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If you have been tired of watching the only marketing video that you own for your business, then here is the thing that will bring great transformations for your business. There is an amazing video content world out of which you have to choose from your business.

Video marketing is indeed a great marketing tool that can be used as the perfect marketing strategy for your business. Going through the statistics, in 2018, 81 percent of the businesses made the use of the video as the marketing tool. The percentage share was only 63 % in 2017 and thus this shows how to have the trends change in just one year. And more than 76 percent of marketers believe that the videos have helped them to increase their sales.

Videos are considered to be the king of the content that is prevalent on the Internet. As every video is not the same one, with different marketing strategies and nurtured with the marketing maps. With the help of the different stages of the sales funnel, the videos can accomplish the specific marketing goals quite easily.

As the videos are a great tool for getting in more traffic, but what type of videos can do this work for your business. From the ocean of the types of videos available, you have to be very smart and wise while choosing the right type of video that will be a win for your business marketing strategy.

This article contains the 9 types of video content to help you move customers through the sales funnel. We will analyze every type of video and thus you can better decide to implement which one for your business.

1. Educational videos: These types of videos are just the perfect ones that will help you to increase the brand discoverability. You have to be very straight-forward and precise with the information that the video contains. Use the information which is relevant to the targeted audience so that the video gets easily discovered on the famous search engine platforms. With this, you can increase the watch time and get in more traffic to your site. If the information in the video is useful then the target audience will appreciate the efforts you have made.

2. Explainer videos: If you are at the capture stage for your business, then explainer videos can do the work for you. The stage when you have engaged the audiences and are well known with the interests, so the customers are ready to buy your services, can easily be achieved with the help of the explainer videos. Keep such videos simple and short so that customers find it worth watching. It would be better if these start with the short and entertaining stories and provide a complete explanation of what do you do for the customers. The call to action link at the end of the video can be really great tool to get in more traffic for your business.

3. Product walkthrough video: The star of such videos is the product or the service. But be careful with such types of videos. Concentrate more on the benefits that the products will reap to the users rather than exhibiting the features that the product holds. The customers are more attracted to the ways, how the product could be useful to them or how could it solve all of their problems.

4. Company culture videos: Trust is the basis of any kind of business. You must make your prospects feel assured and confident with the services and the products that you provide to them. The best technique to do o could include the humanizing the brand by introducing the real people of your team. This will help to boost up the trust among the people and could be a very effective reason for the decision making. Try to indulge and connect the audience with the company culture and inspirational stories. People love when they get connected to the videos in any way, so tackle the problems related to your videos smartly.

5. The testimonial videos: People nowadays prefer more of the online services for making the purchase. And moreover, they are more likely to be dependent on the reviews that they see online and personal recommendations. With the help of the testimonial videos, you can easily build up the brand trust for your customers by showing them in front of the real cameras about the beginning pains and problems and then how your product or service helped them.

To create a better impact, you need to create more than one testimonial video for your business. These videos are the ideas that are used to convince the potential users about the products and the services that we are providing. The best idea to create a testimonial video is to offer up some stories from the customers that your prospective customers can relate to. Rather than using a single story, weave the multiple ones together to create a greater impact on the customers.

6. Social media videos: Social media is a great tool to engage and involve your audience. There can be various types of videos that can be created for social media but you have to keep in mind the experience of the users which will help to get more customers for your businesses. This kind of video will be shown on the social feeds and that is why there is a need that the video must be having a huge impact in the initial few seconds. The impact can be achieved with the help of the bright colors or the animations or the unusual images that people would love to watch.

Also, one another thing that one must take care of is to adapt it t the different specs for every platform. Try using the elements of the viral videos to ensure that the video stands next to none. Keep the strategies in mind that are native to the different social media platforms. Always add the call to action featuring your social video so that you can get the increased number of users for your business into your purchase funnel.

7. Videos in an email: This can be another great tool for your business and here let us tell you why. As email marketing is increasing at a great rate so it becomes a great option to use the videos in the emails to attract the users for your business. To get the better results from the video in an email, just do not send the video links in a direct manner in the emails rather you should personalize the text bumpers to the videos like the FAQ. The videos that are created by the marketing or sales that include the targeted questions or include a video with a personalized introduction and a clear conclusion for your recipient. Try using the video thumbnail or the splash screen features the play button so that the video starts playing automatically on the landing page when the reader clicks on the image. If the video is being played on the powerful platform, then there are chances that you can avail of the features like the video analytics so that you can get to know exactly when to follow up.

8. FAQ videos: The frequently asked questions videos contain the common answers and solutions to the problems or the doubts that the clients could have related to your service. Keep the services quite simple and concise. This will help to clear out all the doubts for your prospects and they will be convinced to make a purchase. Try to keep not more than 4-5 questions in a single video of FAQ because a larger video will be not preferred by the consumers.

9. Commercial videos: These are the videos that you must have seen on the televisions. These generally contain the harsh and to the point content that they are wishing to sell their products and services to the consumers. Make sure that with this kind of video you are just conveying a one and clear message and it can grab the attention of the customers for more than 30 seconds. This could be another way more beneficial to increase your website traffic and to get more of the new leads for your businesses.

Video is definitely one of the most engaging and appealing contents that are prevailing and trending nowadays in the digital era. You must use each and every type of video for your business carefully and with proper attention so that you can enjoy the fruits that it will result in your company.

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