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Powtoon- Is Doodly worth it?

Is Doodly worth it? If you are being bugged by this question then we are here to help you. In this article, we will compare Doodly vs Toonly vs Videoscribe vs Powtoon. By the end of this post, you will be able to decide if you need to go for Doodly or not.

At present times the attention span of people is as low as that of a goldfish. This makes creating an online presence really difficult. You just end up spending a lot of money to reach the public but still get poor results.

In such cases, White Board videos are the perfect solution as they are really effective in grabbing people’s attention. If you can create quality and entertaining videos you can easily convey your ideas to your target audience.

If you google Whiteboard animation software, the Doodly software will top the list. However, there are several other software available in the market like Toonly, Videoscribe, and Powtoon. So, we are going to compare Doodly with all such software to help you decide if Doodly is the right choice for you.

Doodly vs Toonly:

Doodly Review:

Doodly vs Toonly

Doodly is basically whiteboard animation software that has a user-friendly drag and drop interface. You don’t need any technical or designing skills to use Doodly. It lets you create professional and realistic whiteboard videos in minutes.

We have done a detailed review of the Doodly software that you can find here.

Features of Doodly:

  • Doodly offers a variety of backgrounds for you to create your videos. Apart from the whiteboard, it has a chalkboard, green board, and glass board.
  • The Doodly library offers you 200 total characters and 20 different poses each. You also get 20 different background scenes and a variety of props and assets.
  • In Doodly you get to choose from 15 real hand styles along with 13 cartoon hand styles.
  • Doodly lets you dictate the exact sequence in which you want the image to be drawn.
  • In the Doodly software, you will find the option to record a voiceover.
  • There are several file types and resolutions available to save and export your videos on Doodly.
  • With Doodly you get solid support on hand.
  • Doodly keeps bringing new updates on a regular basis that makes the software even better.

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Toonly Review:

Toonly Software Review

Toonly is useful for creating explainer videos. It has been made by the creators of Doodly software.

Basically, Toonly has a drag and drop interface with which you can create animated videos in cartoon style. Even if you are a beginner, you can make an explainer video using Toonly very easily. There is no requirement for previous coding knowledge of any kind for using this tool.

Now let’s see how you can use Toonly to make animated videos. As mentioned before Toonly has a drag and drop interface. All you need to do is click on the things you want to add and drag them on the picture. Next, you can add dialogues and motion according to your needs. Toonly offers pre-set scenes with animations that you can use in your videos. These scenes can be used for different niches and industries. So, you can create long videos effortlessly.

In case you don’t want to use the preset animations, Toonly lets you import your own images, peoples, objects and also sounds. However, the animations are fixed and you cannot change them. Apart from this there is not much limitation to what you can do.

One major issue with Toonly is that there is no auto-save function. So, you will need to remember to save your work otherwise you will have to start again. Further, you will need the internet for using Toonly software as it is located in the cloud and accesses your files and media from the cloud.

Toonly Review

Features of Toonly:

  • Toonly has a massive collection of images for you to choose from. Just like Doodly, Toonly also doesn’t use stock images.
  • Even if you are new to the platform you can start using Toonly in no time as it is so easy to use. Moreover, there are numerous tutorials that will help you in case you face any problem while using the software.
  • Toonly is compatible with both MAC and Windows. You can use it on all your devices with just one license.
  • With Toonly you can export your videos to other software or devices. You can even upload your videos directly to various social media platforms or your personal websites.
  • If you are not satisfied with the service then Toonly offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • To help you in case of any issue there are several tutorial videos that you can refer to.
Toonly Pricing

Doodly vs Toonly: Which is better?

Now let’s get to the most important question. Which is better between Toonly and Doodly? The above Doodly review and Toonly review have brought to light some stark differences between the two.

Both Dooddly and Toonly are like brother and sister companies as they have been created by the same house. But to help you choose one among the two we will compare them on the basis of certain parameters.

Let’s start with user experience. There is not much difference between the two in this area as both are really easy to use with drag and drop interface. You can easily learn how to use both with several tutorials available online and start producing.

However, Toonly is a bit more dynamic. Sometimes you may get too tied up in things and not know how to undo things that you have done. So, you can say that Doodly has a better user experience.

