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If you need audio editing software for your next podcast or just for mixing some music or for trimming any of your sound recordings then you have landed on the right page. We have listed below the best free audio editing software that you can utilize in your next project. A good audio editor is really important as audio recording can get spoiled due to a lower pitch or background noise. You can prevent this using an audio editor.

Our audio editing software is free for beginners and people with low budgets. You can perform simple tasks like making simple cuts, adding transitions or controlling the decibels. If you want to make use of the more advanced features such as adding effects then you can get the paid version of these audio editors.

Best Audio Editing Software

  • Audacity
  • Ocenaudio
  • Wavepad
  • Hya-Wave
  • TwistedWave
  • Audio Cutter Pro
  • Wavosaur
  • Soundation
  • Nero Wave Editor
  • WaveShop


Audacity is considered the best free audio editing software. There is the feature of multi-tracking but only up to certain extent. You can use it easily once you get used to its interface. There are several plugins and special effects available on audacity. It is by far the most popular audio editor among the users. Its envelope makes automating audio pretty easy. You can also easily mute any section of your audio or just delete it.


However there are certain demerits with audacity that you should know about. There are many features in this editor that rarely come in use. These features tend to get the toolbar cluttered and thus make the interface less appealing. By the look of this software, you may find it to be old school. But it will get the work done for you. Audacity is best for beginners who have just stepped into this field.


  • You can use a PC to record audio playback and live sound.
  • The music files can be converted to be saved as MP3 on CD.
  • There is an editing option for multiple audio formats.
  • You can cut, blend, graft together or duplicate different sound files together.
  • It is possible to change the pitch or speed of the audio recording.


If you compare it with audacity, Ocenaudio is more on the lighter side. With a colorful and neat interface Ocenaudio is easy to use. You can tweak and then apply its large collection of effects too in real time.

Most of the free editors like Audacity tend to record the effects directly in the audio. This makes you depend on a preview button. But in Ocenaudio you can edit the parameters of all the effects and listen to them instantly. You can even use your own plugins as this editor supports VST. Further, there is an option to record audio directly into the software. There are also many advanced tools like spectogram which makes this a professional audio editing software.


Some of the shortfalls of ocenaudio is that you can only use single or mono stereo files. In addition to this, there is no multi-tracking option and no option to record more than one instrument. Overall, ocenaudio is very simple with regards to its features.


  • It is based on the ocen framework.
  • Supports all VST plugins.
  • Options for previewing effects in real time.
  • You get cross platform support with this software.
  • All the delicate editions get multi-selection features.
  • Large files can be edited effectively.
  • It has a featureful spectrogram.


This is a very useful audio editing software free for Windows, iPad, Mac and android. Even though Wavepad is an old digital audio workstation it is still very effective. You may find its interface to be a bit outdated but that is compensated for by its features.


Wavepad can be easily installed and used. Effects such as reverb, compression, and noise removal are available in bundles. The professional or experienced users can make use of its analysis tools. You can also change the speed and pitch in this audio editor. It has an audio scrubbing feature that can be really useful. One issue with this software is that it doesn't support multi-tracking which means you can only edit mono audio files. Batch processing is our favorite feature of the software. This lets you add effects to more than on audio files at once. This will save you lots of time.


  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • All basic editing functions are available.
  • Features a wide range of audio effects.
  • Frequency based editing with the help of spectrogram view.
  • Its music library has over 1000 audio clips that can be used for free.
  • Create surround sound audio with the help of surround sound audio.
  • You can work with multiple audio files at one time.
  • It fully supports VST plugins.


This is a browser based audio editing software. With a very easy to navigate interface and user friendly features it is very easy to learn for beginners. It must be commended for its simplicity.


Your audio can be copied, pasted, cut, cleared, and cropped but there is a multi-tracing option. Since it is web-based you can load or save your work in the cloud. Effects can be applied online and then uploaded on social media or shared using the URL.

The future of audio editing lies in these kinds of web based audio editors. If you don't want to download huge software on your computer then you can use this audio editor.


  • Your sample files can be dragged and dropped in the wave area.
  • IndexedDb facilitates the undo and redo feature on this software.
  • Features all basic audio editing functions like copy and paste, zoom, clear and trim.
  • You can pre listen to your audio effects.
  • The edited files can be saved in the cloud.
  • Publish finished audio files to any URL, facebook or twitter.


