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Doodle Maker Review: Create Stunning Doodle Videos Without Any Hassle!

Doodle Maker Review

These days consumers love to watch videos about their favourite brands or products. Doodle videos are one such popular form of video content which conveys the marketing message in an attractive and compelling way. 

Let me introduce an online platform called Doodle maker which allows you to easily create doodle videos to explain your idea or message effectively to your audience. 

I wrote this Doodle Maker review explaining its features, pros and cons, pricing, etc so that you know all about it. 

Developed by Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar, Doodle Maker lets you create doodle videos in three different formats - whiteboards, glass boards or even blackboards. 

Another name for Whiteboard animation videos, doodle videos are a great way to save tons of money and time as it doesn’t require investing in high-end investment and other resources. In fact, it is the least expensive way to introduce your idea, message or brand in front of your target audience. 

If you wonder what exactly are Doodle videos, these are videos showing hand drawing cartoons or illustrations while the narrator demonstrates it in the background. 

There are a lot of doodle video makers available online but not all of those come with a user-friendly interface. This makes it a bit difficult to choose from the available options. 

What is a Doodle Maker? 

What is a Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform that transforms any form of content including text into colourful and stunning doodle videos in different languages. 

This software provides you with numerous features and tools such as 300 ready-made templates, text-to-speech in 60 languages, language translation, millions of doodle assets, royalty-free music library, Photo to Sketch Converter, and much more. There are other in-built tools which contribute to enhancing the quality of your videos so that you can create a lasting impression on your viewers. 

A huge plus point of this doodle creator is that it is easy to use and can be used even by a beginner to create the most stunning whiteboard videos without any hassle. 

How Does It Work? 

Let me help you with how to use Doodle Maker, if you’re a newbie at it. 

Step 1- Selection 

The step is to pick a topic of your doodle video, and plan the type of video you wish to create. You will be given three options: 

  • Begin from scratch
  • Choose from 300 readymade templates 
  • Enter the URL & Recreate

Step 2 - Doodling 

Next step is to doodle your ideas for the video. Add the doodle for the video. You can change it later as per your requirements. Doodle Maker provides numerous customization options to its users while allowing you to create unlimited videos. 

Step 3 - Publishing the Doodle Videos & Earning Profits

Once you’re done creating your doodle video, you need to publish it on your website or social media accounts. You can even sell doodle videos to your clients and earn money. 

Features of Doodle Maker 

Features of Doodle Maker

Here’s an elaborated overview of all the main features offered by Doodle Maker:

1. 300 Ready-made templates 

Doodle Maker offers its users with 300 pre-made templates. You can choose a template as per your requirements and the topic of your doodle video without any pressure of creating a template on your own. The developers of Doodle Maker have well thought out the fact that not all users are as tech-savvy for using high-end softwares or tools to create their own templates. Besides, it saves their time too. 

2. Text-to-Speech In 60 Languages

The text-to-speech & the speech-to-text feature is another superb way to easily convert a video as per your preferences. You don’t have to spend hours taking down notes as Doodle Maker does the job for you pretty well. You can create your video in 60 languages in just a single click. 

3. High-Quality Images 

You just begin with an introductory post or text, and the Doodle Maker will create an attractive video for you without any extra effort. The doodle creator allows you to import images, icons and any such visual content to make your video more visually appealing. 

4. Photo To Sketch Convertor 

This is an amazing tool offered by Doodle Maker. The doodle editor allows you to conveniently convert a photo into a sketch eliminating any wastage of time in creating a sketch. All you have to do is upload the photograph or image and the rest of the job will be done by it. 

5. HD Quality Videos

This is the era of 4K videos, therefore, no one wants to watch a pixelated or a low-quality video. Doodle Maker lets users create the highest quality videos in 1080p. And they don’t face any issues while uploading it and it never gets distorted when played on a big screen. 

6. Create Doodle Videos in Three Formats

You can create doodle videos in either of the three different formats - Whiteboard, Blackboard and Glassboard, as per your topic and preferences. 

7. Colourful Doodle Videos

With Doodle Maker, you can create colourful doodle videos and make them more interesting and attractive for the audience. Colourful doodle videos prevent it from getting monotonous or boring for the viewers. 

8. Sell Videos To Clients 

Creating doodle videos can also be lucrative as you can sell these to your clients and make money. Not only this, Doodle Maker also allows you to share/publish your doodle videos on different social media platforms such as YouTube. 

Pros & Cons of Doodle Maker 

Doodle Maker has its own advantages and disadvantages too. 


