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Top 10 Testimonial Video Examples To Get Inspired From

It’s important for any brand or business to create and maintain its position in the marketplace. In order to drive traffic and boost sales, a marketer must generate trust in the minds of the audience. A testimonial video is one of the most effective approaches to generate trust among your potential customers. 

As per Wyzowl, 95% of consumers believe that customer reviews influences their purchase decisions to a great extent. 

Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful ways of online reviews. It shows how much your clients/customers are satisfied and happy with your product or service, while they’re willing to tell themselves. 

If you need inspiration to create the best testimonial video, here are top 10 testimonial video examples that have the potential to convert. 

1. American Express

American Express is one of the leading credit card companies in the United States. This testimonial video is one of the best videos as it communicates with not just one or two but five of the company’s customers. 


The clients featured in this video run entirely different businesses, which helps to showcase the diverse benefits that American Express provides. 

In this video, the customers talk about their experiences, and how American Express is better than any other credit card company in the market. 

2. Salesforce 

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software, and this testimonial video is a part of Marriott’s ‘trailblazer’ series. In these videos, the client is the centre of attraction and their success is everything. 


The video revolves around a story with actors playing as a customer while interacting with real people in the industry, along with scenes showing how Salesforce software works. 

3. HubSpot 

HubSpot is a popular marketing and sales service. However, it doesn’t mean that it cannot benefit from a well-crafted testimonial to lure prospective customers to their product or service. 


The video effortlessly displays different shots of the product used as well as the clips of the founders talking about how HubSpot aided in the growth of their business. It further includes what clients have to say about the company’s service. 

4. ForseeHome 

ForseeHome is a home-based monitoring system launched by Notal Vision to help customers detect and avoid potential vision problems in the future. 


This testimonial video is quite up close & personal as it shows the patient’s home while she tells her story. They’ve also used a bit of 2D animation that adds a layer of context to the video. 


In this video, a middle-aged woman explains how CHIP helped her lose weight and feel energetic with its Complete Health Improvement Program. 


CHIP stands for Complete Health Improvement Program and it promotes itself as a lifestyle medicine organization. 

Obesity and weight gain is a problem that many people face these days, so testimonials from customers who have benefited from the program serve as a trustworthy source for potential customers. 

Besides explaining the benefits of the program, this video testimonial also shows them to the viewers. You can see the customer performing all the activities she struggled to do before when she was overweight, such as trekking and playing with her grandchildren. 

6. Hootsuite 

In this testimonial video, Herschel team tells how Hootsuite helped them market their products on social media platforms. Different team members ranging from the Managing Director to the Digital Marketer talk about their experiences of using Hootsuite.


In this testimonial video, Herschel team tells how Hootsuite helped them market their products on social media platforms. Different team members ranging from the Managing Director to the Digital Marketer talk about their experiences of using Hootsuite. 

Growth is another important factor that the client overviews in this video. They explain how the Hootsuite app helped them generate growth on their social media profiles. Little insights like these make Hootsuite an additional team member, which might attract potential clients watching the video. 

7. Felder Group 

Felder Group manufactures woodworking machines. This video testimonial not only shows the machines in use, but also stresses on the people who bought them and what they’re making through it. 


In the video, three different woodworking machines are featured. Besides, you can see the customer mentioning the benefits of the machine such as its low-cost and less noise pollution, which are quite crucial for people investing in woodworking machines. 

8. magicJack 

As you play this video, you’ll see a man named Barry who’s being a little eccentric and entertaining while using the magicJack. 


This video does its job well as the viewers get to learn about the benefits of magicJack along with its customers. It shows that magicJack is here for its customers, which is definitely going to boost sales. Not to mention, it’s interesting to watch. 

9. TutorMing

TutorMing is an online platform that helps people learn to speak Chinese. Learning a new language can be a pretty difficult task, and this video has customers telling their experiences while learning Chinese language. 


It shows how the clients are happy and satisfied with the benefits TutorMing offers. You’ll also get a chance to see them using it, which is a superb way to lure in new customers. 

10. Zoom 

A testimonial from a company as big as Sonos is quite valuable to attract more customers to the brand. 


This testimonial video showcases the excellent performance of Zoom - a video conferencing software. Sonos has 12 offices located around the world, and in this video they discuss all the benefits of using Zoom such as facilitating real-time communication between team members, regardless of their location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a testimonial video? 

A testimonial video is where a customer or client praises a product or service while mentioning its benefits, uses and how it helped them solve their problem. 

2. Why should you go for a professional video company?

A professional Explainer video production company is capable of creating crisp and engaging testimonial videos. They hear your client’s idea and conceptualize in a way to produce the best videos featuring the customers comments and feedback regarding a product or service. 


Brands upload video testimonials on websites so that the visitors and potential customers get an idea of how a particular product or service will address their pain points. Therefore, if you want to win your customers’ trust, make sure you prepare a testimonial video including all the benefits and uses of your product. 

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