It is another popular audio editor for mac and iPhone. Even though there is no option for multi-tracking, its features and functions compensate for that. With this software you can easily normalize the audio and apply effects.


When you delete any section of audio the rest of audio reshuffle automatically to fill up the gaps. You will have to silence or mute any section with noise to remove it without reshuffling the audio. You can do that on this software by highlighting the particular section that you want to remove and then press "s"


  • Supports several audio file formats.
  • You can also send audio via email.
  • There is an option to transfer audio files to other applications.
  • Files can be imported or exported from dropbox.
  • You can copy and paste your audio files.
  • Instant undo and redo feature.
  • You can use AudioBus to record audio from different applications.


This web based application is perfect if you need to simply crop tracks or add fades. Intuitive keyboard controls and simple interface makes it one of the best free audio editing software out there. It further supports cloud based storage as there is an option of importing files from google drive and dropbox.


Audio Cutter comes with up to 300 file formats. There is an option for extracting the audio tracks from videos. There is installation involved as you can cut an audio track directly from your browser window. If you access an uploaded file, it will automatically get deleted from the server after work is done. This makes it a very secure process. It is also very easy to create ringtones on this app.


  • Wide range of sound editing tools available.
  • There are also a number of audio effects available.
  • Features of DirectX and Visual Studio.
  • Almost all audio and music file formats are supported.
  • For the purpose of precise editing you can search, scrub, and bookmark audio files.
  • Voice changer, spectral analysis, and speech synthesis are some of the advanced tools available on this software.


This is a very old audio editor. It appears to be the link between modern digital audio workstation and primitive tape cutting. Even though Wavosaur is a pretty basic audio editor, it gets the job done. It is also very small in size (1.3mb).


Wavosaur doesn't have any VSTs but it supports them. So, you can apply effects of your own. It is very easy to automate volume. In addition to that there are several tools that help in analysis. It may not look very good but it gets the job done without you having to download a huge file.


  • Work with many files in a single session with a multi-document interface.
  • It has all classic editing features.
  • Numerous processing options available.
  • WAV files can be used for importing, saving and editing marker information and loop files.
  • Batch processing lets you add filters to an entire folder.


Soundation is a web based application that has a multi-tracking digital audio workstation. So, you can play more than one track at once.

Attractive design and easy recording make this audio editor very user-friendly. It is very easy to perform automation of pan and volume. You can organize tracks by changing the colors. There is an option of time stretching and you can also make use of a wide range of plugins and tools.


Its looping feature is similar to Logic Pro. Soundation has been created not just for editing audio but also for music composition. But it may not be that great for composition as it was primarily made for arranging music.


  • Content can be stored in a central repository.
  • Real time communicating and sharing information within the system while working on a project.
  • Activity can be viewed on a dashboard.
  • You can make use of its collection of images, videos and digital content.
  • Reports and information can be imported and exported.
  • Audio or video can be edited after recording.
  • It supports visual GUI.


This is a pretty simple audio editor with not many special features. But even then it gets the job done very well. It has all the basic features of an audio editor.


There is an option to create your own presets and also you can apply effects in a non destructive way.


  • It is very easy to create audio using this software.
  • Allows trimming or splicing sections, adding effects, and improving audio with poor quality.
  • Option to preview your files before exporting.
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Very light software that will run smoothly even on the low end computers.
  • A wide variety of audio formats are available.


This audio editor has a multi channel audio feature that can be very useful. Being bit-perfect this editor doesn't allow any unwanted changes in the sample. If you are looking for a basic audio editor then you can definitely try this



  • It is bit-perfect as the samples are not changed unnecessarily.
  • Since all processing takes place in memory it functions very fast.
  • Files over 4GB can be edited in the 64-bit version of this software.
  • MP3, FLAC, AAC/MP4, and Ogg/Vorbis file formats are supported.
  • You get an unlimited undo option.
  • Audio format can be changed.
  • Audio can be generated using modulation and envelope.
  • The processing is multi-threaded.
  • Recording can be activated either by sound or one touch.


Finally, we have gone through all the best video editing software. You can try each one out to find the right one for you. And since they are completely free you don't have to worry about spending any money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best audio editing software?

Ans. Audacity is by far the best free audio editing software out there.

Can Audacity edit video?

Ans. No, Audacity cannot edit videos.

What audio editing software do professionals use?

Ans. Professional Audio editing software like Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live etc. are used by the professionals.

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