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Sqribble review including its features, pricing, pros & cons:

Here is a detailed Sqribble review to help you get an insight of the Sqribble eBook creator so that you can make an informed decision why this software is right for you. 

The truth is, one of the best ways to get more subscribers, more traffic, and increased sales is through eBooks.

Whether it’s a Kindle book or a whitepaper or a case study for creating leads, eBooks are an excellent solution for attracting traffic and sales for any type of business. 

However, creating these eBooks can be a tiresome job as it involves writing, formatting and designing. All this may take weeks, especially when you’ll have to learn all the complicated yet expensive tools, to create an impressive eBook! 

So, here’s a newly launched tool in the market to ease your job. It’s called Sqribble. 

What is Sqribble? 

Before delving more deeply into the Sqribble review, let us first understand what it is. 

Sqribble eBook Creator is a cloud-based tool that enables you to create eBooks, whitepapers, reports, etc, in just a few clicks. It is the best eBook creation software that uses pre-made templates and drag-and-drop functionalities to help you create amazing eBooks effortlessly.


Sqribble also offers a variety of pre-designed products that are tailored to meet the needs of your clients, brand or products. Founded by Adeel Chowdhary, Sqribble is already The World’s #1 Ebook Creator Studio. 

The editing interface is quite easy to use and lets you add text, images along with other elements on its pages. The options for editing and customizing are simple too. The eBooks can be saved as PDF files and sent directly to the clients. 

This eBook creator software is packed with a wide range of features which saves a huge amount of time and efforts of marketers too. 

How Does Sqribble Work? 

If you’re thinking of using Sqribble eBook software anytime in future, you must know how it works. 

Once you sign into Sqribble, you’ll see a collection of eBook templates to pick from. All the templates belong to different categories, so you’ll have to choose the one that suits your topic or niche. 

Once you’ve picked the template you wish to use on your eBook, click on ‘View’ to see how your eBook will look with that template. 

The View screen shows how the block is laid out and how it appears. You have the option to choose from 50 eye-catching template designs which are divided into 15 niche categories. Each template offers a table of contents and professional-looking page layouts to convert readers into customers. 

The next important step is to source the content or text for your eBook. You can choose from the following:

  • Grab Content from a URL

You can insert any URL as per your choice and Sqribble eBook creator will extract the content from its page and post it on your eBook. Sqribble removes the HTML code and only adds textual content from the page. I personally found this method better as it saved a lot of time and allowed me to use professional content (including targets) while letting me target niche/topics that weren’t my expertise. 

  • Copy & Paste

This allows you to manually copy and paste content from any page or source into the eBook. The rest of the formatting and laying out will be done by Sqribble for you. 

  • Start from Scratch

This means you type the content straight into Sqribble eBook software just like you type anything on MS Word. 

  • Upload an MS Word File 

Sqribble can also pull your content from a MS Word document, while removing any HTML code. 

  • Begin from Article Collection 

Sqribble offers an extensive library full of private label articles which are free. You aren’t required to add a link to the source or credit authors while using these articles. In fact, it's a superb way to add content to your eBook for absolutely no cost. 

After adding the content, you’ve to go to the editing part, where you can move content, resize & edit text, add media including links, call-to-action, along with new pages, etc. Besides,  there are a whole lot of other options too that allow you to customize your entire eBook or its pages individually. 

Not to mention, you can also add new pages with an entirely different layout to the rest of your eBook. This gives enough flexibility and countless options for your eBook. 

Sqribble Features

An important part of this eBook software review is mentioning the various features offered by it. The image below is self-explanatory in showing all the great benefits of Sqribble.

The reason why it's considered as the best eBook creation software is its range of powerful features: 

1. Automatic Table of Contents 

Sqribble creates an editable and full-themed table of contents page in order to provide an amazing user experience to the readers. It allows you to reformat, reword or reshuffle, the way you want it to. 

2. Automatic Headers and Footers 

Sqribble adds headers and footers in your eBook while giving it a professional look. This is ideal for adding the logos, contact information, CTA, and branding to the pages. 

3. Automatic Page Numbering 

Sqribble adds numbers on each page of your eBook for you while saving a huge amount of your time and effort. This feature is great for professional publishing and helps the readers find the page they are searching for. 

4. Highly Customizable 

Sqribble lets you customize your eBook as per your preferences. You can add your choice of fonts, colours, styles, layouts just with a click of a button. 

5. Drag and Drop Functionality

Sqribble allows you to easily drag-and-drop content on any page of your eBook. You can easily customize the page layout without any coding or design knowledge. 

6. Add Unlimited Pages 

All you have to do is tap on the plus button to add a new page wherever you want. You can pick from the table of contents page, thank you page or even a content page. The options are countless. 

7. Add Design Elements 

Sqribble lets you add new cover pages, article pages, images, headlines, icons, new paragraphs, backgrounds, text blocks, buttons, dividers, links, bullet lists, etc. This can be done in a single click. 

Sqribble Pricing 

The base price for a business license as well as the website for the agency is $67. However, they keep running offers and discounts on their page.          

