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Grammarly Review: Is It Worth The Price? 

Grammarly Review

If you’re a writer, you may need some additional tools to hone your writing skills. A tool that quickly and easily let’s you check the basic things like  grammar, punctuation and plagiarism  while pointing out regular typos and other errors in a written piece. 

Once such a very popular & powerful tool is Grammarly. It efficiently proofreads any written content as well as gives suggestions on ways to improve the entire piece. 

This Grammarly review is for anyone whether he/she hasn’t used Grammarly or not. 

So, let's dive right into it. 

What is Grammarly? 

Having over 30 million users worldwide, Grammarly uses its AI-powered writing assistant to help you achieve mistake-free writing. Grammarly works everywhere, ranging from social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, to Gmail, Yahoo, Google Docs and much more. 

It examines a piece of text and checks for any errors. The free plan offers the basic functionalities like spelling, grammar, punctuation, whereas the Premium plan goes a step ahead and offers stylistic and flawless-writing suggestions. 

It helps you write clear, concise and a compelling piece, and makes sure it doesn’t read boring and unprofessional. 

Let’s Take a Look at its Main Features

1. Spell Check 

It checks each word of your written piece for any spelling mistakes. It is highly accurate, more comprehensive and powerful than the average MS Word spell checker. 

2. Grammar & Punctuation 

The tool detects all types of grammatical and punctuation mistakes including comma splices, alliteration, fragments, run-on sentences, etc. 

If you can’t figure out why an error is an error, you don’t have to worry. It will tell you using an easy-to-understand lesson.  

3. Plagiarism 

Any piece of writing must be absolutely original. Plagiarism is not acceptable at all. Grammarly scans the entire piece for plagiarism, be it intentional or unintentional. 

It is obvious that not every case of plagiarism is intentional, this is why it is important to use a tool to make sure your article is free from plagiarism before you publish it anywhere. 

4. Writing Style 

This might be the most underrated feature of Grammarly. It offers several tips and suggestions to improve your writing style. It gives you advice on the sentence structure, sentence length, readability, along with other aspects on how you can make your piece better. So, if you wish to become a better writer, this is what you should opt for. 

Be it professional writing or just as a hobby, this tool can really help you while you draft emails, blogs, social media posts, formal reports or case studies. 

Having said that, the following are the people who can benefit the most from this tool. 

  • Bloggers 
  • Students
  • Content creators 
  • Digital marketers 
  • Copywriters 
  • Business writers and professionals for creating presentations, emails, etc. 

Why Do You Need a Grammar Checker? 

Grammar Checker

In the current era of SMSs and emojis, it becomes more important to focus on grammatical aspects of any written piece of content. People may call it old-fashioned, but a good piece must be accurate and free from any grammatical errors. Here are the reasons why: 

  • Whatever you write represents you - Any piece of content you write gives the reader a taste of your personality, and tells them who you are. So, you may look negative, if your piece consists of grammatical mistakes. 
  • The message you convey is more important - Your content should be clear, no matter what type of content you write. Whether it's a blog or a social media post, your readers will find it hard to understand the point you are trying to put across. 
  • There is nothing to lose - Using a grammar checker only improves the readability and quality of your piece. It hardly takes any time, helps in improving your writing style while making sure your article reaches your audience in the right tone. 

Reasons Why I Recommend Grammarly 

Here are some of the advantages of using this excellent grammar checker: 

1. It doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy

People might be intimidated by the term ‘software’ while they feel better while using the word ‘app’. Most of them don’t wish to deal with complicated tools, and would rather prefer to stick to the basics or what they already know. 

Grammarly isn’t a complex tool at all. It comes with an easy-to-use interface which provides its users with an incredible user experience. 

Below listed are the ways to use this tool: 

  • As a web tool
  • Browser extension
  • Add-on on MS Word 
  • Downloadable desktop app
  • As a mobile application

It just requires a few clicks to use it. All you have to do is copy and paste the text on the online version or app, and you’re good to go. You can even have the Grammarly pop-ups and the lines/phrases which need correction will be automatically displayed on your screen while you work. 

