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Contrary to the popular idiom, books are actually judged by their external form. Make your book look interesting and here’s how

Whether you are writing a book or have an old one, as a reader (or writer), you would always want your book to look attractive. People should yawn and come closer to falling asleep when they see your book. Sorry bookworms, but your average Joe isn't interested to read your theory (or story) about "magnetic bipolar reversal on clowns"! You need to bait them and turn them into readers with attractive book cover illustration.

Moving ahead from bad jokes, all it is to be said here, is that a book should have attractive illustrations to make it look interesting and here is how that can be done.

I See, I Feel And Therefore I Read!

That's, unfortunately, the sad state of affairs. Many great books have been abandoned to gather dust only because their presentation wasn't creative enough. Here are some ideas on how your book illustration company can make your book illustrations attractive.

1. Matte Finishing For Book Covers:

It is very usual that you will find book covers with gloss finishing or plain old-school coverings. Matte covered book illustrations work like a charm on prospective readers. The reason here is, that since matte feel is used very less often on an ordinary book cover illustration, people will find your book, a little bit “exotic”. However, this “little bit” is going to take your book miles with the matte book cover illustration.

Matte book illustration design makes your books look elegant and interesting. The feel of a matte cover is very soothing as well as very aesthetic to one's taste. Yeah, there will be some who won't be impressed, so we'll let them bail out of this wonderful experience.

2. An Interesting Image On The Front Cover:

This image can be anything that is related to the book’s topic. So let’s say you have written a book about stock markets, the front cover should rather have images that reflect profitability. A quality book illustration agency would ensure that your front cover makes the inside look awesome on the outside cover. And more interestingly, if your book is based on fiction, it becomes even easier for book illustration services to get creative with your book illustrations. You can have your imagination run wild and come up with anything that reflects the inside story, but as long as it’s relevant.  

3. Using Sensible Colors On The Front Page:

The front page of your book should have an attractive and exciting color scheme that will make your book cover illustration look interesting. This point could have been mentioned above, but here you need to understand that the color scheme holds its own importance which is different than having an awesome front cover image. Experienced book illustration services will know how to juggle and balance front cover color and images that would make your book look an interesting read. However, the book front cover aesthetics have to be in accordance with the subject matter of the book. Sometimes a "bland" color will do justice to the book's existence.

How To Find The Right Book Illustration Company?

Book illustration companies are found quite easily if not abundantly. Therefore, you will find many book illustration services that will make your book cover illustration okayish. However, if you are ambitious with your book, you need to find a book illustration company that will make your book look awesome and read-to-be-grabbed! So here are some ways by which you can find the right book illustration design company.

1. Check Their Track Record:

A quality book illustration company will put their best samples on their website that show their general understanding of how they design the front covers of books. This will be a combination of the above mentioned three factors, namely, color, images, and feel. If you find that their aesthetic is not good enough for your tastes, you can move on. However, if they're just a little bit of deviance, you should certainly make a point to at least consider them for the job.

2. Pricing Matters A Lot:

Are you interested to burn a hole in your wallet? Are you interested to spend your hard-earned money on a mediocre book illustration? You can skip this. If you want value for your money, your book cover illustration price needs to be balanced.

Yes, you want your book to look awesome with the matte feel, the images and all that right in place, but that doesn’t mean that you have to shell out so much money that you wouldn’t want to write another book!

It’s suggested that you should look for various sources where you can find book illustration cost lists for various book illustration companies.

Even better, a simple online search will be helpful for finding the right book cover illustration company that will levy the right book cover illustration cost.

It may take you longer to find a company that provides exactly the right kind of book illustration options, but the find would be totally worth it.

So this is all that you should know about your book cover illustration! The key takeaway from this discussion is that the aesthetics of your book matter a lot and the costs for the book don’t have to get skyrocketed for this reason.

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