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Nowadays almost all companies or businesses in the USA create ads using whiteboard animation to alter or establish their brand name in the market. Whiteboard animations are an effective way to not only market products or services but also to create awareness. That is why it is important that you get professional help in creating whiteboard animation videos for boosting your marketing campaigns. However, it is easier said than done because of the sheer number of companies that offer whiteboard animation video production services. In this write up, we will provide you with a list of the best whiteboard animation companies in the USA for 2021.

But first it is important that you know about the term whiteboard animation and why you need to choose the best whiteboard animation company for your brand or business.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation involves a hand drawing cartoon images on a screen along with a narration describing the story.

They are the perfect option for creating short stories or videos. A whiteboard animation video longer than 3 minutes may not be able to engage the audience.

Why choose the best Whiteboard Animation Company?

In order for a whiteboard animation to work a lot of factors need to be considered. That is why it is important to take the help of professionals. Only a good whiteboard animation video production company will be able to understand the demand of your brand or business. This understanding helps them to create whiteboard animation videos that effectively grasp the attention of your target audience.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose the best whiteboard animation company:-

  • Whiteboard animation company can help you connect with your target audience. Their understanding of your product or services helps them create video content that can grasp the interest of your audience towards your brand.
  • Brand awareness and recognition is important for any business no matter the size. A whiteboard animation studio can help you achieve that. Their videos will keep your brand as the center of focus in the appropriate manner. It will make your audience remember your brand long after watching the whiteboard animated video.
  • These companies can also develop trust for your brand in your audience. So, it will be beneficial to have a high quality video that can gain the trust of people. Professional animation companies know exactly how to do that.
  • A great whiteboard explainer video will ultimately generate leads or conversions. Animation company with experience will easily achieve this through extremely compelling whiteboard animation videos.

By now you must have got an idea of what a whiteboard animation is and how a whiteboard animation video explainer company can benefit your brand. Now let's get down with our list of the best Whiteboard Animation Companies in the USA.

Best White Board Animation Companies in the USA

  5. YDRAW
  10. GISTEO


Location: Washington DC, London, Gurugram

Pricing: $50-$99/HR


Essence Studios is one of the popular whiteboard animation studios in the USA. They are at the top of this list as being a young company they have managed to outperform many of the industry veterans. Their team of expert animators is capable of conveying even the most complicated ideas and concepts through fun and engaging whiteboard animations. Further, they specialize in creating strategy and brand awareness for their clients. Apart from whiteboard animation, they also have expertise in making explainer videos, 2d and 3d animations, motion graphics, and also app explainer videos.

Client's Feedback:

"They had a higher level of common sense, which made this project a joyful experience for me and my team", said one of their clients. They were impressed by Essence Studio's well planned workflow and ease of communication.

Another one of their clients was happy about the quality of the video created by the team of Essence Studios and also their on-time delivery of the projects. They said that due to the video created by Essence Studio, there was 15-20% increase in the daily downloads of their app.



Location: DPF, Argentina

Pricing: $50- $99/HR


Yum Yum Videos offers whiteboard animation services in the USA. They are popular for creating customized whiteboard animation videos. Conveying complex ideas in a simple way is their specialty. Their videos are capable of educating about and promoting a clients brand and also its value. Clients are treated as partners by them. They have worked with all kinds of businesses ranging from new startups to the Fortune 500 companies.

Client's Feedback:

One of their client's has appreciated their ability to deliver the message through an engaging animated story. Yum Yum Videos helped them increase their online engagement significantly.

"Their ability to understand complex topics and visualize them without face-to-face interaction was amazing", said one of their clients who were a Medical Tech Startup. They were impressed by YumYum's ability to understand their intricate concepts and ideas in a remote setting.

Another client said, "the end result was exceedingly satisfactory". Yum Yum video helped them by boosting their fundraising efforts.



Location: Brooklyn NY, Union City NJ

Pricing: 2.8k-8k/min of the video


It is one of the oldest whiteboard animation video services in the USA. Their team works really hard to make the process of their clients as smooth as possible. It is their top most priority to not waste their client's time and money. In order to do that they walk their client through a well defined process starting with scripting to the delivery of final animation work. Their videos have proven to attain the objectives of their clients and sometimes even surpass those objectives.

Client's Feedback:

One of their clients loved the final animation video and it also got them tons of positive responses on their official Facebook page.

Similarly, Whiteboard Animation videos helped another client get lots of hits on YouTube and Facebook.


Location: Collingwood, Canada

Pricing: $150-$199/HR


Switch Video is another whiteboard animation video explainer company based in Canada. However, it provides whiteboard animation video services in the USA too. They are admired by their clients as they always try to breach the potential of any idea or concept of the client's brand or business. Every new client comes to a new challenge and they take it up with enthusiasm. They are experts in showcasing even the most complex ideas or the most boring businesses in a simple and engaging manner with their whiteboard animation videos. Their storytelling through4 videos will get your audience to convert into leads. They have an impressive clientele that includes some popular names such as IBM, HP, Abbott, etc.

Client's Feedback:

One of their clients, a Financial Solution Provider, was really impressed by the talented team of Switch Video. Even though the team was very skilled yet they took feedback and reviews as many times as required by the client.

