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Are you a business owner or educator looking for a whiteboard animation company in Australia? You are on the right track. Whiteboard animation videos are super effective in delivering any idea or message in a fun and visually engaging manner. Unlike other styles of animation whiteboard animation is a very useful tool for the purpose of educating the audience.

In Australia, you may not find many companies that are actively engaged in creating whiteboard animation. But we have done the research for you and listed below our favorite whiteboard animation studios in Australia. So, let's not waste any more time and get down with the list.

List of Top Whiteboard Animation Companies in Australia


What are Whiteboard Animation Videos?

In whiteboard animation videos a hand is shown drawing static images on a white or black surface. It looks similar to a teacher or instructor using a whiteboard or blackboard to provide information or educate.

A whiteboard animation video involves a step by step breakdown of complex ideas or subjects. Professional Whiteboard animation studios in Australia can easily depict such ideas in an engaging manner through the videos.

Although whiteboard animation videos look very simple, they are engaging and entertaining in nature. This helps in creating interest among the viewers towards even the most boring or sophisticated subjects.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animations

The whiteboard animation videos are considered as one of the most effective mediums of promoting a brands or businesses ideas. Below are some of the reasons why whiteboard animation videos are preferred by the marketing experts of various industries:

  • Whiteboard animation has a wider appeal compared to other forms of animation. It is because of the simplicity of the whiteboard animation that it can cater to the marketing needs of products and services belonging to a wide range of industries.
  • Whiteboard animation seems more uncluttered compared to other graphically extensive forms of animation. It involves just one whiteboard and a hand holding a pen or marker drawing the images to convey the information. Such images may or may not be colored. In most cases, a black colored marker or pen is used to draw on a white surface.
  • It doesn't depend on language. The information provided through whiteboard animation can be understood by a diverse group of people. You can explain complex concepts without using words with the help of creatively drawn images.
  • The Cost-effectiveness of the whiteboard animation method compared to other forms of animation is a significant advantage. Whether you hire a whiteboard animation company or use whiteboard animation software, it won't be as expensive as other forms of animation. It is neither very expensive nor very time-consuming. You can even create it yourself without depending on professional animators or designers and spending a lot of money.
  • Whiteboard animation videos are two times more effective for the purpose of marketing your brand. This is because of their efficiency in grabbing viewer's attention and making them take the call to action.
  • It can be shared on multiple social media handles or directly to your website. Whiteboard animation videos have been used by companies to explain their brand's ideology to prospective customers.

Best Whiteboard Animation Companies in Australia


Essence Studios is a whiteboard animation company that was established in 2018, in India. Now it offers animation services from its offices in Australia, the USA, and the UK.

Essence Studios has climbed up the ladder of the top video production services due to their well planned video making process. They begin each project only after outlining the entire animation process for the client.

One of the best practices of Essence Studios is that they are open to feedback throughout the video creation process till the final delivery.

The team of Essence Studios consists of skilled animators and designers who use the latest whiteboard animation software and technology for making attractive videos. In addition to that they also have talented story writers, voiceover artists, and producers who make the entire process a seamless experience for the clients.

Essence Studios is one of the top whiteboard animation video explainer companies in Australia. They have expert animators capable of understanding the requirements of a brand and conveying its message through engaging video content

Punchy Digital Media is a whiteboard animation studio in Australia. It mostly creates videos for the local Australian businesses.

They are available 24/7 for their clients. You can contact them at any time of your choice provided you are an Australian based business.

Punchy Digital Media always responds to client queries or feedback within reasonable time. This practice has gained them a lot of positive feedback from their clients.

For every new project a dedicated person is appointed to handle communication with every client. Unlike some of the big video production companies they treat every client equally no matter how big or small.

Another good practice of Punchy Digital Media is that they always keep their clients updated consistently on the progress of the project. This way they make sure that clients are not surprised by any unwanted element in the video.

Punchy Digital Media lets their clients give feedback during the entire animation process. So, when the final product is ready the clients are fully satisfied and the video is of the best quality.

