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The Doodly software is leading in the market of best whiteboard animation software. Whiteboard animation videos are preferred by a majority of business owners to connect to their target audience. This is because they are able to fascinate and better engage the public. Further, they tend to generate more conversions compared to all other modes.

If you search for simple ways to make explainer videos, Doodly software will top the list. It is famous for being robust, user-friendly, and pretty powerful. Even if you have zero designing skills, you will be surprised to know how easy it is to create unique animated videos using doodly.

Doodly Software Review and Pricing

In this doodly software review, we will look into the various aspects of the Doodly software. We will discuss its important features, Doodly pricing, and its benefits. By the end of this review, you will be able to decide if Doodly is the right option for you. So, you should read it till the end.

What is Doodly Software?

In simple words, Doodly is software that lets you make animated explainer videos. Its drag and drop interface is really simple and easy to use.

It is not important if you have any technical or design skills. With Doodly you can make professional, and realistic Whiteboard videos in minutes.

Doodly has a library of pre-made people, objects, and music that you can use to make awesome explainer videos. All you need to do is select an image, then drag and drop them on the canvas. You can also create your own images and upload them. Further, you will have a library full of royalty-free songs that you can use in your videos.   

Doodly Software

Important features of Doodly:

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Doodly software is its unique features. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Varieties of canvas

With Doodly you can create videos not only on the whiteboard but also on a chalkboard, green board, glass board, or even create green screen animation. 

Further, Doodly also provides the option for a custom board. On this board, you can customize the background color and also decide if the drawing hand should be holding a marker or chalk.

Doodly Varieties of canvas

  • The Doodle Library

With Doodly you can choose from thousands of custom images available in its library. 

Doodly doesn’t use stock photos and images. All the images available in its library have been drawn by a team of professional graphic artists.

Doodly provides you with 200 total characters and 20 different poses each. In addition to that, you get 20 different background scenes and a wide variety of props and assets that cover almost every topic and niche. Further, if you don’t like the images in Doodly’s library, you can upload your own images and Doodly will draw over them. 

The Doodle Library
  • Large selection of hand styles

Doodly software allows you to choose from a wide range of hand styles. There are over 15 real hand styles and also 13 cartoon hand styles. You can also change the hand style to be right-handed or left-handed. 

  • Custom Draw Paths

You can create custom draw paths to any image you upload on the Doodly software. Basically what this means is that Doodly shall draw the image in the exact sequence that you want. This gives a more natural effect to the image.

  • Options to record voice over

With Doodly you can easily add narration to your videos by recording a voice-over directly inside doodly. A preview of the whiteboard animation is played while recording the audio so you can get the correct timing.

  • Video Editing

You can easily edit your videos with Doodly. If you reorder the media and adjust the duration of every scene, you can easily edit your videos. The hand that draws the videos can be edited and also the video’s style.

You can view all the elements you added to your videos and also the time you added them through a media list. By reordering this media list and adjusting the duration of every scene you can easily edit your videos.

  • Video saving exporting

You can export your finished whiteboard animations by selecting from a number of file types and resolutions.

Doodly provides options for saving videos like MP4, MKV, OGG, and WebM file types. It further allows you to set the resolution from 360p to full 1080p high definition. Doodly is also capable of supporting 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60 frames per second

doodly Video saving exporting

  • Royalty-free Tracks

You get two soundtrack slots with Doodly. The first one is for adding background music and the second is for adding a voiceover. So, you can edit the sounds till you are satisfied.

 The package that you buy determines the number of tracks you get. The gold package offers 20, platinum gives 40 and the enterprise users get 80 tracks. 

  • Doodly support

Doodly offers a lot of support on hand. You will find a number of tutorials on their official website or on the customer support desk. They also have a youtube channel where they upload tutorials that will help you use the software more effectively. 

Doodly has a Facebook page with over 80,000 members. The members share their whiteboard animations and also ask for advice in the group.

