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Explainer videos can be one of the best marketing strategies that you can use to implement your businesses. Do you know how this can help you? And how to create some of the best explainer videos for your business.

Simply stating, explainer videos are the videos that are used for explaining your products and the services in just a few minutes. These videos are kept small and informative with the engaging content. This can be really a great way to get in more attention by the customers and you can easily familiarize the customers with the services and the products that you provide to them. The major part is how to get them right.

You can use these explainer videos on the homepage of your business websites and this is the first thing that the visitors will experience on your website. Keeping it attractive and appealing thus becomes quite important for us. This can be a great tool for maximizing conversions for your businesses and can be a very basic factor for building trust for your brand.

Here is the perfect recipe for making the right explainer videos for your business.

Follow the tips given in the article and make the best out of the explainer videos:

1. Amazing script: Script! Right, this is the thing that you would see for the first time as the explainer video starts. This is the basic foundation for your video on which the entire explainer video is based upon. So, the script holds the major of the power to get in more customers for your business. You can hire or take help from the outsider to write the engaging script for your explainer videos. This will help to bring your business at a high level and can help you to correctly define the services and the business that you provide.

Script writing for an explainer video can really be a brainstorming process and thus, you need to be sure with the script that you are going to use for the explainer videos. Use the creative brief when you are writing the script or the explainer videos. Do not go off the track when you are writing the script, stick to the point and keep it simple and engaging.

2. Keep it short: People remember the lesser said words and this is a proven fact as well. So, keep your videos short and simple to get more attraction for the viewers. Longer videos appeal to be quite boring for the customers and here is the pro tip: cut down the script, keep it concise.

Lesser the duration of the video, the more attention it gets from the users. The thumb rule of the industry that can be the key to success while making the explainer videos is 150 words per minute. Make sure that the video highlights the major portion of the video and thus, it can be used to attract a larger number of audiences for your business.

3. Keep it Simple Silly: Yes! You might wonder how silliness in the video can be beneficial for you. But this is the fact. The videos that contain the silly facts and the silly script is more watched by the customers. By silly, it is not meant that the script or the video has to be irrelevant but it should use the following simple things in an easy manner:

  • Address the problems that the customers face in their daily routine lives.
  • Now let the customer know the solution to their problems with your services and products that you provide.
  • The next step is to give a brief description of the services or the products that you offer them.
  • A call to action at the end of the video is an amazing means which will tell the people what they should do next in order to avail such services and products for them.

4. Emphasize more on benefits: It is important that you make use of the benefits more rather than explaining the features of the products. Whatever the service that you are providing, whether a new application, product or an existing old service, you must work on tempting the users for the services that they provide to their users. Do not try to show off the features of the products of the services rather concentrate more on the benefits that the users can get from it. As customers are more concerned about how the product could be helpful to them. Customers are looking every day for the products and the services that can actually make their lives simpler and easier so they always look for the benefits of the services that you are providing to them.

5. Professional voice: A video without a voice or with a poor voice is like a human without a heart. Voice creates a long-lasting impact and thus if you are making an explainer video for your business then make sure that you consider using the professional voice for it. Incest in the professional and talented audio artists to give voice to your explainer videos. This could really help you to grab most of the attention.

6. Have fun: People love to be entertained by anything that they watch. So make sure that the explainer video that you are making, matches with the audience regardless of the concern who is watching, be it the boss of a company, a consumer or an entrepreneur, the explainer video must entertain all categories of the viewers.

Add something unique and creative to the video, whether it is the humor or the animations used in the video- the video, in short, must be appealing and attractive.

7. Visuals are secondary: As the voice is important, similarly the professional's visuals are also important for the customers. You may have thought about how this would be good for your video. The key is that the visuals will help you to illustrate the story and reinforce the voiceover.

8. Plan for the launch: If you are done with the videos that you have finally created the next major step is to launch it in the correct way. There are three things that are important for the successful launch of the video:

  • Select the perfect host: You could have a lot of hosts available to make the launch for the video. You can select from the wide range of hosts available like Wistia, Vimeo PRO or Vidyard.
  • Make a strategic marketing plan: What if you have made the video, it will not go viral on its own. You have to develop some of the strong marketing strategies like leveraging blogs, newsletters, and social media channels. Do not miss any event to share your explainer videos.
  • Integrating the video on the website: Once you are done with the video, then you can integrate it on your website homepage and can attract more consumers, increase brand awareness and recognition.

9. Set the tone with music: A video with some attracting music can really do wonders, You can embed the type of music as per the type of the services that you provide to the customers. The best power that the music holds is that it can set in all the types of emotions and it has the capability to set the tone and can be the pacemaker for your explainer video.

Research the music while you are writing for the script of the video or otherwise, you can use it the last step as well for creating the video fully prepared for the launch.

10. Narration: You might own a brand but the voice over the videos must be having the right way to deliver the messages to your audiences. Look for the best way through which you can deliver the message to potential customers. Use the right words and the right tone along with the right narration skills will be best suited for any type of explainer videos that you are making.

So, if you are wishing to succeed in digital marketing, then you need to have some of the great explainer videos along with the right script and the. Try to use the innovative and unique ideas that stand out of the crowd to make your videos more appealing and attractive to your customers. Keep the tips in mind and make the best explainer video for your business.

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