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Whiteboard Animation: The Perfect Guide

Are you searching for the best way to engage your audience? Do you want to attract more people to your product or service using the right video? Do not stress out; whiteboard animation is the way to go.

Over the years, the marketing industry has become revolutionized by the whiteboard animation video production for marketing due to its potency to magnetize, engage, and bring in leads. The effectiveness of the whiteboard animation video is fantastic and proven beyond all doubts. It is said that the whiteboard animation video increases viewer retention by at least 15% and motivates them to share the videos by 66% when compared to the traditional “talking head” videos. 

As a result, it is not surprising that more companies now use whiteboard animation videos for their marketing campaigns. You may, however, be wondering what the fuss is about whiteboard animation videos. First, creating a whiteboard animation video is simple and cost-effective (affordable). This guide is designed to convince you about the straightforwardness and affordability of whiteboard animation videos.

If you are looking for how to make a whiteboard animation video or whiteboard animation tutorial, you are in the right place. This comprehensive guide will give you easy-to-follow processes for creating successful whiteboard animation videos to showcase your brand in the digital landscape.  

What Is Whiteboard Animation? What Are Its Uses? 

Whiteboard animation is a unique video made with the illustrator’s hand and narration, walking the audience through the information or message being provided. The illustrator’s hand draws on a white background, which gives an image of a classroom or board room – the teacher-student kind of setting. The whiteboard animation uses effects like stop-motion and time-lapse to animate the stories. 

Whiteboard animation is an exciting way of sharing or passing information to the audience in an engaging and interesting way. Animated whiteboard videos are suitable for all platforms such as television and internet marketing campaigns. Whether you are promoting a product or service or providing tutorials for specific courses, whiteboard animation is suitable for all ages and demographics.

The Traditional Whiteboard Videos

Before the introduction of cutting-edge software, whiteboard videos were created by recording the illustrator live as he or she draws the content on a white background and also narrates the story simultaneously. The process requires a good technique for a balanced act that is free from errors.

Digital Whiteboard Animation Videos

It is not surprising that you can find an explainer video production company near you. The introduction of modern whiteboard animation software has allowed any video production company to specialize in whiteboard animation video production. However, some motion graphic designers or companies now combine the traditional whiteboard animation production procedure with the digital after effects and other post-production software to create jaw-dropping whiteboard animation videos.

In spite of the introduction of digital software, the illustrator’s hand is still seen without any issues with the flow of the story. The modern technology has impacted the whiteboard animation industry positively. The technological advancement brought about an enhanced experience, creation of dynamic characters, and more engaging stories.

Why Is Whiteboard Animation Effective? 

Over the years, whiteboard animation has proven to be a useful communication tool. Here are some of the reasons for its effectiveness:

1. It is best suited for all ages, genders, and categories of audience. Everyone can relate to the created video easily. 

2. The illustrator’s hand walks the audience through the information to ensure that they grasp each piece of information passed. 

3. The length of the video is made to target a suitable audience. It is usually based on the targeted demographic for better engagement.

4. It enables passing compelling information without any hassles.

5. Since videos are the most shared content on social media, whiteboard animation videos are easily shared on video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

6. Whiteboard animation videos are fun to watch. The animated characters interest people and engage them as well. 

Do You Want to Create Your Whiteboard Animation Now?

Before you go ahead to create whiteboard animated videos, you need to learn the intricacies to avoid the common pitfalls and master the correct approach for successful whiteboard animation production. 

Decide Between Hiring an Explainer Video Production Company and Creating the Video Yourself

This is a very crucial decision to make. However, we have provided a list of pros and cons in both situations. 

Pros of Hiring a Whiteboard Animation Video Production Company

1. It allows the creation of tailor-made videos that meet your needs, brand, and marketing campaign needs. 

2. It facilitates the creation of a compelling video that includes all your products and services.

3. It is less risky as the company already has the learning curve that will guarantee meeting your expectations. 

4. It assures you of the high-quality final output, which will determine the level of engagement.

5. An agency can help you craft an effective video marketing strategy. 

6. It saves time.

Cons of Hiring a Whiteboard Animation Video Production Company

1. It is usually more expensive than purchasing a premium whiteboard animation software and creating your videos personally

2. There may not be physical communication to discuss the needs of the project. This can cause mistakes and waste time.

Pros of Creating Your Whiteboard Video Yourself

1. It is cost-efficient if you are creative and tech-savvy to handle the whiteboard animation software. 

2. You have complete control of the production process. 

3. It allows smooth communication with other people involved in the process. 

4. You can customize your project by creating personalized templates yourself.

Cons of Creating Whiteboard Video Yourself

1. Mastering a whiteboard animation software can take several months, which can cause you to lose money in the long run. 

2. If you are not naturally inclined toward animation creation and production, you will get frustrated over time and get poor and low-quality results. 

3. You may give up creativity and use the premade templates that will make your video ordinary and uninteresting.

4. You might end up using a poor script that will undermine the overall quality and impact of your video. 

How to Find the Perfect External Whiteboard Animation Video Production Company

Now that you have made up your mind to hire an external motion graphic designer, below are steps to follow to hire the best company for your whiteboard stop motion animation.

1. Review their websites and critically go through their portfolios to evaluate the previous videos created. This will give you an insight into the ability and skills of the company to create the kind of video you need. It would be a good thing to hire a company that has worked with big brands. 

2. Consider collaborating with an agency. Approach several agencies and choose any of them that expresses the willingness to collaborate with you. Discuss your ideas with the company and compare what the company has to offer. Choose the best idea or combine the best parts of each set of ideas to create a fantastic video that you need. 

3. Learn about the company and the team in terms of skill set, tools, turnaround time, etc. 

All the points above you will help you in making the best decision regarding the creation and production of the best whiteboard animation video that you need. Go through this whiteboard animation tutorial again to create an impactful and engaging animated whiteboard video.

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