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You are on the right path if you are looking for an Explainer Video Production company for your next video. In present times video content is the most preferred medium for marketing all kinds of products or services. Video contents have proved to be more engaging apart from being entertaining and informative.

However, choosing the right explainer video production company can be a daunting task. This is because there are several companies available in the market that are offering this service who have a distinctive skill set and also services. But fortunately, we are here to guide you. In this article, you will find the best video production companies that are currently leading in the market. Towards the end, we will also provide you with a guide to help you in choosing the right company for you or your business. So, do read the full article.

Out of all the video content types, available explainer videos have proven to be the best for promoting a new product or service. An explainer video is also referred to as a "landing page video" or an "overview video". It is a really effective medium for conveying your viewpoint in a visual form. A good explainer video production company should be able to understand your business, industry, and your objectives to create perfect videos for you. That is why it is important to find a trustworthy explainer video production company.

Without any further ado let's look at the top 10 animated video production companies.

10 Best Explainer Video Production Companies


Yes, we believe we are the best and we have a portfolio that supports our claim. Essence Studios was established in 2019 and is based in Gurgaon, India. Even though it is a fairly new company in the market, it has made astounding work-related achievements in this short span of time. As an explainer video production company, we have worked with clients from all over the world. So far we have created over 1200 videos that have helped our clients in marketing their brands and grow their business. We are capable of creating explainer videos for clients from various fields. Some of the areas that we cover are corporate, apps and software, automotive, education, finance, healthcare, insurance, media, non-profit, hospitality, sports, technology, and marketing, etc.

Essence Studios

At Essence Studios we never directly get into production. We always try to get a clear understanding of the client's ideas and his demands. Then we make a roadmap for the video which will help him achieve his objectives. We keep the client informed throughout the video creation process. So, that if the client has any suggestions or wants to make any changes, we can do that for them. We have a team of young and talented individuals that like to think out of the box. In addition to that, we make use of the latest technology in video creation that helps us create awe-inspiring videos for you. At Essence Studios we try to showcase your ideas to your target audience in a fun and entertaining manner that helps in increasing engagement or generate conversions. Visit Essence Studio’s website to get more information.


Think Mojo

They are one of the popular explainer video production companies. This company was established in 2011 and has its offices in San Francisco, California, and Montreal, Canada. Think Mojo has been featured in Wistia's blog that is related to video marketing. Apart from explainer videos they also offer video production services related to various other sectors like education, ads, personalized videos, etc. They also deal in virtual reality videos. Some of their noteworthy clients are Mesosphere, Matter, and even Google.


They have been producing explainer videos since 2011. Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Explainify specialize in making 2d and 3d explainer videos. They work for all kinds of companies irrespective of their size. CipherCloud, Bosch, and Moz are some of their popular clients.


Explainify doesn't make use of any templates or any software. They make customized animated videos to help your business. Basically, they don't like taking any kind of shortcuts. They specialize in making explainer videos of distinct styles for different requirements such as marketing, social media campaigns, commercials, etc.


Demo Duck

They have been in the explainer video production business since 2011. Demo Duck is a US-based video production company located in Chicago, Illinois. It has an impressive clientele whom they have helped grow and generate high revenue. Their videos work really well because of their funny and catchy animations. Conveying even the most sophisticated ideas in a simple visual is their specialty. They dwell really deep into their client's mind to give their idea a visual form.



Wyzowl is a well-known animated explainer video production company. It has been in the business since 2009 and is located in the UK. They not only handle animations but also scriptwriting, designing, and even story writing. One of their best practices is that they prefer taking feedback from their clients throughout the video production process. Further, they are open to making several revisions. Wyzowl professionally customizes videos according to your requirements. They are also well-known for finishing the projects within the set time period.



Epipheo has been in the business of animated explainer video production since 2009. It is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have gained experience in understanding the sophistication of a client's business and convey their ideas in a visual form.  Apart from making 2d, 3d, or live-action videos they also specialize in making whiteboard explainer videos. DuPont, P&G, Cisco, and Google are some of their popular clients. The team of Epipheo consists of expert and experienced animators, writers, and designers.


Sandwich Video

Sandwich Video has a pricing plan that is highly different from regular explainer video production companies. They make explainer videos in exchange for equity which is a really unique feature. They have been producing explainer videos for clients all over the world since 2009. Its office is situated in Los Angeles, California. Uber, Slack, and Airbnb are some of the popular names in their clientele. Their expertise lies specifically in live-action style explainer videos.


Explainer Ninja

The explainer video production house of Explain Ninja is located in Poland, Warsaw. They have been in the field of video production since 2013. Their clientele consists of some famous brands such as Google, MyTaxi, Pipedrive, Codio, Atlassian, etc. Explain Ninja will be the right choice for converting complex ideas into easy-to-understand and eye-catching animated videos. They have been appreciated by their clients for their high level of understanding, ease of communication, and excellent results. Their pricing plans are pretty simple and straightforward which include several packages that the client can choose from.



Even though the name sounds childish but the team includes a bunch of professional and expert animators that take their jobs really seriously. This explainer video production company was established in 2010. Yumyum Videos make sure to keep their explainer videos customizable according to the client's requirements. They are well known in the market for their quality of work. Apart from creating videos they also advise the clients in building their marketing strategy. Some of their noteworthy clients are Red Bull, Docusign, Walmart, McKesson, and Fox.


Switch Videos

The explainer video production house of Switch Video is well known for their simple and straight-forward videos. The best part about them is that they never outsource any of their tasks. Apart from animated explainer videos and whiteboard animated videos they also create motion graphics style videos. One of their specialties is that they always set the timeline for their projects and always deliver within that timeline. They have been appreciated by clients for providing perfect videos that didn't require any revisions.

Guide to choosing the best Explainer Video Production Company

When choosing explainer video production company make sure to keep these factors in mind:

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is scan the prospective companies website thoroughly.  Find their portfolio and check the kind of work they have done and the clients that they have handled. This will help you to get an idea of the company's capacity and if they will be able to deliver your ideas through an exceptional video.
  • After you shortlist a few companies you will have to compare their prices to see which one of them best suits your budget. Keep in mind that just because a company is offering to make a video for cheap doesn't mean that they will be of the best quality. Companies offering cheaper rates usually tend to use templates for creating videos. You should always go for custom-made videos.
  • The process of video production must be made clear beforehand. You need to know how the explainer video production company is going to create the video for you. It is better if they keep you informed throughout the production process. This will help you to give your feedback and make any necessary changes right in the early stages.
  • If possible you should check out customer testimonials, comments, or reviews of the explainer video production company. It helps you get a clear picture of the kind of work the company is capable of delivering.

Our Summary for the Best Animated Explainer Video Production Company

We have come to the end of the list of best-animated explainer video companies. All these companies have years of experience and a solid portfolio. It is now up to you to choose the right one for your business depending on your budget and requirements. But if you want to stand out of the crowd and try something unconventional we will strongly recommend you to go for Essence Studios. We may be new in the market but have a team of expert animators and designers full of energy and great ideas. We will make sure you get the worth of every penny you invest in us.

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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