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Video content has become a trendy and effective way for businesses to engage their audiences in the digital age. From social media marketing to internal communications, videos allow companies to quickly grab attention and convey information in a dynamic visual format. Vyond has emerged as a leading choice for easily developing professional animated videos without prior design experience among the various video creation tools available today.

In this review, we’ll closely examine Vyond and its capabilities to understand why it has become a go-to video animation software for many organizations. We’ll explore its key features, use cases, pricing, pros and cons, and more to help you determine if Vyond is the right video creation solution for your business needs. Whether you are a marketer wanting to make compelling social videos, an HR manager creating training materials, or an educator developing engaging video lessons, Vyond provides an intuitive platform to turn your ideas into reality.

What is Vyond?

Vyond is a powerful cloud-based video animation software that makes it easy for anyone to create professional animated videos. It allows users without any technical skills to simply choose from various templates, drag and drop animated characters, props, and backgrounds, and quickly turn their ideas into reality.

With Vyond, you can produce high-quality videos for marketing, training, education, and other business communication needs in just a few simple steps. The platform provides an extensive library of professionally designed templates across various styles and genres to get you started quickly. You just pick a template and customize it by adding your content, branding elements, images, and voiceovers.

The drag-and-drop interface is designed to be intuitive, even for novices. You don’t need any animation expertise or creative skills. Vyond animates the characters and scenes for you based on your selected template. Within minutes, you can create studio-quality videos that bring your message to life in an engaging, memorable way for any audience.

Some of the key capabilities include:

  • Thousands of easy-to-use templates
  • Library of animated characters, props, backgrounds
  • Voice-over recording and audio options
  • Customize every element easily
  • Animated text, logos, images and more
  • No animation skills required
  • Share instantly online

In a nutshell, Vyond provides powerful video animation capabilities tailored for non-experts to create stunning videos quickly.

Features of Vyond Video Animation Software

Vyond comes packed with numerous features that enable businesses to quickly produce professional animated videos without breaking the bank. Here are some of the key capabilities and benefits of using Vyond:

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface: Vyond has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily assemble scenes using the available templates, characters, props, backgrounds etc. No animation expertise required!
  • Massive content library: Choose from thousands of dynamic video templates, animated characters, backgrounds, props, text options and more to create your ideal video.
  • Customization: Customize every element of your video - characters, backgrounds, text, props. Tweak features, colors, positions and create a unique animation.
  • Voice-overs and audio: Easily record a voiceover or import audio files. Add background music and sounds with the integrated audio options.
  • Sharing and analytics: Instantly share your completed videos via email or social media. Track video performance with built-in analytics.
  • Formats and aspect ratios: Create videos in different formats like MP4, AVI, MOV. Select from standard and custom aspect ratios for different platform needs.
  • Import media: Import images, video clips, logos, and even PowerPoint slides into your animation.
  • Collaboration tools - Multiple people can work on a video project together in real-time. Useful for teams.
  • Closed captioning - Add closed captions to make videos accessible—auto-generate captions to save time.
  • Multi-language support - Create videos in different languages by selecting text-to-speech voices.
  • Social media integration - Seamlessly publish videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Video effects - Use professional color correction, overlays, transitions, and other effects.
  • Styles library - Pick from different animated video styles - corporate, educational, promotional, etc.
  • Mobile app - Vyond app allows editing projects on the go.
  • Security - Vyond uses enterprise-grade security infrastructure to keep data safe.
  • API access - Integrate and manage videos programmatically. Embed videos easily.
  • Support - Get timely assistance from Vyond's customer support team.