While another Global Technology Company appreciated their team's storytelling skills.



Location: St, George, UT

Pricing: $150-$199/HR


Ydraw is a whiteboard animation company in the USA. It is popular for making incredible whiteboard animation videos. Their videos are creative, engaging, unique and inspiring. Apart from creating videos they also assist in the marketing campaigns of their clients to distribute such videos. They make sure to submit all work before the deadline. Ydraw highly respects their clients and does everything possible to help them achieve their marketing objective through videos.

Client's Feedback:

One of their Multimedia Company clients was impressed by the high quality of the output. Their fluid and corporate workflow helped the client to easily communicate their goals.

“It’s been a very productive and pleasant partnership”, said another non-profit advocacy firm about Ydraw.



Location: Vancouver, Canada

Pricing: $50-$90/HR


Creamy animation provides whiteboard animation video services in the USA. They create videos that effectively target each level of the client's sales funnel including corporate communications. Experienced in working with businesses belonging to various industries they have become expert in conveying complex ideas and concepts through engaging videos. Their team consists of specialists who can bring your business ideas to life through videos that are compelling and entertaining.

Client's Feedback:

According to one of their clients, they are easy to work with and fast. They received a number of high end videos from the house of Creamy animation at a very reasonable rate.

Another client really liked the workflow between them and the team of Creamy Animations.

Further, clients also appreciated their creativity and effectiveness



Location: Chicago, IL

Pricing: $150-$199/HR


Demo Duck is another well-known whiteboard animation company in the USA. This whiteboard animation video explainer company is expert in humanizing the brand of a client's product or services. They further help in educating the client's prospective customers about the client's product and also helps in promoting them. Every client is provided the best value for their money.

Client's Feedback:

A Consulting Company said that Demo Duck's animation skills and creativity in storytelling is what sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

"I was impressed by their incredible efforts, creativity, and professionalism at every stage of the process", said another one of their clients.



Location: Mount Rainier, MD

Pricing: $25-$49/HR


Breadnbeyond is a whiteboard animation company in the USA that has an excellent track record. They have created whiteboard animation videos for many popular companies like Glassdoor and Paypal. In the nine years of its existence it has created over 1900 videos for over 400 companies. Apart from whiteboard animation videos they also create motion graphics and paper cutout style videos.

Client's Feedback:

Breadnbeyond was appreciated for the smooth services, affordable pricing, and high quality product.

A Video Design Studio was impressed by the professionalism of Breadnbeyond from the start to finishing of the video making process.



Location: Burbank, California

Pricing: $1,995 – $9,995


This whiteboard animation company in the USA has created videos for some of the famous brands like NBA, MasterCard, Volvo, etc. They get most of their business from referrals and repeated orders. It is among the few whiteboard animation companies in the USA that emphasizes on voice overs in its animation videos. They source some of the best voice actors for their video production process.

Client's Feedback:

Their video had a tremendous impact on the online marketing campaign of a roofing company. They liked the video so much that they even ran it on TV.



Location: Miami, FL

Pricing: $100 - $149 /HR


Gisteo is a whiteboard animation video company in the USA established in 2011. They have helped many companies in creating effective pitches. Their videos convey the ideas of their clients through engaging animated video stories. Several businesses have boosted their marketing efforts using the videos created by Gisteo. Their clientele includes some of the popular companies like Oracle, Citrix, and Roche. Apart from whiteboard animations their team specializes in creating motion graphics, kinetic typography, and talking figures.

Client's Feedback:

Several clients have praised Gisteo for their top quality videos that exceed the clients expectations. Many of their clients give the sole credit for the success of their video marketing campaign to Gisteo.


Guide to choosing Whiteboard Animation Studios in the USA

The sheer number of video production companies in the market makes finding the right company for your brand a difficult task. That is why we have created this guide to help you choose the best whiteboard animation company in the USA for your business. You need to consider the following factors before choosing the right company:

  • Firstly go through the previous animation projects of the prospective company. Check their portfolio to see if their whiteboard animation videos suit the needs of your brand.
  • The whiteboard animation video explainer company must have a smooth process of communication. This is important so that you can convey your requirements easily.
  • Reading the reviews and feedback of the previous clients of the company is also very important. It will help you know if the company was able to satisfy other clients with its video production services.
  • You should keep in mind your budget when looking for a whiteboard animation company. However, we would not recommend sacrificing quality for the sake of pricing. With increased pricing, you will get additional services.
  • An efficient whiteboard animation company should be able to customize their video content according to your requirements. It is very important to set your brand apart from the rest of the competition.


We have finally come to the end of our list of the best whiteboard animation company in the USA. Make sure to consider factors such as experience, portfolio, and pricing when choosing a company. You should also have predefined your requirements and budget. This will help you select the best company easily.

If you want to use fresh concepts for the whiteboard animation video for your business, our recommendation would be Essence Studios. Their team of young and skilled animators and story writers will give your brand a unique identity in the minds of the public. They tend to think out of the box which helps them create amazing animation works for their clients. So, go ahead and give an opportunity to Essence Studios to help you with your video marketing campaigns.

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”


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