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Are you looking for inspiring 2D animation styles that you can lay your hands on to create unique animation styles? Are you searching for beautiful 2D animation examples? Do not worry; we have packaged seven remarkable, motivational examples of cool animations for you. Read further, and see the examples to draw creative inspiration. 

Fuel your Creativity with this Awesome Collection of Beautiful 2D Animation

After watching the 2D animation examples in this write-up, you undoubtedly will be inspired. If you have been looking for cool motion graphics design services, look no further. Review the examples below: 

1. Travel Portland

What Makes It Great? 

The realistic animation video combines hand-drawn style with real-life everyday objects.

The video was made with Adobe After Effects and created for Travel Portland. It is an incredible video that blends different 2D animation styles smoothly and seamlessly transformed into each of them without creating alt feelings of a mismatch. All the animation styles are combined to create a singular vision.

Breaking down the video styles, it showcases classic animation principles, hand-drawn animation, and stop motion principles. You cannot watch the 30-second video and stop; you keep watching it over and over. 

2. Down the Rabbit Hole Created by Agent Pekka

Rabbit Hole Created by Agent Pekka
What Makes It Great? 

The video features incredible 2D animation styles, exhibiting perfect organizations of shape and experimental design.

The video showcases the importance of planning, and organization, without which the video would not be as this great and a masterpiece. It is purely a perfect example of shape layer keyframing and multifunctional approach to 2D design

3. Veteran Day Created by State Design 

Veteran Day Created by State Design
What Makes It Great? 

It is an excellent liquid animated video blended with a gritty design.

The video was made for Syfy and NBC. It is such a captivating video with impactful but subtle transformation. However, it seems to have used 2D rendering simulator techniques like the “toon shading” in cinema 4D. It provides the inspiration to focus on the liquid animation video, one of the most impressive 2D animation styles.

4. Min Stora Day Created by Brikk

Min Stora Day Created by Brikk
What Makes It Great?

The video features squash and stretch blended with motivational actions. 

Animation has 12 basic principles that must be followed to create an exciting and engaging motivation. This video uses many of these principles. See the video again for inspiration. 

5. Paper Created by PESfilm

Paper Created by PESfilm
What Makes It Great?

The video is a perfect blend of digital and physical elements to create a great 2D animation design.

If you do most of your work on the computer, it will interest you to integrate real-world elements into your creative work. However, it requires pre-production and dedication, but the result is incredible. 

6. CMYK Created by Ronda

CMYK Created by Ronda
What Makes It Great?

CMYK capitalizes on minimal movement to add personality to 2D characters. 

CMYK reveals the thoughts of the characters, which is the goal of any animator. The video shows that even stiff characters can be given life by minimal movement. 

7. Tako Faito! Created by Giant Ant

Tako Faito! Created by Giant Ant
What Makes It Great?

This is a perfect blend of the Japanese style animation and vectorized 3D elements.

Every animator wishes to give a project a hand-drawn look. Meanwhile, this is difficult to achieve in the computer without drawing the characters physically. Tako Faito! shows how hand-drawn materials can be simulated with 3D elements.  

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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