Uses of Vyond Video Animation Software for Businesses

Vyond is versatile video animation software that can cater to a wide range of use cases across businesses and organizations. Here are some of the most popular ways Vyond is being used:

  • Marketing Videos - Create eye-catching product demos, explainer and promotional videos, advertisements, social media posts, and more to engage customers.
  • Training and Onboarding - Develop interactive and engaging training videos for new hires, employee development, and product/service tutorials.
  • eLearning - Educators use Vyond to make lesson videos, how-tos, summaries, assignments, and more interactive and visual.
  • Presentations - Enhance PowerPoint presentations by importing slides and making them more impactful with custom animation.
  • Internal Communications - Keep employees informed through easy-to-digest newsletters, event updates, and policy changes communicated via video.
  • Customer Support - Improve customer service by providing helpful troubleshooting, FAQs, and user guides in video format.
  • Video Infographics - Display data, stats, timelines, and processes through custom animated infographic videos.
  • Video Resumes - Job seekers can creatively present their skills and personalities through animated video resumes.
  • Recruitment - Create dynamic company culture videos, and employer brand videos to attract talent.
  • Investor Relations - Keep investors engaged with animated videos on company performance, products, and plans.
  • PR and Communications - Develop videos for public relations campaigns, company news, and policy announcements.
  • Website and Social Media - Produce videos for landing pages, websites, YouTube channels, and social media.
  • Lead Generation - Use videos in landing pages, and email campaigns to convert leads.
  • Customer Testimonials - Bring customer stories to life and build trust with animated testimonial videos.
  • Events and Conferences - Create videos to promote events, and make event recap videos to share outcomes and highlights.
  • Microlearning - Produce bite-sized training videos to reinforce learning through short animated lessons.
  • Video Letters - Humanize communication with clients and team members through animated video messages.
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns - Engage audiences and drive funding with creative and compelling campaign videos.

Pricing of Vyond Video Animation Software

Vyond offers various pricing plans to meet different use cases.

The Essential plan starts at $49/month billed annually for a single user. It allows the creating of unlimited videos but with Vyond branding. Ideal for individual users on a budget.

The Premium plan is $89/month billed annually, for a single user. It removes Vyond branding and adds capabilities like 1080p export, and live chat support. Best for freelancers and very small businesses.

The Professional plan starts at $179/month per user when billed annually. It includes features like speech enhancement, instant translations, global edits, and priority support. Built for larger teams and collaboration.

Vyond also offers custom Enterprise pricing. The Enterprise plan augments Vyond's full capabilities with robust security, user management, training, dedicated support, and more.

Vyond Video Animation Software

Key differences between plans:

  • The number of users supported
  • Vyond branding on exported videos
  • Video resolution options
  • Languages supported
  • Collaboration tools
  • Admin controls
  • Support levels

Vyond offers flexible and scalable plans. Users can start with Essential and upgrade later as their video needs grow. Volume discounts are also available. Vyond's affordable pricing provides great value given its professional video creation capabilities.

Vyond Pricing Features

Here are some features of Vyond’s pricing:

  • Free trial - Vyond offers a 14-day free trial of Premium and Professional plans to test features.
  • Annual vs monthly pricing - Annual subscriptions provide 40-49% savings compared to monthly plans.
  • Add-ons - Extra capabilities like lengthy videos, third-party asset licensing, and API access can be added for additional fees.
  • Cancellation policy - Annual plans can be canceled anytime with a refund for unused portion. Monthly plans can be canceled anytime.
  • Education pricing - Discounted plans for educational institutions.
  • Non-profit pricing - Discounted rates for registered non-profits.
  • Storage - Higher plans include more cloud storage for assets and projects.
  • Payment options - Subscriptions can be purchased via credit card or PayPal.
  • Language availability - Vyond interfaces are available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.
  • Customer support - All paid plans include email support. Live chat and priority phone support on higher plans.
  • Custom enterprise pricing - Large organizations can get customized pricing with added capabilities.
  • Vyond branding - Paid plans allow removing Vyond branding from videos.
  • Team accounts - The professional plan supports multiple users and collaboration.

Vyond's transparent and flexible pricing model offers great value. Users can choose the right plan based on video needs, team size, features required, and budget.

