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Got an app? Want a Demo video that could really exhibit the true spirit of it? Well don't worry, here we have the Best App Video Production Companies in 2024.

Video is the most consumed medium of content in present times. No matter what the age of your target audience is, they are most likely to prefer getting information through a visual medium over any other. Videos can help you increase the engagement of your target audience by many folds. But where do you get such a video made? You will find the answer below. We have listed for you some of the video production companies that can help you with demo videos for your app.

Most of the companies in this list are into explainer video production. So, you can rest assured that they will do a great job with in-app demo videos and also 2d animation if you ever need it.

Best App Video Production Companies

1. Essence Studios

Essence Studios was started in 2019 and has since proved to be one of the best inexpensive app video production services. It is based in Gurgaon, India with additional offices in the US and UK. Even though we are a fairly young company, our accomplishments are much larger than their age. We have created over 1200 videos for our clientele featuring businesses from all around the world

Essence Studios is a team of young creative minds that likes to think out of the box. We have created different kinds of videos, relating to a wide range of industries.

The team of Essence Studios will learn everything that is there to learn about your app or product. Then we will create an engaging storyline which is the very basis of video content. After that, they will make use of state-of-the-art equipment to create and publish amazing videos explaining your app.

Essence Studios understands that an app video requires the same effort that is given to the development of an app. That is why we never rush into things as that may cause serious harm to the value of your product or app. Every video produced by Essence Studio is of top quality and is bound to show positive results.

To get more details about app video production Essence Studios you should visit our website and check out the plans and pricing.

2. Wyzowl

Wyzowl is one of the experienced app video production companies. It was founded back in 2011. Since then it has made over 3000 videos for its clients. They are well aware of the video industry. Their expertise lies in every aspect of video production right from writing the story, scripts, designing, animating and also promotion of videos.

Wyzowl claims to provide unlimited revisions depending upon the nature of your project. Their team of experts is always there to help you out with any issue that you may have with their services. One of their interesting practices involves setting a fixed turnaround time for every part of your video. In this way, you will get to know exactly when each part of your video is going to be ready.

Wyzowl has a fixed price for all of its services. This price is inclusive of all the services provided while creating a video.

3. Studiotale

With Studiotale your app video production costs will be reduced. This is because they are not a very big company but a bunch of like-minded people with expertise in video production.

Even with a small team Studiotale have managed to create over 350 videos for over 150 companies. They try to customize every video according to the objective that a client is trying to achieve. Their video production has evolved over years of experience so they consider themselves prepared for any kind of project.

Their package is inclusive of all the aspects involved in producing a video. Further, they offer unlimited revisions to their clients during every stage of production. Moreover, they are open to serving companies from any part of the world and also in any language. All of their clients are provided an easy and direct mode of communication with the dedicated team.

4. Creamy Animation

A qualified mobile app video production company must be able to showcase the true value of your app and also the solution it provides to the target audience. Creamy Animation is one such company. If you have a product or service that is complex, they can deliver your message in a manner that is easily understood by your target audience. They very well understand that it is the solution and not the features of your product that the prospective customers are interested in.

Creamy animation is based in Vancouver, Washington, and Vancouver British Columbia under Mammothic LLC. They have years of experience in creating videos telling stories about your product or services which have the power to inspire your target audience.

5. Studio Rossiter

Studio Rossiter is one of the oldest video production companies in the UK established in 1988. It is obvious they have seen tremendous changes in the digital, technology, and business fields. This company has evolved and adjusted throughout all such changes. In fact, they consider themselves to be still evolving.

Studio Rossiter doesn't think about app video production costs when it is for the well-being of society or for a social cause. For other purposes, they make videos in a set process that has a backing of over 30 years of experience. Their team of experts knows exactly how to attract the interest of your target audience and will deliver videos that achieve that mission.

6. BuzzFlick Videos

BuzzFlick is one of the popular mobile app video production companies that specialize in animated video production. They are based in New York. Apart from app demo videos, they specialize in 2d animation, explainer videos, whiteboard animation, and some other types of corporate and educational videos.

After getting a clear idea of the client's objective BuzzFlick identifies the target audience and gathers knowledge about them. Then they will provide you a fixed deadline for delivery and budget. Further, they will also help you build a marketing strategy for your app or product.

BuzzFlick specializes in creating app demo videos that go hand in hand with all kinds of pages related to your application. That is you can use the app demo videos on your how-to page, tutorial section, user manual, landing page, and many more.

7. Purei

Purei has years of experience in creating engaging videos that have lower app video production costs. They not only help in creating videos but also increase the number of viewers of your videos through online medium or social media. The team of Purei will go a step further and even develop a marketing strategy suitable for your app.

Purei has various skilled individuals under one roof. So, you will get additional services along with video production in one place. This company lays immense importance on listening to clients. This is how they get a better understanding of the client's business and provide top-notch services.

Great scripts are the foundation of Purei's demo videos. This is how they create videos that tell a story about a client's app thereby creating engagement. Every other process involved in video creation is based on such scripts.

8. Simply Explainer

Simply Explainer is an app video production company started by some senior animators back in 2010. Now they have a team of creatives providing video creation services to businesses around the world.

Businesses using mobile applications have become a normal thing in present times. Simply Explainers app video production service is well prepared to serve such businesses. When looking for an app video production company most businesses prefer someone unique. Simply Explainer can produce videos that are a combination of images and animation or completely animation. Apart from imparting clear information about your app these videos are also capable of grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Simply Explainer makes app demo videos that convey information about the app in a fun way. This helps in modifying the app marketing strategy to improve its value. They specialize in making even the most complicated app demo videos into eye-catching and lighthearted videos.

9. Gisteo

Gisteo is a well-known app video production company that creates videos in different styles and formats. They have years of experience in creating app demo videos for companies based in the US and also around the world. They have expertise in bringing out the true essence of your app and why your audience needs to download it.

Gisteo prefers making use of animated videos over live-action videos due to the flexibility and freedom that comes with it. Further, using animated videos also significantly reduces app video production costs.

App demo videos made by Gisteo are usually short and sweet. They are dynamic videos with a creative sequence of images. In addition to that Gisteo strictly abides by the app store or play store guidelines in their app demo videos.


One of the first app video production company that ventured into the field of making videos for mobile devices was Their videos show a hand using a mobile device which is their own proprietary technique.

Appdemovideos have gained expertise in helping the app owners connect with their target audience with the help of their best inexpensive app video production services. This has got them featured on the cover page of some popular sites like Gizmodo, TechCrunch, and LifeHack.

Their office is situated in San Francisco Bay Area with a clientele from all around the world and belonging to all kinds of industries. One of their best practices is that they do not outsource any of the projects and get everything done by their own members.


This was our list of the top 10 app video production companies. You need to make sure to visit all of their websites and check their portfolio and pricing before taking any decision.

All of these companies are proficient in their own ways. However, our recommendation for you will be Essence Studios because of their unconventional approach to video creation. They have a young and talented team of animators, story writers, and designers that like to think out of the box. So go ahead and visit Essence Studios to get your stories transformed into amazing animated videos. 

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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