There is a request feature in Doodly that allows you to suggest features that you would like to see in the software. The best part is that a lot of these features are taken into consideration by the creators at Doodly.

  • Regular updates

Doodly keeps introducing new updates on a regular basis. These new features make the software even better.  It is compatible with your Mac and PCs.

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Why use the Doodly Software?

Apart from the features mentioned above, here are some more reasons why you should be using the Doodly software.

If you are into YouTube marketing, you will be glad to know that whiteboard animated videos are 20x times more engaging than the standard videos. Using doodle sketch videos you can not only see an increase in user engagement but also in youtube rankings. 

Doodle sketch videos can make the teaching and training process more effective. They will make your presentation more engaging and your viewers will also retain more of what you teach. This is because they will be learning not only by listening and reading but also by watching. 

Since doodle sketch videos are extremely engaging they are perfect for creating Facebook ads. They will make anyone stop scrolling and pay attention to you. 

Doodles are also perfect for creating sales videos. They have the highest conversion rate because of which professionals tend to demand up to $1000 for making a single doodle video. You can use them for selling a digital product such as an online course, ebook, or software. You can also sell eCommerce products on your website using doodle videos.

To be honest the things you can do using Doodly are only limited by your imagination. Using Doodly you can transform your ideas into professional and impressive-looking doodle sketches.

free doodly price

How to use the doodly software?

Doodly is the easiest to use whiteboard animation software out there. Anyone without any technical or drawing skills can use Doodly. You don’t even need to watch tutorials on how to use the software as the interface is so user-friendly.

First, you need to select the type of canvas you want to use.

Next, you can drag and drop the images, text, and audio that you want from the library on the left side of your screen. 

You can also record a voiceover and import it straight into your video.

Lastly, save and export your video and also share it around. 

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Can you use Doodly for free?

You must be wondering, is Doodly free? Unfortunately, the Doodly software doesn’t have a free trial. But it is still one of the most affordable whiteboard animation software in the market. 

Doodly pricing is divided into two tiers:


  • 1,164 Character Images
  • 1620 Prop Images
  • 150 Royalty-Free Music  Tracks
  • 20 Video Templates
  • 35 Fonts
  • 84 Scene Templates
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • Use on Multiple Computers
  • Premium Support
  • Invite to Doodly design  Facebook group
  • No access to Doodly club  monthly membership


  • 3.959 Character Images
  • 3,341 Prop Images
  • 250 Royalty-Free Music  Tracks
  • 40 Video Templates
  • 70 Fonts
  • 84 Scene Templates
  • Create Unlimited Videos
  • Use on Multiple computers
  • Premium Support
  • Invite to Doodly design  Facebook group
  • Access to Doodly club  monthly membership

Our Review of Doodly Software:

doodly pricing

After reviewing all the whiteboard animation software in the market we would like to recommend Doodly if you are looking for something that is easy to use.

With Doodly you get a means to provide a difference in explaining concepts and ideas through your videos. You can engage and captivate your viewers with each line drawn.

What we liked the most about this software is its user-friendliness. Even if you are someone with less than moderate proficiency in computers or with zero design experience you will be impressed by how simple it is to create an animated video using Doodly.

Even if Doodly doesn’t have a free trial version still it is one of the most affordable whiteboard animation software on the market.

We will totally recommend Doodly to anyone who is tired of paying a third party for creating videos for them. They charge a lot and also take a lot of time to deliver the final product. Doodly will let you create videos yourself in a very short amount of time and edit them whenever you want. If you are a business owner, you will want simple ways to create marketing pieces, and Doodly lets you do exactly that.


Finally, it’s time to wrap up this Doodly review. We hope you were able to make up your mind about Doodly. Our final words will be that if you want whiteboard animation software that is easy to use and affordable, Doodly will be the perfect option for you. Even though there is no option for a Doodly free trial, your money will be refunded within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

Whether you are a self-employed individual or part of any business, Doodly will serve as the medium for attracting your prospective audience or clients.


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