. However, finding the right explainer video company in the USA is not so easy especially when there are so many options available.

Fortunately, we have shortlisted the top 10 Video Production Companies in the USA that specialize in Explainer Videos. We have picked these companies on the basis of certain criteria such as their client or user feedback, their experience, pricing, and also services provided. Some of these companies specialize in animated explainer videos which are also a great medium for conveying your business ideas to the target audience. So, without any further ado, let's take look at our top explainer video production companies in the USA.

Top Explainer Video Production Companies in the USA


Essence Studios

We are at top of this list for a reason. Being established in 2018, our young company has created over 1200 videos for clients all over the world. We have set up offices for explainer video production in USA, UK and India. All our customers are extremely impressed with our services. If you are finding it hard to believe then go ahead and read some of our portfolio.

Essence Studios team of young professional story writers, animators and designers take an unconventional approach in conveying your stories. They like to think out of the box and this results in videos that are highly engaging and make you stand out of the competition.

Our experts never begin with a video without first getting clarity about your ideas. Our video creation team is always open to suggestions. They make sure to implement 100% of your ideas in creating eye-catching animated videos. Even during the video creation process, we make use of the latest technology. The end result will be an entertaining explainer video that gives a massive boost to your brand value.


Lemonlight Media

Lemonlight Media is an explainer video company in the USA that has entered with a bang into the video production market. They have become really famous because of the uniqueness of their explainer videos. Their amazing live events and unique process of production have had a significant contribution to their popularity.

Apart from animated explainer videos they have an expertise in live action videos as well.

Lemonlight Media is based in Inglewood, California. They have been creating explainer videos since 2014. Some of their noteworthy clients are Discovery Digital, Genesis Home, and WayFair.



Epipheo is an experienced explainer video production company in USA with a lot of experience in making explainer videos. They have a big team of expert animators that create amazing explainer videos. They are regarded as the first company that coined the term video white paper.

Their main expertise lies in whiteboard style explainer videos. Other than that they also create live action, 2d and 3d videos.

Epipheo is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been in the video production scene since 2009. They have an impressive clientele. Some of their notable clients are Cisco, DuPont, Google, and P&G.


Sandwich Video

Sandwich Video is an animated explainer video company in the USA with a unique pricing plan. This company prefers taking payment in the form of equity for their work. Further, they also have a creative team of animators, writers, and designers.

Initially, Sandwich Video started as an app development company. But now they have completely shifted to video production. Their major expertise lies in explainer videos that are in the live-action style.

Sandwich Video has been making explainer videos since 2009 and is based Los Angeles, California. Some of their popular clients are Uber, Slack and Airbnb.


Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a popular explainer video company in the USA. Their origin was as a demo video creation company which is the reason behind "demo" in their name. Demo Duck has now entered the explainer video production market and makes explainer videos in traditional ways. Apart from this they also specialize in making customer testimonial videos.

The team of Demo Duck is super creative with their videos. They make sure to keep their video quality unique and consistent. In addition, to live-action videos, they also create 3d and 2d animated videos.

Demo Duck is situated in Chicago Illinois and has been making explainer videos since 2011. Northwestern Mutual, Canon, and Geico are a few of Demo Duck's popular clients.


Studio B

Studio B is an animated explainer video company in USA with a team of experienced video producers. They make all kinds of videos ranging from documentary style to explainer videos. They create videos for a wide range of industries, and businesses. Apart from explainer videos they also specialize in making live-action videos and also live event videos.

Studio B has been creating videos since 1993. Their office is situated in Berkley, California. They have created videos for some popular brands such as GetSafe, Lending Club, Nuage, etc.


Thinkmojo is an explainer video production company in the USA that makes high-quality explainer videos, especially for the technological industries. Their team comprises expert animators, storytellers, and designers who are considered to be the best in the world.

Thinkmojo has a unique way of conveying complex ideas through fun videos that are simple as well as interesting. Popular sites like The Wall Street Journal, The Business Week and Tech Crunch very often mention its name.

In addition to explainer videos, Think Mojo has also ventured into providing virtual reality experiences. They have been creating videos since 2011 from their office situated in San Francisco, California. Their clientele includes some really popular names such as Mesosphere, Google, and Matter.



Explainify is a popular explainer video company in USA. They have a unique approach towards video creation. Their creators combine statistics and a well written story to create explainer videos.

Explainify was started by members of a family in 2011 and now has grown into a big team of video creators dealing with both small and big businesses. They specialize in animated 2d and 3d explainer videos.

Explainify is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ciphercloud, Moz, and Bosch are some of their most popular clients.


Common Craft

Common Craft is a popular company explainer video production in USA. Initially, they were only into creating explainer videos. But gradually they ventured into the field of creating visual content.

It was Common Craft who made the viral video for Dropbox in 2009 that got over 50 million views. This video made Dropbox the most viewed product for that year.

Common Craft has been creating videos since 2007 from their office in Seattle, Washington. Some of their well known clients are Ford, Intel, Google, and Microsoft.


Sharp Eye Animation began their journey as a purely explainer video creation company. Gradually they have evolved into a firm providing all kinds of video creation services.

They have an ex-Google founder in their team. Further, they have received awards on multiple occasions for their services in the field of explainer video creation.

In addition to explainer video creation they also assist their clients in creating effective marketing strategies. After creating a explainer video they also make sure it reaches the right audience.

Sharp Eye Animation is based in San Francisco, California. Their clientele comprises of popular names like Walmart, Comedy Central and Google.


Finally, we hope you find an explainer video company in the USA for your next video creation project from the above list. Although we will recommend you to go for Essence Studios for pretty obvious reasons, you can still check each company out by visiting their website. With Essence Studio you can rest assured that your ideas will be handled by professionals who have proven experience in creating amazing explainer videos. Further, our transparency and ease of communication will surely impress you.

Finding the right company among so many explainer video production companies in USA will take your marketing strategy to the next level. These companies employ professionals that have both the required skills and enthusiasm for creating videos. We wish you all the best for your marketing campaign using explainer videos.

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