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The digital marketing space is greatly ruled by video these days. In fact, around 86% of businesses use video as a powerful marketing tool. And online video is expected to be the leading source of web content in 2022, comprising over 80% of the web traffic. 

This article aims to inform you about the top 10 video advertising advantages that your business can benefit from, and how important these are for the promotion of a business. 

People prefer watching videos more than text or images as videos have the potential to grab the viewers’ attention. Consumers are more interested in watching a video of the brand they support. This is why more & more businesses are resorting to video advertising to promote their products or services amongst the target audience. 

So,let's take a look at the top video advertising advantages:

Video Advertising and Digital Marketing | Riverworks Marketing

  1. Video ads convert sales: Some of the biggest brand names such as eBay and Amazon claim that showcasing a video ad along with product description boosts the chances of a consumer purchasing a product by almost 35%. 
  1. More & more consumers are watching videos: As per a few statistics, your target audience is watching more videos. 
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day
  • 92% of B2B prospective customers watch online video
  • About one-third of buyers will buy a product after watching an ad
  1. People share video content: When people watch a video ad, and find it valuable and interesting, they are more likely to share it with their friends or followers on various social media platforms. More & more videos are shared on these platforms on a daily basis. 
  1. Video ads perform well among mobile users: The number of people watching videos on their smartphones or tablets continues to grow. Around 88% of short video clips of around 30 seconds are consumed till the end on mobile devices. However, this isn’t the case for the videos watched on a computer or laptop. 
  1. Videos are loved by search engines too: Google, being the largest search engine in the world, prioritizes video content while modifying their algorithms that are responsible for ranking on SERPs. Posting videos on your blogs, social media platforms and embedding them on the websites increases the chances of your target audience finding you for relevant keywords. 
  1. Video is an ideal format for educating & informing the audience: A video comprises audio and visual elements and therefore performs excellent educational tools. They’re especially useful when used in ‘How-To’ tutorials and product demonstrations as it helps viewers to thoroughly understand how a product or a process works. 
  1. Video conveys large amounts of information in a short period of time: You can say a lot more in a short period of time in comparison to text. Explainer Video is more engaging than any other type of media so it can pass on more information by demonstrating and narrating at the same time. 
  1. Video conveys a story in a better way: Storytelling through the medium of video excels all other advertising formats. The emotional impact of video advertising is far greater! It builds a connection with the audience while compelling them to purchase the product or service. 
  1. Analytics also tell: The main video platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook offer features that allow you to see how your content is performing. You are able to plan your future video ad campaigns by determining the number of views, shares, likes and comments on your videos. This makes your content reach your target audience in a better way. 

I hope the above advertising advantages will help you get motivated to create more video content for marketing your brand or business. 

Advertising Advantages and Disadvantages


Advertising is usually a paid and non-personal form of communication about the products or services by a sponsor through different forms of media. Advertising aims to inform, persuade and influence a consumer so that they make a purchase decision. 

Advertising is mostly directed to a large group of people and not to an individual. 

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of advertising:


1. Increase in Sales

The main objective of any advertisement is to sell. An advertiser creates an ad with an aim to promote a product or service to a large audience. Mass persuasion is an effective advertising method to compel people to buy a product or service. 

Repetitive advertising of a product, idea or service helps a business or brand retain its customers while also generating prospects. Thus, it increases sales of a product or service. 

2. Introduces a new product/service in the market

Advertising is the only effective way to introduce a new product or service in the market. A well-crafted ad stimulates its target customers to purchase the product. 

3. Expands the market 

An advertisement plays a significant role in letting a manufacturer expand his market. It is useful in exploring new markets for a product while retaining the existing ones. A manufacturer can easily promote his products even in remote areas through advertisements. 

4. Easily fights competition

Advertising enables brands and businesses to fight with their competitors in the market. An ad is useful in distinguishing a product or brand from other similar brands. 

5. Increases Goodwill

Advertising plays an instrumental role in promoting goodwill of any business. A consistency in showcasing ads of a product helps customers trust a brand, and they’re more likely to make a purchase. 

6. Educates potential customers 

Advertising is educational in nature. It makes the consumers familiar with a given product or service, its uses and features, etc. It educates the customers about different aspects of a product. 

7. Supports Salesmanship

Advertising largely supports the work of a salesperson. Since, the customers get already familiar with the product, it greatly complements the work done by the salesman while selling it. This is why both advertising and salesmanship go hand in hand. 

8. Eliminates Middlemen

Advertising builds a direct connection between the consumer and the manufacturer, thereby eliminating the need for any middlemen. This helps boost profits earned by the manufacturer, while the customers receive the products at more affordable prices. 

9. Creates more employment opportunities

Advertising industry has indeed created a large number of employment opportunities for different professionals like photographers, videographers, editors, models, actors, singers, animators, etc. Such professionals are always in demand by advertising agencies. 

10. Reduces the cost of newspapers & magazines

The cost of getting a newspaper ready is largely met by the advertisements published in them. Therefore, advertising has been a huge help in reducing the prices of newspapers and magazines to a great extent. 

Disadvantages of Advertising 

Disadvantages of Advertising || With Example || - YouTube

1. The Cost of Ads Exceeds The Sales 

As per many studies, the cost of advertisement exceeds that of sales by a significant amount. It is believed that the high cost of ads is covered by the sales of the advertised product or service. But, it usually doesn’t happen. 

When advertisers spend huge amounts of money on an ad, the advertising cost makes up a substantial part of the price of the product advertised, thereby forcing customers to pay a higher price for that product. 

2. Encourages Monopoly

Big manufacturers and industrialists opt for advertisements to boost monopolistic control of their products in the market. This can be against public interest. Advertising generates awareness about various products but also becomes the reason for other similar products to get ignored. 