Key Takeaways:

  • Essential is a basic single-user plan with limited features
  • Premium removes branding and adds some capabilities
  • Professional enable collaboration for teams
  • Enterprise offers customized solutions with full capabilities
  • Higher plans provide more storage, languages, security, and customization
  • Premium and Professional have free trials available

Vyond Video Animation Software Pros and Cons

Vyond comes with several advantages that make it an excellent animated video creation tool, along with some limitations to keep in mind:


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface is very easy to use
  • Requires no design, animation or video editing skills
  • Large library of dynamic templates, characters, props, etc.
  • Ability to fully customize every element in videos
  • Voice over recording and music/sound options
  • Instant sharing to social media, email and other platforms
  • Analytics to track video performance
  • Supports multiple languages and translations
  • Affordable pricing plans for different use cases
  • Can import images, PowerPoint slides, videos, logos
  • Mobile app allows creating on the go


  • Template quality may not suit some business video needs
  • Limited number of characters and customization options
  • Can't add realistic lip sync to match voice overs
  • Advanced animation capabilities not available
  • Videos are hosted online, no way to self-host
  • Branding on lower cost plans

Overall, Vyond makes it incredibly easy for businesses to create convincing animated videos at a fraction of traditional video production costs. The disadvantages are minor for most use cases and the platform offers great value.

Final Thoughts on Vyond Video Animation Software

Vyond is an industry-leading video animation software that empowers anyone to develop professional, high-quality animated videos with ease and speed. Its drag-and-drop interface and robust content library enable you to bring your ideas to life without any animation know-how.

For businesses, Vyond is a smart choice to quickly produce videos for marketing, training, tutorials, product demos, announcements and other communication goals. Marketers can engage audiences on social media, websites, and ads with compelling and memorable video content made with Vyond. HR can rapidly develop interactive training videos for onboarding or compliance. Sales teams can customize product demos and pitches on the fly. The possibilities are endless.

Vyond offers something for everyone with its free and paid plans. Individuals, freelancers, businesses, agencies and organizations can find a pricing model that fits their budget and video requirements. The free plan lets you sample Vyond's capabilities in a limited way. Paid subscriptions provide complete access to all pro features, collaboration tools, languages, and enterprise-grade security.

Overall, if you are looking for an easy way to step up your video game and communicate visually, Vyond delivers on its promise. Its simple and intuitive interface coupled with advanced technology for creating professional animations is unmatched. With Vyond, novices and experts alike can bring powerful videos to life and achieve business and communication goals more effectively.


What types of videos can I create with Vyond?

Vyond is versatile and can be used to create short animated videos of all kinds - explainer videos, marketing clips, training videos, video blogs, product demos, announcements, tutorials, and more.

Can I use Vyond for commercial purposes?

The paid Vyond plans allow you to create unlimited videos for commercial use by businesses, organizations, freelancers, agencies, etc. The free plan has usage restrictions.

Does Vyond provide voice-over talent?

No, Vyond does not provide any voice talent. You can easily record your own voiceovers or upload audio files recorded separately.

What animation skills do I need to use Vyond?

None! Vyond is designed for anyone to create great animated videos without needing any animation expertise or skills. Its drag-and-drop interface is very easy to figure out.

How long does it take to make a video on Vyond?

Vyond lets you make professional animated videos in just minutes. You can make short 30-60 second videos in an hour or less. More complex videos may take a few hours to a couple of days.

Can I download my completed videos?

The paid Vyond plans allow you to download your videos in multiple resolutions, like HD 1080p or 720p. The free plan has limited download options.

Does Vyond work on mobile devices?

Yes, Vyond offers mobile apps for iOS and Android to create and edit videos on the go with most features available.

How many videos can I create on the free plan?

Vyond's free plan allows you to make up to 5 videos per month. For unlimited videos, you would need a paid subscription.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Vyond provides a 14-day money-back guarantee for Premium and Professional annual plans. You can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied.

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