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Wondering how you can set your brand apart from the competition? 2D animation can be of help. In present times businesses ranging from new startups to well established organizations make use of 2D animation in their commercials or advertisements. This has given a significant boost to their marketing campaigns. Not just in commercials or ads but 2D animations can be utilized in almost every area on the web such as social media, landing pages, emails, etc.

Creating a 2D animation involves lots of creativity but is still a super exciting process. The benefit of professionally made animations and beautiful illustrations cannot be denied. However that alone will not make your animated video campaign successful. Good understanding of your target audience and having a strategic approach are also very important.

To help you out with your marketing campaigns we have listed the best 2D animation companies in the USA. These companies are industry leaders and will easily understand the needs of your business and help you achieve your marketing goals with animation. Go through the list to find a reliable partner for your business.

Best 2D Animation Companies in the USA



Essence Studios has rightfully reserved its place at the top of this list of best 2D animation companies in the USA. Being a young player in the animation industry it has outperformed many of the experienced animation companies. Established in 2018 by a group of animation enthusiasts, now Essence Studios has a team of over 200 highly experienced animators, story writers, graphic designers and marketing specialists. In this short span of time they have created over 1200 animated videos for clients all over the world.

The team of Essence Studios never rushes into creating stories. First, they get an in-depth idea of your business type and your marketing goals. After that only they begin the process of creating amazing animation. Animation created by the house of Essence Studios is bound to show results in your marketing strategy. They create videos for all types of businesses whether it is a new start-up or a big company. With the help of the latest animation techniques, they create 2d animated videos that will make your brand stand out from the competition. They have expertise in all kinds of 2D visualization such as 2d animation, Whiteboard animation video, App explainer videos, and Explainer videos.

Essence Studios


Blu Blu Studios is a globally renowned company providing 2D animation services in the USA. Their motto is to help brands in creating a name for themselves with the help of distinctive design and excellent storytelling. They have partnered with famous global brands, ad agencies, production houses as well as publications. Their content is backed up by impressive story-telling and high-quality designs.

They have some popular names like Durex, Universal Music Studios, The New York Times in their clientele. They work with not only the big Fortune 500 companies but also some of the smaller businesses. They have been awarded numerous times for their achievements in the field of animation.

Blu Blu Studios


Sparkhouse is a national video production company with a focus on strategy. They always work with the motive of creating amazing video content that hits all of their clients objectives. Their team comprises members with offbeat brains dedicated to creating cool videos. They have over 15 years of experience in creating impressive videos that help their clients to grow their brand name.

They produce their videos in a very resourceful manner. All their videos are created keeping in mind the budget of the client. In addition to that, they always make sure to deliver the project before the deadline.



Shoot You is a 2D animation production company in the USA with its headquarters in London. They take up animation projects for not only big brands but also smaller brands. Some of their popular clients are Capgemini, Travelers Insurance, Allianz Insurance, BBC Studio works to name a few. They have over 20 years of experience in creating videos that are very unique and highly creative.

Since its establishment in 2000 Shoot You has grown into a team full of expert animators, editors, producers, creative directors and video camera operators. Apart from 2D animation, they also specialize in 3D, hand drawn style and stop motion.


This 2D animation studio in the USA is based in Atlanta. Broadcast videos are their specialty. The DVI Group was founded in 2000. They have a small team of 24 employees who are self-motivated, creative and constantly striving to achieve a common goal.

The DVI Group has a training program for the modern day video creators. Apart from providing result oriented high quality video content they also help their clients out by providing creative marketing strategies.

The DviGroup


It is one of the well-known 2d animation companies in the USA. The team of Zanimation consists of filmmakers who make use of animation to convey the ideas or stories of their clients. They have been in the business for over 13 years creating successful video marketing campaigns for their clients. They always treat all their projects equally whether it is from a small start-up or a big business.

Their motto is to make their client's brand stand apart. They utilize their years of experience for the advantage of their clients. Zanimation was founded in 2003 by an ad agency producer Peter Barg.



Snowy Peak is a 2d animation and video production company in the USA. They are based in Colorado. Their video production process involves a strategic approach. When creating videos they also device ways in which they can be utilized to maximize a client's ROI. They offer strategic and creative direction to do so. Apart from focusing on creating amazing videos they also emphasize on how to create engagement for the clients brand.

Snowy peak believes in collaborating with the clients by listening and understanding their ideas. This helps them evolve perfect strategies for their client's video marketing campaigns. They tend to act as a part of the clients team and keep the client's ideas and vision consistent throughout the video making process. Further, they work with all types of clients irrespective of their budget. Their goal is to maximize the value of the clients investment at every level of budget.

Snowy Peak


Alchemy Creative is a video production company based in San Francisco. It offers 2D animation services in the USA and many major cities across the world. They primarily focus on creating video content for enterprise and mid-market companies. Their expertise in 2D animation is mainly used for creating documentaries, commercial and corporate videos.

Alchemy Creative


Demo Duck is a well known 2D animation production company in the USA. They strive to convert their clients ideas or vision into engaging video content. They believe that using video they can promote a client's product, educate their customers and even humanize their brand. They create cost effective videos that are not just straight forward but also very engaging. 

Demo Duck was started in 2011 by Andrew Folett. Initially they focused on creating screencasts and demo videos which explains the word ‘demo’ in their name. The duck part was added later on. They have worked with animators, filmmakers, designers and artists from around the world.

Demo Duck


Last but not least in our list of 2d animation companies in the USA is Veracitycolab. They have been helping marketers promote their products with the help of unique and engaging videos. Their team of storytellers write such creative stories that are capable of targeting the specific audience of their clients. Designing of videos are always done keeping in mind the requirements of the clients and their guidelines. Clients have appreciated their process of communication that helps in reducing the client’s workload.



We have come to the end of our list of the best 2D animation companies in the USA. These companies can create amazing videos that will help you give your brand the identity that you desired. Do check the pricing by visiting their official website. This helps you get the best deal for yourself.

All these companies provide 2d animation services in the USA. So, if you are based in the USA or want to target the US audience with your product, you can pick any one of these companies. They will help your brand get the recognition it deserves. 

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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