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The concept of fashion seems to be completely pointless, unless there is a decorative portrayal or interpretation of the same that can be conceived by the naked eye. A designer may have myriad different concepts and theories in his mind, but unless he draws it down on paper, cementing these concepts with reality can prove to be an abstract and arduous task. Designers in the pat laid great emphasis on fashion illustration, but modern times has seen a decline in the affection towards this important and intricate part of fashion designing. The importance that fashion illustration holds for fashion designing is akin to the importance a blueprint or architectural design holds for the proper construction of a house.

Why fashion illustration is important?

For each and every fashion idea that you conceptualize, there needs to be a design that reflects the same and a distinctive illustration that makes it possible for the idea to be actually seen. Illustrations are responsible for laying down the abstract creative designs of the mind on a permanent source to view. Fashion design illustration is so important for another major reason, which allows the designer to clearly communicate and convey their ideas to other members of the fashion group, responsible for the creation of the fashion product. A properly designed illustration is recommended by almost every fashion illustration company, owing to the professionalism and sense of beauty that such illustrations are responsible for. However, the ease with which illustrations allow another person to perceive the idea or message of the designer remains its biggest importance in the world of fashion design.

How Fashion Illustrations Help Design and Cloth-Making?

The best way to accomplish an illustration is through the use of drawings, sculptures, sketches, graffiti or paintings, depending on the concept that the designer wants to be understood. Although, cloth making is something that is dependent on skills that are etched in the brains of the artisans, having an elaborate fashion illustration can make the task much easier, and negate confusion. Fashion designing houses myriad concepts that are almost impossible to be relayed through the use of pictures of words. Fashion illustration serves as the proper medium, through which such ideas can be communicated in the most efficient and accurate fashion with the use of sketches and drawings. Although, fashion illustration used to be one of the most prolific areas in fashion designing, with many companies offering professional fashion illustration services, its popularity has declined over the ages. The following section of this article will elaborate upon certain points that make fashion illustration an indispensable aspect of cloth making and why it is important to resuscitate the popularity and appeal it enjoyed in the past.

3 important roles fashion illustration plays in cloth making and fashion designing

It allows you to provide the client with a fore design before the making of the cloth

It is quite common for fashion designers to have a definitive idea that they can introduce in front of a client, while it is equally common for clients to provide the fashion designer with important inputs and ideas that he/she wants to be reflected in the cloth that he/she is getting designed. Fashion illustration allows the designer to reproduce the fashion ideas that he/she might have or the idea as it stands after the suggestions provided by the client have been adhered to and accommodated, thereby allowing the client a platform to clearly grasp the idea that the designer is conceptualizing.  With the use of drawings and sketches, a fashion designer can provide the client with a fore-design pertaining to the cloth that is about to be made, and the client can provide suggestions and improvements before the production process begins, thereby saving both time and cost.

It allows the tailor’s work to become easier

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of a fashion illustration agency in the past is because of the aid and benefits their services provided to the tailor. A tailor is able to better grasp a design concept if he/she has a definitive illustration in front of him/her to guide him/her through the process. The best way to achieve this feat is through the use of flats and technical drawings. Flat sketches or technical drawings provide elaborate drawings of the clothes, without sketching a fashion figure adorning the same, and without the presence of croquis and templates. Such sketches focuses on the intricate parts of an apparel’s design that needs extra attention from the tailor’s end, and might have been overlooked if represented through a picture or catalog. If you want to allow your tailors to create quality, perfect and professional apparels, finding an efficient fashion illustration company should be at the very top of your list.

It is a professional approach and allows you to create superb fashion collections

Any professional service will be distinguished by the quality and standard if offers. Such standards and focus on quality allows the professional to stand out from the competition, while establishing him/her to be an expert in his/her field and proving his/her proficiency. The use of pre-design or pre-dress illustrations plays a similar role in the life of a designer and allows the client to place higher value and reliability on the work that the designer promises to deliver. Issues of extra cost would prove to be less problematic once you have established your professionalism, owing to the fact that the client knows the amount of effort you have put into the endeavor. Having a professional fashion illustration for your designs will also increase your reputation as a designer and result in client acquisition through word-of-mouth.

A proficient fashion designer would always release a new fashion collection on an annual basis, and having dexterity in the field of fashion illustration can allow the designer to not have to rely upon fashion blogs, catalogs or magazines to device concepts for fashion collections to create. Although, there is nothing wrong in being inspired by the aforementioned sources, hiring a professional fashion illustration service will allow the designer to merge these inspirations with original ideas and experiment with them in the most raw manner possible, thereby being able to create an unique fashion collection that speaks of the designer’s talent by himself/herself. Fashion illustration cost is also quite reasonable to make it a costly affair in getting a fashion design ready.

Final thoughts

As you must have understood the important role that fashion illustration plays in the world of fashion designing and cloth making, if you are aspiring to become a fashion designer, it is imperative that you also take a comprehensive course in fashion design illustration. It is part of the ‘core knowledge’ that every skillful fashion designer must possess and is also an important step that budding fashion designers must take in order to re-establish the popularity of this intimately important aspect of fashion designing.

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