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Create a Professional Voice-Over for a Whiteboard Animation

There's no denying that a video can only work great if it has a professional voice over or soundtrack. Be it an explainer video or whiteboard animation App, a good voiceover is crucial for it. So, it’s important to have an excellent whiteboard animation voice over or else your video may fail to impress the audience. 

Voice-Over for a Whiteboard Animation

According to research done in 2015, the quality of the voice of the narrator is equally important as the quality of the message conveyed. 

If you aren’t convinced by statistics, you can take the example of Ted Williams, a popular voiceover artist - also known as ‘The Man With The Golden Voice’. He faced major financial challenges and ended up on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Though he was empty-handed, he still has his mesmerizing voice, which he used in making a panhandling sign. 

A Professional Voice-Over for a Whiteboard Animation

Later in 2011, he was discovered by a reporter, and got numerous job offers as a voiceover artist. This earned him a lot of fame & fortune simply overnight. 

However, it’s also true that many voiceover artists don’t achieve the kind of recognition that Ted Williams was able to accomplish, as they usually work behind the scenes. Any company would always prefer to interview the person and understand their body language, way of speaking, voice quality, and a lot more. These are the main criteria for hiring a voiceover for whiteboard animation. It doesn’t really matter what the artist wears or looks like. 

The voice must align with the brand’s identity as well as the message it has to convey. If all this is duly met, there’s nothing more that a company would want while hiring a whiteboard animation voice over artist. 

Professional Voice-Over for a Whiteboard Animation

A lot of times clients consider lending their own voice for a video but this isn’t always a great idea. Even if a person has an amazing voice, he/she cannot build their entire career around it. What matters is the dialogue delivery, and how well a person can use his/her voice for narrating a story or describing a character. 

This is why professional voiceover artists are the best to opt for a whiteboard animation as it requires a lot of dedication, consistency and hard work. A professional voiceover artist will know how to exaggerate and how to emphasize, especially for whiteboard videos. 

Voiceover artists are more useful in cases where you don’t want to delete anything from the script but still want to shave off 7-8 seconds of run time. They’re able to pace their speech without sacrificing the quality of the voiceover. 


There are a variety of animation voiceover software available on the internet to generate your own voiceover for the videos. If you wish to opt for a video production company for creating whiteboard animation software videos, make sure they hire a professional voiceover artist too.

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