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Are you looking for the best whiteboard animation app for your Android or iOS device? Are you searching for a topnotch whiteboard video app? Do not search any further; this write-up will provide you with excellent options of whiteboard animation apps you can use to create animated videos on your hand-held Android or iOS devices.

If you want to teach some students remotely or you want to create a whiteboard animation video quickly on the go, the following applications are handy to achieve your goal. Either on Android or iPhone, these are applications you can lay your hands on. 

1.Doodle Maker

The technology in Doodle Maker feels like it belongs in the future. This fantastic software allows you to turn any basic or sophisticated text or information into a visually appealing and colorful Doodle movie. The nice aspect is that these videos may be made in whatever language you wish.

The Doodle Maker software has cutting-edge capabilities such as infinite text to speech, language translation, and more. This software also comes with a collection of assets. It makes the video-making process a lot easier and more convenient.


  • Thanks to its artificial intelligence technologies, you will save a significant amount of time.
  • To make movies, you may choose from over 300 themes.
  • In over 30 languages, an AI translation engine can automatically make eye-catching doodle films.
  • It has a large library of high-resolution photos and icons.
  • You may even make a hand-drawn sketch out of any photograph.
  • Transitions that appear professional and add intrigue to your films.
  • Its text-to-speech capability allows you to create fantastic voiceovers in any language.

doodle maker price


  1. Because it makes use of artificial intelligence, it is one of the most powerful pieces of software.
  2. In a single software, you may access numerous backdrops for movie creation.
  3. It is equipped with a text-to-speech engine.
  4. You may also utilize its library, which has millions of items.
  5. In addition, there is a soundtrack collection.


  1. Every time the server sends an alert, you'll need to update the software.
  2. Doodle Maker is a web-based application that requires an active internet connection to utilize.
  3. There are now just 720p and 1080p video generation possibilities. However, the developers are working on other formats for the future.

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2. Videoscribe Anywhere

Doodly vs Videoscribe

When you need an iPhone whiteboard video app that is very easy to use, Videoscribe Anywhere is your best option. You can create a whiteboard animation without hassles. You only have to import images and add text to canvas and watch this app create an amazing animated video for you. 

videoscribe Pricing


  1. This software has an easy user interface which is known for its quality output.
  2. All the functions are drag and drop due to which there is no need to practice it.
  3. This software is available for commercial and personal use.


  1. The features of this software are basics.
  2. In the free version of this software, the watermark cannot be removed.

3. FlipaClip


FlipaClip is a first-rate iPhone and Android whiteboard animation app. It enables the easy creation of animated whiteboard videos. Some of the features of FlipaClip include recording audio, importing audio from local drive, and creating an audio library for easy access. You can easily access the animation timeline, frames manager, and drawing tool. The application is integrated with the share button that allows seamless sharing of videos to Facebook, YouTube, Tumbler, etc. 

4. Educreations


Educreations is available only on iOS devices for now. It is another top-of-the-line whiteboard animation app you can use to create animated videos quickly and efficiently. Educreations is designed primarily for digital classrooms; automatic lessons sync between teachers and students. The app allows sharing of created videos through emails, Facebook, etc. 

5. Explain Everything

 Explain Everything

Explain Everything is one of the best whiteboard animation apps for both Android and iOS, and it is easy to use. When you launch the app, it offers you four options: New, In View, Join, and Share. Click “New” to start a new project. Click “Join” to collaborate with other users on an existing project, and “Share” allows you to send your project to your preferred contacts. Explain Everything has a similar user interface with other Whiteboard animation software on the market. It allows users to import documents and multimedia for a project. Besides, it is integrated with Google Drive for seamless saving to the cloud-based drive. The whiteboard video app is also compatible with Apple Pencil and iPad pro. 

6. Whiteboard


This is one of the best whiteboard apps for Android. It is simple, flexible, and easy to use. The white background of the app that covers about 90% of your screen tells you that this app is designed for business. The home page of the app features several tools for hassle-free animated video creation. Whiteboard has the “undo” button to correct any mistakes when creating your video. However, this application supports Mobile App Promo that displays ads; but you can stop the ads by putting your phone to offline mode. 

7. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard is undoubtedly one of the best whiteboard animation apps. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app facilitates online and real-time collaboration with other users. The plus button at the bottom right enables you to start a new project. With this app, you can chat and broadcast without closing the app or opening another app. Its features are amazing, and you do not need an excellent learning archive curve to use this app. 

8. Ziteboard

Ziteboard is the perfect Android whiteboard video app that allows real-time sharing of videos, although viewers cannot edit or collaborate with the users. Ziteboard also has a Google Chrome extension that allows saving the board on the web. Users can also sync screen and zoom the created videos because the app uses the vector graphics technology

9. Animation Desk

 Animation Desk

Here is another iPhone app. It enables users to draw cartoons, create animation, and create light sketching on the go. The interface is user-friendly and offers different levels of animation. You can set opacity and determine the size of the painting tools, eraser, and brushes. 

10. Squigl


This is another versatile whiteboard animation software designed only for Android devices. With Squigl, you can create whiteboard animation videos in no time. You can paste or type text into the application, and it can search for suitable images or glyphs to use for creating the video. You can record voice over to add to the video or use any of the voices of the built-in machines provided. Squigl is versatile and has several media you can use to create awesome animated videos. 


If you want to teach a set of students remotely, you can take advantage of the top whiteboard animation apps for 2024. They are easy to use and readily available on the iOS and Android platforms. You can also create quick videos to save your ideas or thoughts. These apps allow you to be more productive as you do not necessarily have to get to the desktop to create your content or send lessons to your students.

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