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Speed Up Your Animation or VFX Workflow Using NXT

Are you eager to learn more about how you can speed up your animation or VFX workflow? Well, you can do this easily using NXT or Node Execution Tree - an open source tool that allows visualization and automation of complicated scripts in a user-friendly manner for both creatives and developers. 

What is NXT - Node Execution Tree?

NXT - Node Execution Tree - YouTube

NXT is an open source tool mainly designed for 3D animation software video and visual effects. It allows access to the structure of the pipeline to beginners and developers so that they can work innovatively. 

It provides a visual map while allowing developers to set up the base process while the creative team is able to layer those with their daily processes. 

NXT Compatibility with Blender, Maya & Houdini

Houdini Vs Maya which is Better. - InspirationTuts

NXT makes use of the Python integration system to import into Unreal. It further works with Blender, Nuke, Houdini, Maya and USDs. It is commonly used for rigging in Maya software. 

There are a variety of debugging tools offered by the software, so that stops are easily put into nodes. The software can be used to build on a rig, and stop. The robust logging system easily spot errors in the code. 

Besides, the storage and referencing method of NXT files is somewhat similar to the sharing system of Maya. 

Graphing Visual Effects and Animation Workflows 

Multi Layered Effects with Visual Effect Graph in Unity! (Tutorial) -  YouTube

NXT can be used in a variety of ways such as for gathering utilities and scripts together on a layer, creating shots and publishing to USD (Universal Scene Description), full character rig builds, simulation web tools, along with publishing NXT too!

The main purpose of this tool is to simplify and speed up your workflow, and create a visual bridge between developers and artists or animators. 

NXT graphs can be saved as readable files. The developers are responsible for customizing their individual projects. They can copy and paste the code from nodes and share it for free. 

How Animation Studios Can Use NXT To Optimize VFX and Animation Workflows

Animation Essence studios are opting for NXT these days for streamlining complex and crucial processes that are useful for supporting pipeline times.

What is 3D Animation Compared to 2D Animation? The Core Differences

The main goal of NXT developers was to create a tool that both animation artists and programmers can easily use by offering coding using nodes or text. 

The tool simplifies complex node structures into text coding for streamlining exporting in a user-friendly manner. 

Node structures are used as programming templates in the software, while shortening the entire process at a professional level. You can save coding as nodes for future use, while it can also be added into export structures for developing a powerful system of streamlined workflows. 

Be An Expert at Using NXT

Once your position is promoted from junior to senior-level professional, you’ll be required to build an expertise in using NXT. A lot of creatives and developers will need to learn coding. 

WWE consider moving NXT 2.0 star up to main roster quicker than expected |  GiveMeSport

NXT is mainly designed for low-level pipeline processing, though it also lets artists customize their layers of shortcuts, styles and fixes, while creating a library of personalized processes. 

Besides, these nodes can be created as prototypes that animators can bring to the studios and flaunt as assets that can help the entire creative team. This facilitates easier collaboration among team members. 

If you possess advanced coding skills and are capable of coming up with solutions, you can be a great asset to the team. You’ll stay longer if you’re the one fixing problems during the final stages of any project. 

Developing functions that make it simpler for other people in the pipeline to perform their job makes you a capable team player who will win the hearts of many employers. 

You might be asked such kinds of questions while being interviewed, so make sure you know your place in the pipeline, and how you pave the way for others. 


I hope you got a few ideas on how to speed up your whiteboard animation and VFX through NXT - Node Execution Tree. There are also other ways which you can learn to speed up your workflow or animation

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