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Whiteboard videos! Aren’t they interesting and amazing? If you are fascinated by these videos, then you would also want to create one for your own, then it can be quite simple and easy.

So, basically these are the videos that usually have the whiteboard background on which the characters and things are brought to life through the animations or the graphics and that too in a narrative story form. You must have watched these types of videos in your life at any stage and you would have found it interesting.

This is the competition era and most of the people are using the latest techniques and technologies in every sector. Marketing is one of the best parts and thus, it becomes important that you stand out from the crowd of those competitors so that you can have increased sales of the products for your businesses.

People are looking for something that is unique and that can simplify their everyday lives. So, keep this thing in mind when you are going to create any kind of whiteboard animation video. There are various whiteboard  animation apps available that can help you to make the top whiteboard animation videos. For making such videos, you do not need to own some of the complicated software or the tools.

Various whiteboard  animation apps

Whiteboard explainer videos have emerged out as one of the best online marketing strategies for the businesses as these are simple and attractive and can grab the attention of the buyers easily. So, if you have been looking to create some best whiteboard animation videos, then here are we to help you in that.

You can also get the whiteboard video services from the various companies or can outsource your task, but what is the need of doing that when you can easily DIY it. Here is the complete guide that will help you to create the best whiteboard animation that will stand out of the crowd and too free of cost. You can use some of the free whiteboard animation software that is available on the internet for your help.

Free Whiteboard Animation Software

Let us begin with the making of the whiteboard animation video for you!

  • Prepare the script: While you are making your whiteboard animation video, you must be very clear what you want the consumers know with this video and after that, you have to make a complete and accurate script for the video. The script is the major part of the video as it is the major tool that will help to grab more attention for the video. Try to make a script that is creative and engaging, so that the audience may feel connected to your business.

  • Storyboard: This is something that is similar to the cartoonish version of the whiteboard video. After you have written an attractive script for your video, then you have to storyboard the sequence. The major purpose of doing this is to let you have the idea that how you can structure your script according to the scenes. Use the animation tools or the rough sketches for this.

  • Select the whiteboard style: Next, you have to choose the theme for your whiteboard video. There can be various styles like the glass board, blackboard or the notepad.

  • Select the style of the stroke and the color: You can choose the various strokes for the video that you are going to create. You can select either the pencil strokes, the chalk strokes, the stitch strokes or any other as you like. You have to select this option under the character feature in the tool that you are using. Then select the effect that you wish to choose. Not only the type of strokes, but the colors of the stroke also matters a lot while making a video.
whiteboard animation video
  • Explore the library: Use strong visuals to make the best whiteboard animation videos. The basic concept that lies behind the making of an effective and amazing whiteboard animation video is the utilization of simple narrations using attractive visuals. The tool that you are using, then you have to use the characters that are present in the library of the tool.

  • Animate: Now while using this software, you need to have some good animation skills. You have to make the videos and the animation so that it can show that a real person is actually drawing on a whiteboard. The texts that you are using are the elements that are for supporting the animation videos. Try to add the effects for both the enter and exit for the scenes as this creates a good impact on the viewers. Simulate the scenes and use the techniques that are more relatable. Do not set the extra time for a particular scene. Keep the time limit up to the optimum level and see yourself if the scene is eye-catching and displaying the message properly in the given time period.

  • Music and Voice: Adding music as well as the voice is also an important part of making a video. The videos with music are more entertaining and are preferred by the viewers.

And last but not least, export your videos to the expected video quality. This is simple and quite easy.

If you are seeking for the best whiteboard Explainer video production company, we at Essence Studio can be the best company you are looking for. We are one of the leading companies providing whiteboard animation services to our clients. Drop us an email today to know more about our services and visit our website to see some of our past work.

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