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Do you love the explainer videos? Hold on, if you are reading this term for the first time. Probably you won't have heard it first but the chances are certain that you would have watched one. Nowadays, for most people, animated explainer videos have a pretty narrow definition.

When you ask someone about the explainer videos, the most simple and common answer that you will receive is a video that lives on the home page, gives the information about the products and services and attracts the customers.

Well wait, there is much more than this little engine is capable of. Explainer videos are definitely the short length videos that generally use simple backgrounds and use the storytelling formats commonly for describing the business and the services.

Explainer videos

In this article, you will get to know some of the unexpected ways in which you can use these explainer videos with the reasons why you should use them!

  • Pitch new sales: If you are launching a new product in the market, then believe us, this is going to be the nerve-wracking process. Any single mistake can make the entire process to pitch the sales can make everything go wrong. Explainer videos are thus the right means to start your new pitch.

As the videos are engaging and can be played repeatedly – these can really make a slick, professional first and amazing expression on your potential audience. Start your explainer video with a declarative statement, highlight the major feature of your service or product and then end up in an open-ended question- the point at which you can lead with the baton of your services.

  • In conventions and trade shows: You can have a very good opportunity to get connected with the potential customers on the conventions and trade shows. Not only the customers, but you can also increase your network with the right partners for your business at such places and events. This is important that you deliver your messages quickly to the customers because no one likes holding on for larger times. You would also wish that the people pass your booth immediately when they get the fragrance of the flavors of your businesses.

Using the explainer video that is running in a loop on a screen behind you in the trade shows can be a great center of attraction for the customers. Adding a tip to this, always add the captions to the explainer videos as there could be some times when you have to exhibit without sound.

Trade shows are the busy places that will be crowded with your competitors for sure and thus it becomes important that you stand out from your competitors in order to engage more customers in your business or services.

Thus, a great animated explainer video can really do wonders for your services and businesses. This will really help you to communicate your value proposition to time-poor physical visitors as well.

  • Email marketing campaigns: Don’t you yourself feel bored with those boring content emails only? Email marketing is now in trends but for people reading all the emails from beginning to end has become somewhat difficult. So, here you can have the lead among your competitors when you are running the email campaigns with these videos.

Videos in the email marketing campaign will not only make your campaign impressive but rather would render a lot more added benefits to it.

You can use a lot of means to implement the explainer videos in your emails like incorporating it into your workflows, or as a post-sales tool. The videos can be even used to re-engage your old customers. It is important that you stay in touch with your old customers so that they are sustained to your business for longer times.

  • Email signatures: With a large number of approximately 269 million, yes these many emails are sent every day all across the world. On average, a worker gets 121 emails on a daily basis and sends 40 emails. Imagine this number of emails carry the short explainer videos that you have sold your services or products on them. You can make the video signatures very easily and in no time and could really enjoy the pool of new customers to your business.

  • Internal company training: The importance of training and onboarding cannot be rated by any scale. If you have hired new employees to your business then, the first few days of the employment of the fresher could be critical to let you know the long term performance and its sustainability. In the beginning fresh days, there are a lot of requirements for crucial information and important processes.

As humans cannot retain the information for a long time that we receive and unfortunately a time comes when we need that particular piece of information which when not present can cause a lot of problems. This problem can be solved by the use of the video. Videos can be a great training tool in that case. Also as per the research, 65 % of people are visual learners.

Another advantage of using the videos is that these can be repeated as many times and one can visit them again and again. So your newly employed workers will be able to get the same information every time and the gaps by the trainer can be easily covered with these videos.

  • Recruitments: As technology advances, the companies are evolving the methods and the techniques that can be used for the recruitment of the companies. Using video as a part of their recruitment strategies is the best choice for the company recruitments. You can use the process videos that will let the applicants know the complete hiring process of your business and how the recruitment process will play out for them. The tips and tricks videos is another way in which you can use video for the recruitment process. Another great idea can be the do’s and don't’ for your company recruitment process and this will help you to wean out the candidates that are non-desirable for your business.\

Use the company culture videos and this will attract more of the applicants for your company and they will also let you know why they should join your firm. Thus, explainer videos are great recruitment tools for your company that can be embedded in a lot of other creative ways as well.

  • Paid adverts on social media: Changes and transformations are the rules of life. Gone are the days when you were limited to having static adverts on the likes of your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. The video marketing has now allured everyone’s eye and as per the 2018 video marketing statistics survey, it is found that a huge number of marketers have published their video contents on social media. Around 68% of marketers have published more of the video content on Facebook and it is considered to be an effective strategy by 87% of the marketers.

It is a great move to reach your targeted audience with the help of the right platform. Facebook indeed is the right one that will connect you to the target audience. This will let you decide your core audiences and the features of social media will let you have better demographics, locations and the interests of the people.

With the custom audience features, you can target existing customers and thus, this will enable you to foster your relationship and drive the sales. Another feature is the lookalike audience that will help you to know the people who are like your customers, which means that they could be your future customers and thus you can get the higher chances to reach the right customer pool for your business.

So, adding up all these, we have made the best and the beneficial uses of the explainer videos for your business that could be the recipe for your success. It is advised to use the explainer videos that will drive more customers and is engaging. Keep it simple, short and attractive and enjoy the benefits that it reaps for your business. You could also try to find other means and ways as well for your business where you can implement these videos. If you haven’t yet used them for your business, then dive into the ocean of the explainer marketing – this is the time!

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