Sqribble Professional 2021 - $97

This plan offers powerful features with a range of designs, content, and templates. 

Sqribble Prime Monthly - $47 per month 

It offers: 

  • 15 new limited edition templates each month
  • It is exclusive for Prime members

Sqribble Fantasia 3D - $77 

With this plan, you can create fascinating flipbooks as well as 3D eCovers. 

Apart from all of the above, this eBook Creator software comes with a no-questions 30-day guarantee. And that’s something amazing! If you don’t like Sqribble or if you’re not able to save your time and money through it, your money will be fully refunded. 

7 Things That Make Sqribble Worth Its Price 

Sqribble comes with its share of pros and cons. So, here are the top factors that make it worth a try!

1. Pre-designed eBook Formats

Sqribble offers a range of pre-designed eBook formats which makes it quite easy to create an eBook. Pick from a number of different colours and designs. The pre-designed eBook formats cover various topics but they all suit well any eBook subject you choose. 

A pre-designed eBook based on numerical data will differ from an eBook that focuses on telling stories about kids. 

2. Client Comments 

Sqribble lets you share your eBook with your clients while giving them a chance to comment on it. This way you can make changes or adjustments to your eBook as per their feedback/suggestions. 

This saves tons of time for both you and your customers as it removes the need for lengthy phone calls or emails. 

3. Client Management

Sqribble has a dedicated Client Management System which makes handling and collaborating with the clients really simple. Here you can build a long list of customers and give separate eBook designs to each. 

4. Readymade Colour Palettes 

Sqribble offers more than 20 colour palettes which can be easily used with any eBook while saving a lot of time and effort. 

5. Saving Prompts 

Sqribble doesn’t auto-save your work after every few minutes, which is why it keeps showing reminders to save your work approximately after every 5 minutes. This prevents you from losing any of your work. 

6. Google Fonts 

Sqribble has incorporated the attractive Google fonts into its application. Google Fonts are great because there’s a wide variety of these fonts and you’ll most likely choose something that suits your eBook. 

7. Easy Customization 

Sqribble’s customization options are quite simple and perfect for those who haven’t yet mastered using more complicated or sophisticated publishing software. All it needs is a little practice and you’ll be able to create an excellent eBook related to your business or company. 

Sqribble also has some disadvantages: 

1. No Auto-Save

One of the biggest drawbacks of Sqribble is that it doesn’t automatically save your work. I am of the opinion that they should come up with this feature really soon instead of letting users see the prompt again and again. 

2. Feels More Like a Sales Tool 

There’s no denying that Sqribble eBook software does a fantastic job at creating eBooks. However, there are some of its features that are only accessible on its sales page, which means you have to buy access to few additional features, designs or tools. 

For beginners, Sqribble offers access to only 2 features out of 6 on the homepage of its dashboard. The rest of the 4 features need the users to buy the monthly subscriptions. Plus, the homepage contains a video of Sqribble trying to convince its users to purchase its upgraded version. 

Therefore, things like these portray it as more of a sales tool in front of its users. 

3. Limited Design Choices 

The basic plan of Sqribble offers limited design options. However, if you pay to upgrade your plan, it provides you monthly access to additional design options and other features.

 As far as editing of the elements is concerned, it only offers limited options for each element. 

4. You Cannot Undo

This is a very basic feature which must be available on Sqribble too. But unfortunately, you cannot undo or reverse here. This can be quite irritating at times. 

5. Doesn’t Allow You To Create Custom Colour Palettes 

Though, Sqribble offers more than 20 ready-made colour palette options, but it doesn’t allow its users to create their own palettes. This can be really frustrating when your client wants some unique colour for their brand especially when you have to create more than one eBook for them. 

6. Offers Limited Storage 

This may be a huge disadvantage of Sqribble. Yes, it offers only limited storage space. So, once your allocated space is full, you’ve nowhere to go. 

7. Cannot Upload Custom Fonts  

Sqribble offers access to the entire catalogue of Google Fonts, many businesses still prefer to use their own fonts for their brand. So, if you are creating an eBook for someone who wants to use their own custom font, it won’t be possible with Sqribble as it doesn’t let its users import a font to its application. 

Superb Customer Support 

If we talk about the customer service, Sqribble has an excellent support team who is quick to help during any technical issues. Even if you face any problems with the user interface, and are not able to customize the eBook, all you need to do is send an email to them, and they’re more than ready to help you. 

Sqribble eBook Software Review: Final Words 

In a nutshell, Sqribble is a robust ebook creator. Unlike other softwares, it's a storehouse of some really amazing features that can create impressive eBooks, whitepapers, reports, in just a matter of a few minutes. 

The drag-and-drop functionality, variety of templates and designs, automatic content as well as other features make it such a seamless eBook creator available out there. Plus, it's cloud-based, which means you won’t have to worry about downloading it on your computer or mobile device. 

Whether you’re creating professional reports or casual eBooks, Sqribble will save you loads of time and hassle. This is why I highly recommend it. 

So, I hope you find this Sqribble review helpful, and would now be able to make a better decision. 

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