3.Misleads the consumers 

A lot of advertisers tend to give a misleading impression of the products they advertise. They present quite a rosy picture of the products with an aim to increase sales. This happens especially when the item is not upto the mark. 

4. Higher Prices of Products & Services

It is undeniably true that good advertising increases the volume of sales. Increased sales creates a demand for more products. Producing goods on a large scale decreases the cost of items per unit, thereby reducing the selling price. But, if the manufacturers don’t reduce the prices, the cost of advertising has to be incurred by the customers. 

5. Misdirects Purchasing Power 

Advertising costly luxury products highly influences the purchasing power of people. This leads to a lot of them using wrong means to earn access to such products which they believe are important necessities of life. Therefore, unnecessary ads lead to societal corruption. 

6. Limited Access for Small Businesses 

Small businesses find it difficult to promote their products due to limited resources. The market is usually taken over by large advertisers. This makes it quite tough for small businesses to compete, and they eventually vanish from the market. 

7. Harmful Distractions 

Advertising can be dangerous too! Billboards, posters as well as moving images distract pedestrians and drivers at crucial intersections or curves, which can be really hazardous. Similarly, neon lights or ads with signs can also lead to deadly consequences. 

8. Unnecessary Desires 

Many times advertising influences the minds of consumers for certain products which aren’t really necessary to survive, thereby creating unnecessary desires for them. Therefore, advertising creates unrequited needs & wants and leads to unhappiness. 

9. Confusion About Product Characteristics

When similar products are advertised in the market, advertisers usually emphasize minute differences in the technique, formula or the entire make of the products. For example, different brands of toothpaste performing the same function advertise themselves as unique products. 

This is why it becomes difficult for any average consumer to make the right choice as there’s no certainty about the quality of the product they’re purchasing. 

10. Propagates Social Evils

Many businesses support immoral shows like crime programmes on TV and radio, to advertise their products or services. These programmes corrupt the morals of youngsters and promote social evils. 

Advantages of TV Advertising 

TV Advertising: Benefits & Advantages of Television Ads

TV advertisements have been running since the first paid television commercial appeared on July 1st, 1941 on the station. TV advertising has had a great impact on consumers' minds as well as the markets. 

So, let’s take a look at the main advantages of TV advertising:

1. Instant Credibility

Television advertising is still perceived as more trustworthy than digital ads among the consumers. 

Prominent companies around the globe have been dependent on TV ads for centuries now, whereas online advertising is comparatively new and the internet doesn’t have a good reputation in terms of scammers. 

Thus, by opting for TV ads over other marketing mediums, you can build more credibility and trust for your business in less time. 

2. Reaches Large Audiences Quickly

Mass audience reach, trust and message effectiveness are the top three benefits of TV advertising over other advertising formats. 

Television is quite able to reach large audiences overnight. millions of people gather around a television or desktop computer to watch a movie or TV show. So, if an advertiser runs a campaign for a month, they can easily manage to reach the target audience more quickly than other popular formats like billboards, banners or print media. 

3. It is more engaging & creates emotion among the audience

TV commercials are an amalgamation of story, video, music and message, and therefore are more engaging and powerful as compared to other marketing formats. TV ads are able to create more engaging messages and make brands & stories more memorable than usual. 

Big companies mostly resort to TV commercials for conveying their message to mass audiences. Therefore, TV ads are successful in:

  • Grabbing viewers’ attention
  • Creating empathy & emotion
  • Visually representing the company’s persona 

4. Attract online customers 

Marketers use television advertising to drive customers on various online platforms and websites. 

Traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, radio, etc are quite effective in driving customers online, whereas street advertising, transit and billboards work well in bringing consumers to stores. 

Techniques like SEO and PPC ads are more effective in driving online traffic, however customers would want to see a brand’s advertisement at least 5-7 times before purchasing. 

So, if you encourage your customers to visit your website, it’ll more likely boost your brand awareness and sales. 

Final Words 

Besides building brand awareness and gaining trust of your customers, TV commercials also play an important role as a marketing tool. It provides a great ROI and when combined with other ad formats, the effectiveness just doubles. 

Also, manufactures invest in TV advertising as it makes them stand out from the competition who mostly stick to print and digital advertising. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the advantages of advertising on TV? 

Following are advantages of TV advertising:

  • TV commercials easily reach large audiences
  • Generates immediate credibility
  • Creates a sense of emotion & empathy among the audience
  • Boosts customer loyalty
  • Drives online traffic
  • Allows advertisers to showcase their ads on multiple TV channels

2. What are the advantages of advertising on Facebook?

Here’s why you should include Facebook for social media advertising:

  • Facebook reaches a wider audience
  • Aligns with both B2C & B2B businesses
  • Provides you enough control and transparency over your target audience
  • Facebook engages with customers at all stages of their customer journey
  • Advertisers can use a variety of ad formats on Facebook
  • Allows you to target audiences through various characteristics like interests, hobbies, life events, etc
  • Drives traffic directly to the website
  • Facebook advertising helps nurture your existing fans and followers as it keeps them engaged

3. What is internet advertising & its advantages and disadvantages? 

Internet advertising refers to a collection of tools for promoting products, services or ideas to people across the world using the Internet as a platform. 

Advantages of Internet Advertising:

  • Affordable 
  • Easy worldwide coverage
  • Drives traffic to a website 
  • Messages specifically targeted audience
  • It is measures and you can always calculate the return on your marketing efforts
  • Allows retargeting 

Disadvantages of Internet Advertising 

  • High competition
  • Mistakes can cost you a fortune 

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