They are well known in the industry for their guaranteed on time delivery of every animation project.


Vidnado is a whiteboard animation video company in Australia. They serve both national and international clients.

They have many years of experience in creating engaging whiteboard animations. Vidnado works with all types of businesses ranging from small startup to big brands

They have many years of experience in corporate video production.

The team of Vidnado always creates original and authentic whiteboard animation . They do not use photocopies or preset templates of any kind.

Whiteboard animation videos created by Vidnado are focused towards achieving marketing goals of their clients. Their videos are liked and shared by viewers thereby increasing conversions or sales for their clients.

Vidnado makes sure to deliver their clients whiteboard animation videos in a short span of time. They finish their projects before the deadline.

What makes Vidnado special among other whiteboard animation companies in Australia is their technical expertise, dynamic and well-established workflow and unmatched process of production.


Explanimate is a whiteboard animation video company in Australia. They are based in Brisbane.

They are experienced in telling stories through whiteboard animation. Their videos have shown results by successfully engaging the target audience.

At Explanimate they believe that by contributing to the growth of clients' brands they are contributing to the growth of the animation industry.

Explanimate try to establish emotional connection with the viewers by creating well designed whiteboard animations.

They consistently try to master whiteboard animation videos to become the industry leaders.

Explanimate is one of the top whiteboard animation explainer companies in Australia well known for their excellent communication skills.

With the help of whiteboard animation videos they not only communicate with the clients but also the customers of their clients.


Logonado is one of the video production companies that offers whiteboard animation services in Australia.

Their specialty is creating amazing whiteboard animation videos that suit their clients needs.

Logonado provides custom whiteboard animation services. Their team handles everything from script writing to final animation.

They try to make Whiteboard animation videos that educate the prospective customers about the clients products or services.

Making purposeful whiteboard animation explainer videos is their main objective. Logonado aims to make a difference to the clients brand value with their videos.


Alpasbox offers whiteboard animation services in Australia. They create Whiteboard animation videos that generate conversions and increase sales.

The team of Alpasbox is good at writing scripts. They deliver the clients message creatively when applied in video format.

Alpasbox uses original hand made sketches, and graphic inputs for creating whiteboard explainer videos.

They believe that good narration or audio just adds to the efficiency of whiteboard animation videos. This is why they make use of best quality voice overs from professional voiceover artists from around the world.

Aplasbox is known for fast production of whiteboard explainer videos. Even their pricing package is affordable and reasonable. It suits all types of businesses, Further they have no hidden charges for their services.

They make sure to satisfy clients. In order to do that they offer unlimited free revisions. This way the final product is of top quality and as per their client's expectations. In addition to this, their whiteboard animation videos are custom-made to suit the client's requirements.


Brafton is a whiteboard animation company in Australia. They specialize in text or character based whiteboard animation videos.

Their animators skillfully combine beautiful art and engaging narration to create outstanding whiteboard animation videos.

Brafton makes whiteboard animation videos that are good at educating the viewers or telling a story.

Their animators and designers make use of the best whiteboard software and designs that grab the viewers attention. It makes the viewers retain the content of the video for a long period of time.

Brafton effectively uses animation for visual depiction of the topic and narration for further clarification of the topic. Their whiteboard animations convey the client's message while establishing a connection with the viewers.


We hope you find the right whiteboard animation company in Australia for your business from the above list. Whether you want explainer videos or promotion videos, the above companies can serve all your animated video requirements. While selecting the right company you need to make sure to check their portfolio for their past works and client reviews. This will help you in deciding whether the company will be able to meet your standards for whiteboard videos.

Our favorite whiteboard animation studio in Australia is of course Essence Studios. They have an incredible storytelling ability that helps them to explain even the most confusing topics in a fun and engaging manner. Their video is always of top quality and bound to get results whether it is to generate sales or simply educate. Go ahead and find out more about Essence Studios' world of whiteboard animation. Contact us!

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