Therefore, all I want to say here is that this tool is an intuitive and easy-to-understand platform which you’ll definitely love.  

2. You learn everything you’re required to know

While all the grammar checkers point out your mistakes, Grammarly Premium does that additional work of telling you why it’s an error. 

This means that the tool gradually and proactively improves your writing skills by giving micro-lessons while ensuring that every piece, email or post you write is grammatically correct. 

Some of the common stylistic suggestions I saw while I used it are as follows: 

  • Overuse of words
  • Comma placement
  • Sentence/phrase structure 
  • Redundancy
  • Overuse of Adverbs
  • Ambiguous or incorrect pronouns 
  • Run-on sentences 
  • Ambiguous modifiers 
  • Tautologies 
  • Obvious grammatical errors 

If English is not your first language, then it is the best tool you can use to improve it. 

3. It Works 

You would have this question in your mind no matter how many Grammarly reviews you have read. Does it really work? 

Yes, it does! It’s way better than any other tools available for highlighting grammatical mistakes. In fact, it’s the tool’s biggest selling point. Most of the grammar checkers pick out the basic errors or ambiguities, but you’re usually on your own if something more advanced comes up. Grammerly is useful in all types of content marketing like video marketing.

Well, it has got you covered. No matter how complicated the issue is, it will suggest to you the best way to rectify it. 

If you want to know what makes it different, here’s why:

  • Its co-founders have been working on this tool since the late 90s, and in just 5 years of time, almost a 1000 universities had signed up on it. 
  • It consists of an expert team of engineers and linguists who regularly work on making improvements on the various ‘writing algorithms’ by studying a variety of research databases. 
  • It focuses on developing a tool that suits both professionals and students, along with people who write as a hobby.

Top 5 Ways to Use Grammarly

It can be used in 5 different ways, and that too without any hassle. However, your device must be connected to the internet in order to use it. 

1. As a web tool 

You can copy and paste your text into the web tool. You just have to click on ‘New’ in its dashboard and you will be given a blank page. 

Ways to Use Grammarly

Copy your text on this page and in a matter of few seconds Grammarly will analyze and scan the entire piece while highlighting any mistakes. 

If your document is complete, you can just upload it on the website directly. Click on ‘Upload’ and select a document from your files and it will examine its content the same way mentioned above. 

Besides, you can also type directly on the site, and check it. 

2. MS Word 

You can use Grammarly as an add-on on MS Word too. However, this only works if you use the Windows operating system on your computer.  

Once you have it as an add-on, it will detect any typos, grammatical or punctuation errors while you are writing. 

This is how I usually prefer to use it. It's extremely easy and intuitive to use on MS Word. But, you must be connected to the internet to use it. 

3. Desktop App

You can use this tool as a desktop application too, however, you must use Windows or Mac operating systems. 

You just have to download the app on your device by clicking on the download button. Next, install it and start using it as you would use it as the online version. 

4. As a Browser Extension 

This is the simplest way to use Grammarly. You can search for the extension link on your Chrome browser. 

Add the extension to your Chrome browser, and it will automatically start checking your work on any platform such as Google Docs, or while you use Gmail or any social media platforms. 

5. On your phone

The grammar checker also offers its own keyboard for people who wish to use it on their Android or iOS smartphones.

Once you activate it on your mobile phone or tablet, the app will start scanning your text messages and emails for any possible errors. The tool comes in handy especially for checking those mistakes which you could easily commit while using your phone. It also provides smart predictions while you’re typing. 

The app is available on the Play Store and the App Store. 

Grammarly Cost 

If you’re wondering how much it costs, then let me tell you it is absolutely free. 

The free version of this tool comes without any limitations, which means you can use it for an indefinite period of time. And, I must tell you that the free version is quite good. It checks your content for basic grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. 

However, to unlock its additional advanced features, you will have to upgrade to Grammarly Premium. 

