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Are you thinking of creating a whiteboard explainer video for your company? Are you considering using a whiteboard animation video to promote your business? Read this write-up to the end to find out if it is appropriate for your company

You probably have seen awesome animated videos, and you want to use one for your business. Well, it is a good idea, but you must consider the necessary factors to make an informed decision.

There are several whiteboard explainer videos used for marketing these days. You also can do the same for your marketing campaign because of the uniqueness of an animation video. Meanwhile, it may not be the best option if something goes wrong. Before you go ahead, pay attention to the points raised below for the best possible results.

When Is Whiteboard Animation Best for Your Company?

Whiteboard animation is not appropriate for all situations. Although a whiteboard explainer video can be used to review or describe a product or service, that does not make it the best option all the time. You must consider the type of product or service, your marketing goals, and the message you want to get across to the public. As a result, these factors may not align with using whiteboard animation for your business. Meanwhile, you can go for a whiteboard explainer video under the following conditions:

a. When Your Products or Services Require Detailed Information

If your products or services need a detailed explanation, a whiteboard explainer video is best for you. The white background of the boards reminds one of the classrooms and business meetings. This promotes concentration and less distraction from the message being delivered.

Using a whiteboard explainer video helps to deliver the most of the intended message efficiently without any distractions. As a result, if your products or services demand an in-depth explanation or clarification, then whiteboard animation is best for you. The concept of whiteboard animation is fun, engaging, and explanatory.

b. When the Information is Complex

It is essential to deliver the message about your products or services in the way that it will be easy to understand for all and sundry. Animation video helps you to achieve this goal without any hassles.

If the message to be delivered covers several aspects, you can successfully break it down, and get it across to the audience through the help of a whiteboard explainer video. You would be able to pass more information to the audience more than other forms of videos.

The uniqueness of the whiteboard system will subtly create interest in the audience to stand by and watch the presentation to the end.

c. When Your Goal is B2B

If you wish to attract the attention of other businesses through your message, you cannot go wrong with a whiteboard animation video. With an animated explainer video, you will capture attention faster. The overall feel and presentation of the video are best suited for the business environment.


Most Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

If you are considering using a whiteboard video, it is crucial to get it right; else, it would be harmful to your business. Creating a whiteboard explainer video requires expertise, experience, and excellent mastery of the tools. For clarification, below are the most common mistakes or errors with using a whiteboard video.

a. Using a Colored Background

The whiteboard animation video derives its name from the white background. As a result, using any color for the background other than the white color is a pitfall or mistake that will undermine the effectiveness of the video.

b. Not Showing a Drawing Hand

Showing the drawing hand creates a connection between the narrator and the audience. So, hiding the drawing hand can make the viewers feel disconnected.

c. Using Unrelated Drawings

It is an error to use images that do not relate to one another. The beauty of a whiteboard explainer video is to use related images to ensure continuity, fluidity, and progression in a way that everything is easy to follow.

d. Frequent Changes in Style

The purpose of a whiteboard explainer video will be defeated by changing the style abruptly and frequently, which will cause a distraction from the main message of the video. For the video to work, all the factors should be in place.

e. Poor or No Animations

Although a whiteboard explainer video does not require a colorful background, minimizing or removing the animation reduces the functionality of the video. Therefore, the video will be bland, uninteresting, and ineffective.

The above points undermine the effectiveness of the whiteboard animation video. Although more reasons can undermine a whiteboard explainer video, the highlighted common errors are more significant.

How to Choose the Right Animated Video Company

Having stated the importance of high-quality animation video, and following the tips for excellent whiteboard animation videos, the onus is on the creative team to meet and go above the expected features of the videos for the best possible results. As a result, it is crucial to choose the right animated video company to achieve the overall goal of your campaign. Follow the tips below to select a suitable company for your project.  

Right Animated Video Company

1. Quality

You cannot compromise quality when choosing an animated video company for your animation video project. Peruse their portfolio and previous work. Examine the videos and ensure that they resonate with your expectations and standard.

2. Experience

The number of years and projects that a whiteboard animation company has handled is crucial to their ability to meet and exceed clients' expectations. Ask how long the animated video company you wish to hire has been in the industry.

3. Communication

It is essential to have quick, clear, and smooth communication with the company to be hired. The company must be responsive and reply to messages as soon as possible. Besides, you should make sure that the company does not have a hard time understanding your concept.

4. Reviews

Go through all the reviews left by past clients. The testimonials, comments, and reviews about the company, will give you an idea about the company and what to expect, based on the perspectives of previous customers.

5. Customization

You should consider the ability or expertise of the company to create custom-made videos that will reflect your brand, message, and image. This is crucial to your marketing campaign.

6. Price

Consider the value you would get in relation to the amount charged by the animated video company. You must choose between template videos and original videos created from scratch and place their prices and value side-by-side. However, high pricing does not guarantee top quality.

Top 5 Animated Video Companies

Right now, you would be interested in knowing top whiteboard animation companies on the market:

1. Essence Studios

2. Switch Video

3. Cognitive

4. Ydraw

5. Yum Yum Videos

The above five animated video companies specialize in topnotch whiteboard animation or  whiteboard explainer video. Each of them has special features and peculiarities. Besides, the procedures for creating whiteboard videos are different. In subsequent posts, we will cover each of these companies and their modus operandi.

In conclusion, you should know that a customized whiteboard explainer video costs up to $10 per minute, depending on the type of project under production. Also, whiteboard explainer videos can take up to twelve weeks to complete.

“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”