Now let’s talk about versatility. Doodly is pretty simple as it can convey ideas in a simple illustration. You will not be able to bring your characters to life. You will have to add a strong narration and simple key graphics to stand out from the competition.

Toonly on the other hand has greater versatility. Toonly basically is a cartoon that offers a lot of room for story-telling. You don’t need to have to completely depend on narration with Toonly.

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Finally, we will take a look at the application of the two software. Doodly is suitable for creating educational content to educate your audience. Toonly on the other hand is fantastic for humanizing a brand, product, or company.

Doodly is a great medium for companies launching new products to convey their ideas. It relies on the audience listening to exactly what is being said. The audience is given an opportunity to distill what they are being asked to absorb.

The very aesthetic of Toonly is that it is a cartoon. This helps trigger nostalgic memories of the audience. It also entertains the audience. Toonly is very character-driven. You will be able to show the emotions physically with the characters. It is a great story-telling medium that helps people understand your viewpoint.

Overall both Doodly and Toonly are powerful combinations to be used for a variety of purposes. However, we will recommend Doodly for businesses. This is because with Doodly you can make your business sound and look more professional and as a result generate more leads or conversion.

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Doodly vs Videoscribe:

Videoscribe Review:

Doodly vs Videoscribe

Videoscribe is a popular whiteboard animation software. It is used by people from various fields like marketers, designers, teachers, YouTubers, and many more. All you gotta do is first download Videoscribe and start creating.

Videos created on Videoscribe are perfect for your target audience no matter where they are located. You must know that a whiteboard explainer video is 15 times more effective than a talking head video in spreading your message across.

Videoscribe software was created by Sparkol in 2012. Now it has over half a million users around the world. Videoscribe was awarded the Best Mobile B2B app in 2013 for its iPad version.

You can get Videoscribe from the play store or apple store for your android and IOS devices. Further, it has a desktop version with additional features and functions. You will get a 7-day free trial during which you can decide if Videoscribe is the correct choice for you. After that, you can choose from its monthly or yearly plans.

Videoscribe Review

Features of Videoscribe:

  • You will be impressed with Videoscribe as it lets you use every function that you could possibly imagine. All the functions are pretty easy to learn and straightforward.
  • Videoscribe has a massive library of stock images. These images cover a wide area, so it is very likely that you will get something useful. The images are divided into paid and free. You also get an option to further customize the images to suit your requirements. Even if you don’t find an image that you want in the library you can import your own images. It supports basic formats like JPEG and PNG. But you will like the SVG format that gives a drawing effect like the ones in the stock image library.
  • There is an option for adding texts using Videoscribe. There is a large collection of fonts in its library at your disposal. There is also the option for editing the texts that you input in your videos.
  • The scene animator feature of Videoscribe lets you add various text, images, or objects to a specific scene. You can arrange them according to your needs.
  • Videoscribe has over 200 clips of audio and voice-overs in its library. The audio tracks can also be modified to a certain extent. The process of adding voice-over is also pretty simple and easy. There are some third-party applications using which you can import your own tracks into Videoscribe.
  • You can export your finished videos to any platform. In the free plan, the video will have a watermark. But if you have the paid plan then you can export your videos to various formats and devices without any watermark.
videoscribe Pricing

Doodly vs Videoscribe: Which is better?

Now that we have gone through the Doodly review and Videoscribe review let's compare them and see which one is the best option for you.

Looking at these two software from the pricing point of view both you will find Videoscribe to be significantly more expensive. You get the whole Doodly enterprise without any watermark plan for $67 that is billed on a yearly basis. But Videoscribe charges $35 per month and there are additional charges for some of the features.

The most interesting feature with Doodly is the custom paths that let you import your own images and then tell Doodly exactly how to draw over them. Videoscribe on the other hand has an interesting camera element. You will be impressed with the smooth transition in images. Videoscribe creates better illustrations overall.

With Doodly though you get to choose from a number of backgrounds for your videos. Videoscribe however is really popular for its stick up themes.

Both Doodly and Videoscribe can be used to create engaging videos even though they are not similar. There is not much difference in terms of the actual software. Just the style and pricing are different.