It starts at $12 a month, and offers the following features: 

  • Tone adjustments
  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites 
  • Word choice
  • Plagiarism detection 
  • Fluency
  • Level of formality
  • Additional advanced suggestions

Then comes the Business plan which starts at $12.50 per member / month. It can be used by teams of 3 to 149 and offers all the features of the Premium version as well as the following: 

  • Style guide
  • Brand tones 
  • Snippets 
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Account roles and permissions
  • Priority email support 
  • SAML SSO (for accounts with over 50 users)

So, now that you know it's different plans and pricing, you can pick one as per your preferences. 

Main Benefits of Grammarly Free Version 

Once you start using it, you’ll notice a change in your writing style while you learn from your mistakes. Some of its key features are:

  • Provides clear explanations on how sentences can be restructured or improved 
  • Highlights mistakes while you write your piece
  • Checks spelling in American, British, Australian and Canadian English
  • Easy to use on various types of documents and devices 

Grammarly Premium Review 

If we talk about online grammar checkers, Grammarly Premium leads the race. 

The premium version offers everything that is in the free version, plus the additional features. It includes all basic features such as grammar & punctuation checks, sentence structure. It also offers more advanced features such as: 

  • Inappropriate tone 
  • Overuse of words
  • Clarity-focus sentence rewrites
  • Tone adjustments 
  • Fluency
  • Plagiarism detection 
  • Other advanced suggestions 

The premium version goes far beyond grammar to ensure that your article is engaging and clear. However, I am not saying that it would turn a sloppy article into a masterpiece. 

Though, it does have few useful functionalities that can be used on a daily basis. It provides a lot of helpful suggestions that can take your entire piece to the next level. I noticed that my writing improved after using this version. 

It also gives a detailed explanation about each mistake in the pop-up box, which is something not offered by the free version. 

Customized Feedback - Best Feature 

I personally found this feature to be the most useful. Grammarly Premium allows you to personalize the suggestions and feedback you receive. 

Feedback is extremely important for any writer. But it's also vital for any feedback to know the reasons behind any written piece, or why it was written. 

So, this tool makes a continuous effort of making its AI editor to get more personalized by providing such features. 

Here’s how to use this feature:

Once you open a document, adjust the settings so that you can fix your writing goals depending on various factors like: 

  • Audience 
  • Intent (tell a story, inform, convince or describe)
  • Style - Formal or informal
  • The intensity of emotion
  • Domain - Business, Academic or Technical

If you adjust the above settings, it will help the tool determine which issues or errors it must flag or ignore. It will also give some important insights based on the above goals. 

Let’s discuss these settings in detail and why they are important. 

  • Audience - You must think about your audience while writing your article/blog/post. Using technical, industry-specific terms and language will only be useful if your piece is being read by the experts in your field. However, it can be really disinteresting if your audience is the general public. 
  • Domain - Whether your piece is casual, creative, business-related or academic. 
  • Formality - You must keep in mind whether your piece needs to be formal or informal, as it can make or break your article, proposal, email or an assignment. You must know when and when not to use certain words and phrases. 
  • Tone - This is an important factor while delivering your content. Determine the tone of your content, whether you want to be friendly, analytical or confident? 
  • Intent - You can write your article with a certain motive. It can inform, convince, describe or tell a story to your readers. So, the tool will know why you’ve written it in a certain way. 

Though the personalized feedback algorithms aren’t so perfect, it’s good to know that there’s a development from a simple grammar checker to an excellent text-analyst. 

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? 

In my opinion, the premium version of this tool is totally worth it. 

The free version is useful too, and better than not having any tool at all. It identifies far more spelling, grammar and punctuation errors than any other free grammar checker available online. 

If you are a writer on a low budget, try it and see for yourself. 

However, as with most things, spending money always provides better alternatives. 

The premium version checks more grammatical and spelling errors in an article while it also gives advanced suggestions and tips to improve your writing style. Not to mention, the feedback you receive about your writing/mistakes. 

You can pay for the premium version, if you wish to try the additional features. 

When it comes to writing an article, blog, report and proofreading/editing it, make sure it is error-free and clear. 

