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How To Create an Online Animated Logo In 2023?

Video marketing has become immensely popular nowadays. This is why businesses and marketers  use animated videos, animated logos, etc for brand promotion. More & more brands are using animated logos on their video ads, websites, YouTube clips, corporate videos/films, in a visually-appealing way to begin or end their video marketing campaigns

This piece will inform you about how to design an animated logo by following a few simple steps on Biteable. 

But, if you’re wondering how you will create an animated logo without spending a huge amount of money, here’s a solution. 

How To Create Animated Logo Using Biteable?

Animated Logo Maker | Make Your Video Logo Move | Biteable

Biteable is the best software to create animated logo online free that’ll make a lasting impression on your clients or customers. Here’s how to do it?

Step 1 - Sign up on Biteable

Step 2 - Choose a template

Step 3 - Change the text, images, colours to suit your brand or business

Step 4 - Download your animated logo

Now you can upload it on different social media platforms, websites or wherever you want to. 

Why Should You Use Animated Logo?

According to studies, our brain processes videos much faster than still images or photos. So, if you want to showcase your brand in less time, an animated logo will definitely do the trick.

Have you ever wondered why the internet is packed with millions of videos on different topics? Websites with video content get 41% more traffic than those that never use videos. Video is the future of content marketing! It’s here to stay. Producing videos will make a brand or business reach more audience. 

Biteable is one such online easy-to-use logo creator that makes the job of creating animated logos much easier. Besides, it’ll not be heavier on your pocket and time-consuming, as you can create a logo in just a few easy steps. 

How Are Animated Logos Beneficial For Your Brand? 

1. Boost brand awareness

A professionally-designed logo creates a powerful and memorable image of any brand. Animation brings a logo to life and builds a strong connection with your existing and potential audience in a matter of seconds. 

2. Supports your brand idea/story

Animated logos work excellent in supporting your brand story as it emotionally connects your audience through the medium of images, sound as well as motion. It conveys your brand story or idea better than static images or text. 

3. Gives a professional look to your brand 

Using an animated logo for your videos, website or corporate films adds a sense of professionalism to your brand. Logos can transform a simple clip or image into something that looks professional and valuable at the same time. 

4. It’s a one-time investment

A lot of marketing strategies may come & go. But, animated logos can really pay you off as it's a long-term investment. You just have to create it once, and it can be used for a long period of time. 

Best Ways To Use Animated Logos 

1. Branding 

Animated logos create a lasting impression on the audience. These are memorable enough to identify your brand and promote it by adding either in the beginning or end of video ads, corporate videos, etc. 

2. Business Logo

Any business video must be clear & simple to understand. You can use an animated logo in the beginning or end of the explainer video, or even in between. It will make your videos look more structured as well as increase ‘Watch Time’. 

3. Logos in Video Ads 

Have you noticed the 5-second long animated logo showing up in the middle of an ad on YouTube? Using animated logos in between your video ads is an effective way to catch your viewers attention and make a connection with them. 

4. For product & eCommerce videos

You can add your logo animations to the end of all your product videos. This looks so much better than a raw video and this way your brand name can be glued to the viewers’ minds. 

5. Website Films 

You can use an animated logo of your company in your short business videos/films uploaded on your website. This will leave your clients impressed with a professional look of your brand. 

6. Animated Logos for Social Media

Almost all social media platforms promote animation these days as the cost of sponsoring posts is quite reasonable. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, posting a catchy animated logo on your Feed will definitely attract millions of visitors to your website or Page. 

7. Animated Logos for YouTube

Animated logos on YouTube will make your channel stand out from your competitors. A company’s logo becomes a central point of its brand. A logo helps in identifying your brand and your YouTube channel while making it memorable for viewers. 

Tips To Create An Effective Logo

Here are two very important tips for creating an amazing animated logo for your business:

1. Add a Personal Touch 

Anything turns out better if you sprinkle some of your own flavour to it! So, carefully browse through the templates. Consider your brand identity, target audience, and the logo’s style. You can even do some digging to know more about your demographic. 

In simple words, make sure your animated logos resonate well with what your viewers are looking for. If your brand is corporate, using a goofy animated character in your logo may not suit it at all. 

2. Avoid Dragging It

While making a video with an animated logo, make sure you keep the scenes short & simple. Do not stuff it with too much animation. The least you want is people leaving your video even before the intro finishes. 

Wrapping Up

Logos play a pivotal role in creating a strong brand identity. A brand or business is incomplete without a logo. Therefore, it’s imperative that you try to create a powerful logo that represents your brand in an authentic manner. I hope this article informs you well on how to create animated logo online

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to create an animated logo for YouTube? 

You can create an animated logo for your YouTube channel using a variety of online logo creators available out there. Some of these are Biteable, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Renderforest

2. Why animate your logo?

Logos give an identity to your brand or business. Logos make your brand stand out from the crowd. They represent your business among your audience. This is why it’s important to create a logo that is eye-catching and appealing to your viewers. If you animate your logo, you’ll be able to identify your brand in a visually-appealing way, which can attract a lot of potential customers. 

3. How to create an animated logo using Photoshop?

Photoshop consists of all the tools that are required to create an animated logo. To create an animated/GIF logo, you’ll need:

  • The logo in raster format - It serves as the basis of your animation
  • Other images - The amount of images depends on what type of animation you wish to create. For example, to bring an object or character to life, you must create different images of it moving differently. 

Follow these few steps to create an animated logo:

Step 1 - Upload the images. Go to File, then Scripts, and then Load Files into Stack. Now click on ‘Browse’. Find the required images on your computer, click Open, and then OK. You will see layers in the ‘Layer’s panel. These will become animated shots. 

Step 2 - Change your desired mode. Click on Window, then Timeline and open the Timeline Panel. Now choose ‘Create Frame Animation’. 

Step 3 - Convert the images into animation. Visit the Timeline Panel menu and click on Make Frame from Layers. Now specify the time duration of each shot. 

Then, click on Play beneath the Timeline Panel to check the result. If the shots are played in reverse, you need to choose ‘Reverse Frames’ in the menu. 

Step 4 - Now you need to set the animation cycle constantly, just for once or for a specific number of times. 

Step 5 - Save and customize the GIF format. Click on File, Export and then Save for Web. You will see a drop down list. Here you must either select ‘No dither’ or ‘Dithered’. 

If you wish to change the size, visit the ‘Image size’ option’ in the menu section and select the desired width and height. 

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