Which software is better for you actually depends on your requirements. If you want to create illustrations using stick-up themes then Videoscribe will be the better option. But if you are looking for pure and simple whiteboard stuff then you must go with Doodly.

Doodly vs Powtoon:

Powtoon Review:

Powtoon Review

Powtoon is software that lets you create presentations and explainer-style videos. It is an online platform for making videos. Apart from whiteboard-style videos, you can make cartoon and infographic-style videos. You will need an internet connection for using Powtoon as it is cloud-based.

Powtoon has a massive library of stock images, videos, and also audio that can be used in your videos. It is very featureful with a user-friendly interface. You can also use Powtoon by connecting it with Facebook or YouTube. Further, you can use Powtoon with other software for marketing such as Kaltura, Wistia, Hubspot, and many more.

Powtoon panders to a wide variety of users with its pricing plans. You get to choose between two plans, first on a monthly basis and the second on pay per export basis. In the pay per export plan, you get to make a certain number of videos by purchasing a fixed number of tokens. The export price decreases according to the number of export videos that are bundled together. You get storage space of up to 2GB and you can make videos that are up to 15 minutes long.

Powtoon’s subscription plan ranges from high to low on the basis of your business’s requirements. With these plans, you get better quality and also increased storage capacity with respect to the plan you have selected.

Features of Powtoon:

  • Powtoon offers a wide variety of templates that are related to various segments like education, work, and personnel. Further, you can find different aspect ratios for these templates.
  • You can use media in a number of ways in Powtoon. For example, you get to add media to the templates. You also get the option to upload your own media if you don’t find what you need in Powtoon’s library. Powtoon supports media in various formats like JPEG, PNG, etc.
  • It is fairly easy to edit the text in Powtoon. Even if you don’t already have a textbox you can easily create one using the tool in the sidebar on the right. Moreover, you can also upload your own fonts on Powtoon but you can do that only if you have the Agency plan.
  • You get two options for adding audio to your video. First, you can add a voiceover and secondly a background music track. Both these functions can be accessed from the audio menu which is located in the sidebar on the right. You can further upload your own audio. Powtoon supports audio tracks in different formats such as MP3, OGG, AAC, etc.
  • Powtoon provides two layouts for creating your videos. One is “Quick Edit” and the other one is “Full Studio Mode”. Both can be accessed from the top menu bar.
  • You get a number of exporting options with Powtoon. You can either download your videos as a PPT or PDF file or upload them to your social media handles and other software.

Doodly vs Powtoon: Which is better?

Now that you have gone through both Doodly Review and Powtoon Review, let's compare them to see which is a better option for you.

To begin with, both Doodly and Powtoon require an internet connection. There is no offline version available for both. Although Doodly can be downloaded on your PC, Powtoon can only be accessed online as it is located in the cloud.

Powtoon has different options for creating videos apart from whiteboard style, such as cartoon style, infographic, real style, etc. However, Doodly is completely dedicated to whiteboard animation. This is why there are more whiteboard animation features available on Doodly.

Now, let’s compare Doodly and Powtoon on the basis of their pricing plans. Powtoon offers three plans namely, Pro, Pro+, and Agency plan that are available on a monthly and annual basis. Doodly on the other hand has two plans. One standard and the other enterprise. The Enterprise plan gives you access to the complete program including all in-app purchases for plugins. Even though there is no free trial with Doodly, it has a 30 days money-back guarantee. Compared to Toonly, Doodly’s monthly charges are much cheaper.

Powtoon has a wide range of functions and features. But from the perspective of whiteboard animations, it has very limited features. Since Doodly is dedicated completely to whiteboard animations, it has much more features available.


All the animation software reviewed and compared above are effective in their own ways. Basically, it depends upon what is the demand of your project. For instance, if you want to make cartoon-style videos you could use Toonly or Powtoon. But since our main motive for making the above comparison was to find the best whiteboard animation software, we will highly recommend you to go for Doodly. Overall Doodly has the best features and functions for creating whiteboard animation videos. Doodly videos will help you in making your product or service sound and look more professional. Further, they are very engaging and are bound to generate sales or conversion.

To conclude, we leave it up to you to choose animation software for your project depending upon your requirements. But we would emphasize picking the Doodly software for whiteboard animations.

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