I would say the premium version is great, if you take your writing seriously. 

What Improvements Can Be Done in the Premium Plan? 

I strongly recommend the premium version of but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any drawbacks. Well, I can point some down below: 

1. It is expensive for occasional writers 

If you write occasionally, the Grammarly Premium price might be heavier on your pocket. Therefore, the free version does a great job especially if you aren’t writing much regularly. However, you may miss out on some advanced features that aids in improving the structure, style and tone of your piece, depending on the type of your writing. 

2. A free trial can be offered

A free trial for people who wish to use the premium plan could be an effective way to introduce them to the additional features and tools. This will allow them to see the difference between the free and the premium version. 

3. It’s only available in English

The writers who write in other languages except English cannot use Grammarly. There are few competitors who provide their grammar checker in various other languages. So, it would be nice to see this feature here as well. 

4. Level of Accuracy

Though it does an excellent job at pointing out the different kinds of errors/typos in a written piece, it still is not as accurate as the human eye. So, I suggest you always manually check the suggestions made by it. 

As far as writing is concerned, I understand how important it is to craft an error-free, clear and catchy piece of writing. 

Grammarly is good at highlighting mistakes, it's nowhere as capable as us human beings. As a writer, I can say that machines will never be able to match human capabilities. 

In the beginning, a few mistakes might get ignored as a lot of those are not so easy to pick. For example, you might use a word that spells correctly, but it may be incorrect in the paragraph’s context. 

A human’s judgement is totally necessary when a writing has issues with things like tone of voice, length of a particular paragraph, meaning of a phrase or sentence, etc. 

The grammar rules of English are quite flexible as well as the elements to great storytelling and writing are contextual. Therefore, human eyes will always be able to judge better than a software or tool. 

This is why I believe that while Grammarly might work great for casual writing, it doesn’t suit people who write dissertations, manuscripts or perform any kind of technical writing. In such cases, manual editing is quite necessary. 

Why Is Grammarly Better Than Other Grammar Checkers? 

There are other popular grammar checkers such as Ginger and ProWritingAid which give quite a competition to Grammarly. These are powerful grammar, spelling and punctuation checkers that come with additional features. 

ProWritingAid offers a better and comprehensive feedback on the writing style, whereas Ginger provides an in-built translator. Plus, these are more affordable. 

However, I still believe that Grammarly is the best online tool as its interface is much easier and intuitive. It is more elegant and functional than its competitors which are somewhat clunkier. 

The desktop app seems good with a highly functional layout having minimal icons. The user is able to quickly notice the mistakes and rectify them in a single click. 

Plus, the installation process is also quite simple.  

All these things prove that Grammarly is a better tool than other grammar checkers that are available. 

When it comes to using an online tool for proofreading my work, I would always prefer something that is hassle-free to use. Therefore, I would always choose it. 

Is It Safe To Use? 

A lot of people are concerned about whether their work is secure on Grammarly or not. 

It saves your document on its servers but once you erase it from your account, it deletes it from the servers too. In this entire process, your work is totally protected. 

To clear any other doubts, you can check their Privacy Policy and User Trust Guidelines

Grammarly Review: Final Words 

Now that you’ve read the Grammarly reviews, you will be able to make a better decision about whether to use it or not.  

You know all its plus and minus points. It cannot replace a human editor, but it still does the job pretty well. 

So, if you’re wondering whether you should use it or not, you can definitely go for it. It’s a superb tool for any writer. 

The free version is what I recommend to someone who occasionally writes, like students or bloggers. 

However, the Premium version is more suitable for people who do business writing and create lengthy case studies, reports, etc. Besides, it’s also good for anyone who has English as their second language.

It’s quite possible to commit mistakes when writing in English, and this tool highlights a lot of errors and typos. Moreover, it also offers suggestions on how a particular sentence can be improved in terms of writing style, tone, etc. 

So, to conclude, it’s worth opting for adding an extra layer of checks to a document or for simply improving one’s writing skills.  

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