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Portrait illustration is an art form that has been developed a long time ago, but with the emergence of technology and science, it has merged with latest trends in order to reinvent itself. An illustrator can choose to create a portrait by using a photo as a reference, or completely conceptualize the art from mind, starting the entire process from scratch and without the help of any reference image. There are myriad styles of illustrations that artists use, along with various techniques and combining latest media and apps to create the desired end result. It depends on the preferences of the illustrator as to which medium he would use.

Some of these mediums include paper-pencil, collage, paints or dedicated software for illustration such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Irrespective of the type of portrait illustration, the artist is trying to achieve, whether it is traditional or original, portrait illustration cost is quite affordable and the task is quite possible through the use of the aforementioned tools and mediums. It is the training and the skills of the illustrator that dictates how beautiful a portrait he can create by utilizing every tool at his disposal in the most optimal fashion possible. In this article different types and techniques of portrait illustration has been elaborated upon.

Colorful Art

If the portrait illustration company that you have hired or the portrait illustration services that you have obtained from a skilled illustrator are good enough, masterpieces can be created in color, solely through the immaculate skills of the illustrator. The use of color opens to the illustrator the various avenues and methods through which he/she can masterfully highlight the different nuances that are pertaining to the portrait’s subject, and bring the art piece to life. Some of the most popular techniques used in colorful portrait illustrations include color splash and the colorful WRAP technique, which can be used to create unique results through its geometric style. In such works of art, the illustration relies heavily on the use of color to become something exquisite.

Black & White Art

If you are looking for a style of portrait illustration design that has an evergreen and classic quality about it, black and white art is undoubtedly the form that you are looking for. Black and white are two contrasting colors that can be utilized to express the inner soul of the portrait’s subject in a way that no color illustration can ever achieve. However, many artists consider the use of this technique to be too bleak, as it can lend a sober touch to even the most cheerful themes and subjects. Some ways to best utilize this technique is through the use of a single dash of color, which starkly contrasts its black and white surroundings, yet providing the portrait with an exquisite appeal. The use of black and white pop art to turn a bland portrait into something eye-catching through the use of intricate illustrations or the use of black and white backgrounds for the portrait so as to keep the focus on the main subject of the portrait, are similarly great ways to utilize this technique.

Realistic Art

In order to make you understand a perfect example of realistic portraits, the portrait of President Obama, drawn by the Chinese illustrator Yuehua He would prove to be appropriate. Realistic portraits prioritize precision and realism, in order to create pieces of art that are very close to the real world and reflect the same in perfect light. You can choose a portrait illustration agency that excels in realistic art to create stellar real-life illustrations of subjects that you prefer. The use of WRAP technique for creating realistic portraits of famous and familiar faces of celebrities or well-known people is a unique technique that is part of this genre, and helps create wonderful masterpieces using an innovative and unique style of illustration.

Warhol Art

Named after the superb and extremely talented artist Andy Warhol, this school of portrait illustration is influenced by the influential and successful illustrations created by the aforementioned genius. The style utilized by Andy Warhol was unconventional and thereby provided the touch of appeal that such forms of illustrations deserve. Some of the best-known techniques that have been utilized by Andy Warhol include the Warhol Retro Background Style, still being extremely prevalent, popular in art circles, and utilized by myriad illustrators who are fans of the art style Warhol helped create.

Lichtenstein Art

Named after the extremely talented Roy Fox Lichtenstein, a contemporary of Andy Warhol, and an equally talented illustrator of his times, who motivated the creation of a popular and new art movement during his lifetime, this is one of the most loved and popular portrait illustration styles prevalent in the modern world. Being an avid lover of comic books and also a social commentator through the art pieces he created, Lichtenstein was able to depict wry humor through his art form that was often a parody and heavily influenced by comic strip style of illustration. The many possibilities that this technique in portrait illustration opens to the artist is one of the major reasons for the immense popularity and love this form enjoys in the modern world. Some of the best-known works of Roy Fox Lichtenstein include the exquisite portrait that he created of the DC superhero Aquaman.

Final thoughts

With portrait illustration cost being amongst the cheapest and most affordable in the market and the availability of myriad portrait illustration companies, it is quite possible to make use this art form in creating appealing artworks for yourself or for your loved ones. You can also make use of these techniques to reinvent your website, or create a great family portrait that can be cherished for your entire life. However, while choosing the portrait illustration agency for your needs, make sure that you choose a company that is not only skilled in creating an exact likeness of the portrait’s subject, but is also skilled in being able to portray the true essence of the portrait’s subject in the most compelling and convincing way possible.

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