  • Sending mass emails doesn’t seem to be a useful option
  • Doodle Maker is a good platform to invest for conveying a message among a large group of people with doodle videos
  • Doodle Maker is an easy-to-use tool as well as it offers a range of customization options for the users to help them create the videos of their choice
  • It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS


  • It sometimes crashes or face login errors 

Doodle Maker Pricing

This doodle creator offers a best-selling plan called Doodle Maker Enterprise License. It offers a wide range of features and tools. The plan is available only for $49 at a special discount. Besides, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, in case you don’t like it and want your money refunded back. 

There are four upsell packages too, namely: 

  1. DoodleMaker Whitelabel Unlimited  (One-Time price is $497)
  2. DoodleMaker Deluxe Upgrade (One-Time price is $49)
  3. Toon Video Maker Video Maker App (One-Time price is $39)
  4. ClientEngine App (One-Time price is $29) 

How Does Doodle Work For Your Business? 

Doodle videos use cartoons, drawings and illustrations to tell a story to an audience. 

While watching cartoons, the viewers are determined to see what’s going to be drawn or made for them. Doodle videos are eye-catching, interesting and attractive in the eyes of the viewers. These videos get them curious while compelling them to watch the video till the end. 

Whiteboard videos are an effective way to inform consumers about a product or service or for even giving a demo of the product. These videos stay in the viewer's mind for a longer period of time. This means they will remember your message. Having doodle videos on your website also decreases the bounce rate while improving its search rankings. 

Doodle videos make the visitors stay for longer on a particular page while helping businesses or marketers connect with them. Therefore, it's smart to arouse their curiosity with such videos for long-term goals. 

Who All Can Use Doodle Maker? 

Doodle Maker suits anyone, be it a professional or beginner. It can be used by marketers, content creators, freelancers, teachers, offline & online businesses, bloggers, YouTubers, affiliate marketers, social media managers, authors, etc. 

What do people have to say about Doodle Maker? 

Doodle videos are the most popular and attention-grabbing form of video content as well as fun to watch. It simplifies a complex topic or subject and makes sure to hold the audience till the end. The users of this doodle editor have given positive feedback while appreciating its easy-to-use interface. 

Doodle Maker app offers a step-by-step guide to its users so that they can use it without much hassle. The app saves a lot of time and money for people who won’t have to pay to doodle artists for a doodle video. 

Another reason why the doodle creator is liked by its users is that Doodle Maker is packed with numerous tools and features which helps them customize their videos as per their needs. Everything can be done by the user without paying any extra amount. 

Why Do I Recommend Doodle Maker? 

This Doodle Maker review must have already told you why I would recommend it. However, I would still like to mention a few points why I suggest it. 

First of all, you can create doodle videos of several types. It can be an animated whiteboard, blackboard or glassboard video, a product demo, training video or even an advertisement. You can even sell doodle videos to clients. 

The versatile doodle editor allows you to create videos from scratch. You can insert any text, whether it's an eBook or a short paragraph or any type of content. Its AI technology scans the content and pairs the text keywords with the associated doodle graphic. 

The top-notch image library, Pixabay API and icons Finder are free to edit leaving you with unlimited possibilities. This means that you will be able to create different types of doodle videos. 

Doodle Maker Review: Final Words

To conclude, Doodle Maker is one of the most sought after doodle makers that any professional can use. It saves a lot of time and money. 

With a boom in online marketing as well as online education, people now have understood that they cannot rely on a single source of income. Doodle videos have now become a popular way of selling a product or service or expressing an idea/message to the audience. 

If you run an online business, digital marketing company, educational institute, or a freelancer or even a consultant, Doodle Maker is the right tool for you. 

With its extensive range of powerful features, it allows you to create the best quality videos in the easiest way possible, especially if you have experience at all. 

And I hope this review helps in determining whether Doodle Maker is the right choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How long does it take to process? 

It usually takes 15 days to create a finished 2-minute video. Also, this time duration also depends on how fast the client or customer responds after taking a look at the video. For example, a small company will get back with its feedback sooner than a bigger corporation. 

2. Does Doodle Maker Offers a Step-by-step Guide?

Yes, Doodle Maker offers a step-by-step video tutorial taking you through the entire process right from the video creation stage to getting the final video. 

3. Can I Sell the Doodle Videos I Create? 

Yes, you can sell the videos you create on Doodle Maker. They include the commercial rights which allows its users to sell the videos to their clients. 

4. Can I create videos which are longer than 15 minutes? 

Yes, you can create unlimited videos using Doodle Maker. If you want your videos to be lengthier, you can create several videos and attach them to make one long video. 

5. Are there any monthly or yearly costs? 

No, you only have to pay once for accessing all the features and tools of Doodle Maker. 

6. Can I upload my own images and content? 

Yes, Doodle Maker allows you to upload your own images, logos, and other content and easily convert them to doodle videos. 

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