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The ever-growing number of mobile devices such as Apple and Android is estimated to reach an unprecedented height in 2020. It is believed that there will be more than 2.8 billion smartphone users all over the world. As a result, the leading smartphone brands, Apple and Android, will provide over 2 million apps and each, even as the competition gets tougher. Meanwhile, the challenge that many app builders have is how to get people to download and use the apps.

Studies showed that about 70% of traffic is from the video content and that people are more likely to buy a product or download an app if they watch a video on it. As a result, considering the competitiveness of the market, you need to explore all possibilities to get your name out there. Do not stress out; using an app explainer video is the way to go. 

Creating mobile app explainer videos helps to explain or communicate the functions of an app to the prospective users. Also, the app's benefits, and where to download it, and other relevant information can be communicated through the video. All these will encourage prospective users to download the app. However, all the essential information must be delivered briefly and correctly. 

We have packaged the best ten mobile app explainer videos for your inspiration and to see how to engage the audience correctly. Here are the videos for your inspiration.


1. Pinterest

Although Pinterest is among the most popular social media platforms and apps, Pinterest has yet to go viral. In their 2011 mobile app explainer video, they explain what the app intends to do, and how it aims to change how “scrapbooking is done.”

Their explainer video is a cartoon video and informs the viewers how both the website and app work, and how people can benefit from the community.

Their explainer video is fantastic. Its simplicity and message delivery provide viewers with all the information they need to know about Pinterest in just ninety seconds. Also, the video has a call to action at the end, admonishing viewers to visit their site and also download the app. 


2. NatWest

Natwest's Bankline app is designed to give business owners the ability to control all financials regarding the business from the comfort of their mobile phone. Although the video is short, it touches all aspects of the app. The video shows how to access your accounts, transfer money, and make payments. The app explainer also hints about the future functions that will be added to the app, and other benefits the app will offer in the future. 

They did not use a voice over but used text to explain the information in the video. The app explainer subtly encourages viewers to read instead of listening to a sound. This is done to grab viewers' attention and engage them throughout the video. To achieve this, the video is fast-paced and keeps viewers glued to it to the end. 

It is an excellent example because all the highlights of the benefits of using the app are unveiled. 


3. Western Union 

The explainer video explains everything about the Western Union mobile banking app that enables seamless transfer of money to anyone business in any part of the world. It is both a B2B and a B2C app. 

The explainer video showcases different characters that represent various industries in the business world. It makes viewers see the advantages of using the app for personal stuff. 

One thing that Western Union has clarified is how to use the app on different devices. It also encourages the download and installation of the app. 

Western Union 

4. Embark 

Embark is an app designed to provide commuters with hassle-free public transportation. They provide the cheapest and quickest routes people can take to their destinations. The app also provides interactive content such as polls at stations and enables users to see popular internet content. It is available in 160 cities. The app is described as the only transport app that users need. 

In the 40-second mobile app explainer video, all the needed information is provided to the viewers about how to use the app and its benefits. The video emphasizes the goal of Embark – to make the journey as fast as possible. 


5. Now Health International

As a global provider of medical and Insurance services, Now Health International, through their mobile app explainer video, explains the benefits of using their app. Included in the app are options such as a medical provider search, booking options, and options to send expenses to an employer.

In the video, they explain how the app can be used step-by-step. The video is an explainer video animation that features a hand holding a smartphone to give the video a personal feel. 

The video does not have a voice-over but texts. It is a great idea based on the amount of information passed across under 60 seconds. The video also showcases their social media platforms that further engage the customers. It also signals where to download the app. 

Now Health International

6. My Bookie 

My Bookie is a mobile app for a betting company. The video targets gamblers who place bets on American Football. Its odds are similar to those in Las Vegas, providing users the excitement of betting in one of the most famous cities of the world from the comfort of their home. 

The 30-second mobile app explainer video offers an intense moment by creating an atmosphere of excitement and expectation in viewers. It then encourages them to download the app. 

My Bookie

7. Traveloka

This is one of the best app explainer videos productions that explain the benefits of using the app made for Traveloka, a travel company. It is a 90-minute app explainer video that provides a perfect description of everything that the app is useful for.

The video, however, encourages viewers to 'imagine' by not including any characters or kind of human involvement. 

By implication, viewers are kept in an imaginary world where it is easy to travel. The video, based on its unique approach, is effective.


8. Gigtown 

Gigtown is an app that allows music talents or artists to create their profiles on it and get booked for events. People can browse the artists' profiles, videos of past performances, reviews, and rates per show.

The explainer video animation shows a male character who is having a hard time booking artists for his music show. The video provides viewers with information on everything they can do with the app and the success of the character in using the app. The video uses a call to action more than on time to ask viewers to download the video.

9. Nielsen

Nielson's app provides users with the “Top Ten” in different categories like films, TV shows, and books.

The app explainer video created by Nielsen makes use of real people to showcase the benefits of the app. It is a little longer than most explainer videos at over 2 minutes, but the amount of information it provides justifies the length of time.

The best thing about this video is that it explains how interactive the app can be. It mentions the Nielsen brand name several times throughout. Viewers undoubtedly will know from whom the video comes. 


10. Lloyd's Bank

Lloyd’s app is designed for all account holders, encouraging them to use the app in managing their money. 

The app explainer video does not make use of voice over but uses text to explain the functionalities of the app. It is easy to grab viewers' attention through the video's simplicity. Also, the video closes with a call to action, urging viewers to install the app or contact them for any questions.

 Lloyd's Bank


The mobile app world is very competitive. Therefore, your mobile app explainer video must stand out to get your app to potential users.

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