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Knowing that most of the people spend their time on the web, but what makes them glued to the screen is the videos. Scrolling down the websites is easy but it’s hard to leave an eye-catchy video content. But is it necessary that every video made will be as effective as we want it to be? Does it always happen that we watch every Television commercial that is being shown in that break? The answer is straight NO. No, we don’t do that. Why? Maybe because the content is not relevant to us or maybe because the Video couldn’t compel us to watch it more.

So what should we say; is it the video’s fault or the viewer’s perception of that video or the attention span eternity which the video couldn’t provide? Let’s simplify it. It isn’t that difficult to make the viewer’s eagle eyes set on your videos without ab link. We are going to provide some of the most effective techniques which you can embed to make you Video SEO the top priority of viewers.

The people you want to target: The most important task in any marketing is the group of people you are targeting, be it toddlers, youngsters, adults, or oldies, or they can be students, college-goers or office people. When you are sure about the people you are focusing on, it becomes easier to limit your audience so that you can provide relevant content. Your content should speak for yourself to the people you want them to hear.

Impressive Thumbnails, Keyword-Rich Titles: Relevant Thumbnail is just like the cover of the book, It's more of a first impression kind of thing that attracts people to look for that video. More exciting the thumbnail is, the better are the chances to give that first click to your video. Research your keywords, which are trending so that you can emphasize more on what people are looking for. Optimizing becomes a must in your titles, taglines to provide visibility.

Choosing the Appropriate Platform is a must: If you just want your video viewership to be larger than YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are such options. But the disadvantage is people become lost in the competing traffic on these platforms, so if you want to extend your viewership without any distractions, then video hosting platforms can become the effective tools for you.

Mobile optimization is the need of the hour: Most of the video viewers are smartphone users. Smart phone users have far outreached the desktop users. So, it becomes pertinent to make your website and video player responsive to mobile viewing.

Collaboration and Networking: Link building is as important in videos as in any other field. Collaboration with other professionals increases your exposure. Networking through reciprocal agreements provides you more authority and attention from more reputable sources which helps in increasing your brand value.

Interaction becomes important: Try to get in touch with as much audience as you can. Getting positive feedback not only makes you motivated but it also helps us to determine that our content is being watched. YouTube like platform ranks our videos on the basis of the number of likes, shares, and comments. So, larger the interaction, more will be our command on those videos and hence better becomes our ranking of that video. Now going a little more technical, some other ways we should give our attention to making out videos the priority of any websites. It becomes a must for us to make the searched video to be prioritized on that page so that they don’t have to scroll down. It should be easy to spot and must be the center of the page so that it becomes easy to access. Also, it becomes mandatory to not embed the same video on different pages with the same taglines, titles, and descriptions. So, we need to keep in mind to place new trendy and eye-catching but different keywords, or titles on different sites for the same videos.

Sitemaps: Locating and indexing the particular video on any search engine is in the best way that can be done through creating an XML sitemap, so as to return SERP results which lead people to watch the video and as result the visual presence of the SERP listing.

Video and Audio Transcript: Full Video and Audio Transcript is the written content of the video and it can boost the video ranking as the full Video content is scripted in the search engine. It helps the users to gain an insight and overview of the video. Also, some people like reading, if they find the video interesting, they will be able to read the transcript as a hobby. Transcripts can make the videos interesting for the readers.

Embed YouTube videos on your Websites: Create a rich media page on your website to support the embedded video to make your video rank high on the search engine. The content landing page should include your embedded video, text and still images that support it. Diversity offers engagement and strong user experience, which can help boost your video ranking. Also ‘old embed code’ gives you an object-based embed code that can be crawled naturally by search engine spiders, while the new embed code puts your move into an frame that renders your movie uncrushable. Markup: Schema is a form of micro data HTML Markup which provides additional information and context to look for the content. It is a recommended addition to help make your video content fully optimized and accessible to search for the content.

These are video SEO tips which if used properly can really boost up the ranking. There are technicalities of video-sharing which can make or break the ranking on video,worth of associated domain. So, thorough insight is a prerequisite for the people who want to make it big with their video content. Always looking for new ways, researching, and being up to date becomes a must in this day to day trending world.

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