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Top 8 Text To Speech Animation Software 

Text as a communication tool has become quite outdated these days. Video is the most powerful tool for content marketing in the current digital era. Animated videos are more influential in conveying a message or an idea to a large audience. A whiteboard animated software video is more compelling than simple raw footage. Animation captivates the audience. 

This is why I’ve compiled a list of top 8 text to speech animation software that allows users to convert text to speech quite affordably. 

1. InVideo

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InVideo is one of the top text to speech animation software that allows users to pick from thousands of templates to create an animated video as per their preferences. It offers a wide range of sizes so you can select according to your audience. 

Using InVideo, you can either copy/paste your text or insert a URL to your article and the text will be taken from the site. Once you’ve added the text, add images, music, etc and animate the video. 

2. Narakeet  

Narakeet - Create Narrated Videos Quickly!

Narakeet is a text-to-speech animation creator that allows you to transform a script into voiceover. It also allows you to make videos from static images and audio tracks. You can create an animated text video in more than 170 different voices and over 30 languages. 

You can even convert a Powerpoint presentation into an animated text video. All you need to do is add the voiceover text to presenter notes, upload the PPT to Narakeet, and it will make a slideshow with a voiceover in the background. 

3. VoiceOverMaker

Generate natural voices and voice-overs with Text to Speech AI

VoiceOverMaker is a text to speech animation tool which converts text into natural sounds and even allows users to add special effects such as breathing, time stretching and whispering. You can even change the speed and pitch of speech. 

The software doesn’t even require you to upload the video for editing, and you can do it directly in the browser. All you have to do is just select the video, add your text in it, and a voice will be automatically added. The tool can also translate your text into multiple languages. 

You can even export your voiceovers in different formats like MP3, MP4 or WAV. 

4. ClipChamp

Clipchamp 2.0 launch, video editing & the future of our industry | Clipchamp  Blog

ClipChamp is a free text to speech animation software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) voices of different genders, accents as well as for all age groups to create a perfect animated video. 

It offers a wide selection of stock images and sound tracks to help you make an eye-catching video. The interface is quite user-friendly and offers a variety of filters and transitions to create a visually-appealing video. 

Besides, it also provides a variety of options for exporting the final video. 

5. TTS Videomaker

Free Text to Speech Software (TTS) - by Wideo

This text to speech animation creator conveys your message quickly and effectively using a real human’s voice. Other features include images, music, captions, etc. 

TTS Videomaker also lets you add your own image and music to your explainer video so that it represents your brand in a better way. Moreover, you can export your videos in Full HD which translates to higher rankings on the search engines for video results. 

6. EZVID Wikimaker

Ezvid review and where to download | TechRadar

EZVID Wikimaker is another text to speech animation tool that lets you create a professional-quality video within the browser. The software automatically generates narration from the given text while adding royalty-free photos and music to enhance your video. 

You can add or delete images as you prefer. It offers a special Capture feature that allows users to capture their screen and do screen recordings as well. It also allows you to store your videos online. 

7. Wideo

Create Professional Animated Videos and Presentations - Wideo

Wideo lets you create awesome animated videos even if you don’t have any experience. The text-to-speech software is integrated with Google’s text-to-speech API to allow you to convert your text to voiceover, download & upload in MP3 format to the video editor to make your videos a little dynamic. 

Wideo also offers a variety of professionally-designed templates to make the entire process of video creation a lot easier. 

8. Mango Animate TM 

Mango Animate Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Mango Animate TM is one of the popular text to speech animation creators featuring the newest text-to-speech technology to provide its users with the top quality videos. 

It offers a wide range of voices in different languages so that you have total control over your work. It also automatically generates captions for any audio or video files that you wish to add to your animated text video. 

Mango Animate offers an easy-to-use kinetic typography editor which instantly converts any blog or article to animated text video. You can also pick different font types, sizes, colour and animation effects according to your preferences. 

The software offers four video modes, and you can even change the aspect ratio as well as video size in just a single click to optimize your video for different social media platforms. 

Final Words 

An animated text video works far better than plain text in grabbing the attention of audiences. The digital marketing landscape is dominated by video. This explains the importance of animated text videos. I hope you find this piece helpful in picking up the right text to speech animation software for your next project. 

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