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Whiteboard Videos Are Outdated in 2023- Do This Instead!

The video marketing industry is thriving at a fast pace, thanks to the popularity of videos over other forms of content. Anyone who’s been in the video marketing industry knows the importance of explainer videos, and how it has evolved with different animation styles that arrived & left. 

Whiteboard videos are one such type of videos that we all are quite aware of. These got popular around 2007 when UPS released a series of whiteboard commercials. We are here to tell you about the best alternatives to whiteboard videos that are motion graphic videos. 

No doubt doodle videos are engaging and compelling, if you’re looking for something affordable to impress your customers. 

However, a more effective approach is creating tailor-made motion graphic videos in 2023. A motion graphic explainer should appear more visually-appealing than a whiteboard animation software video. In other words, if you wish to really captivate your audience, you should bring your story to life. 

Why Motion Graphic Is More Suitable For Explainer Videos Than Whiteboard Videos

1. Motion Graphic Animation Helps Brands Stand Out

Your message must be showcased in a way that it compels your audience. It must grab the viewers’ attention and promote action. But if your video is just like several other videos that have been created before, it won’t get you the desired results. 

This style of animation provides clarity on a specific message which isn’t possible with a whiteboard video. Also, it gives endless options to tell a story. 

Motion graphic animation is sophisticated and it nicely aligns with your message. It’s not so cartoony and ideal for a premium brand, which should be represented in the video. It adds a dimension to your story in comparison to doodle videos which appear dull, which is why we say don’t do whiteboard videos

Additionally, motion graphic videos can be created for specific channels and uses. These create a perfect balance of price and flexibility that doesn’t restrict you to a physical product. Moreover, you don’t have to invest in shooting locations, sets, equipment, hiring actors, etc. 

2. Motion Graphic Videos Reflects Professionalism and Builds Trust

A professional-looking video is more likely to be trusted by people who visit your page or website. 

Whiteboard videos make a brand look cheap and create an impression that you don’t give much importance to it. 

A company must look legitimate enough in the eyes of the customers with a captivating and updated video. It instantly elevates your position in the market. 

3. You Can Update Your Videos In a Useful Manner

Trends keep coming and going, and there are various aspects of a video that may need a few tweaks now and then. Motion graphic animations allow you to update the message, colour, positioning, logos, music, voiceovers or anything else that supports your rebranding. 

However, usually motion graphics don't need to be updated as the style of animation is quite effective in conveying a brand message in the first go. 

4. Motion Graphics Animation Has Higher Retention Rates

Motion graphics videos are more memorable than static images or large volumes of text. Almost everyone nowadays consumes video content at a rapid rate. 

These videos are quite successful in engaging the viewers, and can be used on websites, landing pages, social media as it really entertains the audience while making them stay for longer. 

5. Motion Graphics Animation is Cost-Effective

Motion graphics are both entertaining and informative. They provide facts and statistics in order to gain customers’ trust. Therefore, adding motion graphics has proven to be more effective in boosting search engine results on Google while doubling the click-through rate as well. 

Wrapping Up 

A motion graphic explainer video will help you offer clarity to your prospective customers about a specific product or service. It explains the message thoroughly and provides unique solutions to the consumers. 

On the other hand, by creating a low-budget whiteboard video won’t get you that level of clarity and uniqueness while not letting your brand stand out. A motion graphic  animation software makes a brand look professional and a top-notch way of conveying your message across a wider audience. 

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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