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All That You Must Know About An Infographic Video

Infographics is the most efficient way to showcase data in a short and streamlined manner. These are visual tools that convey information in an aesthetically-pleasing style. 

However, infographics may tend to fall short for displaying large amounts of data, especially when it’s too complex or boring, or when your target audience isn’t so interested to read. 

That is when an infographic video comes to our rescue, when you have to engage a wider audience with something more intriguing. 

Let’s Understand The Power of Infographics 

It’s a proven fact that around 65% of people can remember information presented in visuals rather than text. This is why both still and animated infographics can reach a larger audience in a better way.

Infographics help viewers decipher the relationship between different elements and better understand the statistical findings. The audience digests the information faster if it's presented in the form of infographics. 

You cannot also ignore the fact that good infographics can easily simplify complex concepts for the audience. Therefore, infographics video is a superb tool for educating or informing large numbers of people. Moreover, if combined with animation, these can create quite an impression on the viewers. 

What is an Infographic Video?

An infographic video is an audiovisual piece that conveys information in a visually-appealing way. It is a much simpler version of an infographic with sound and motion. 

Not only does a video inform a viewer, but it also entertains while presenting complex information in a digestible form. Many people would rather learn properly through the medium of video than any other format. 

Now, you can imagine how impactful the combination of both infographics and animated videos is on the viewers. 

Why You Must Opt For An Infographic Video?

Infographic Video Ideas Across the Buyer's Journey [+ Examples]

Short & crisp infographic videos offer a variety of benefits in marketing, educational and other aspects of content creation. Let’s throw some light on each of these benefits:

  • They are engaging - Video provides a multi-sensorial experience for the viewers, while making the message sound more impactful and convincing for them.
  • They are ideal to combine large amounts of data - Infographic videos transform tons of data into an entertaining piece. 
  • These add dynamism to dull information - We all know how boring facts & figures are! An infographic video can really spice things up through attractive visuals and animations by bringing data to life.
  • They can be easily shared - Who doesn’t like to watch beautiful visuals? It’s no surprise that people prefer to share video content more than any other forms of content. The more people engage with your content, the more & better results you’ll receive. 
  • Infographics attract more people on social media - An animated infographic video with an interesting start can attract a lot of people, especially when autoplay is enabled. 

How To Create An Infographic Video?

Now that you’re aware of the many benefits of using an infographic video, you might want to make one! However, if you want great results, you must follow the below mentioned steps to make your infographic video that’ll actually create an impression. 

1.Research Well

The first step to creating an infographic video is to ensure that you’ve all the data and information in hand. It’s important to understand whether you’re using a hard date or a rough overview of any concept. 

2.Produce the Main Message

Note down the key points of the data/information you have gathered, and examine the outcome you want your audience to generate from your infographic video

The message must unify your piece, and your entire script, sound as well as aesthetics should revolve around the message. 

3.Write the Script

It’s your turn to write a crisp and engaging script. Remember, you need to convey your message in a simplified manner, avoiding any complex vocabulary or jargon unless important. 

Another rule you must follow is to show, and not tell. Therefore, let the illustrations do most of the job. 

4.Pick an Animated Infographic Maker 

There are various infographic animation software available online that let users create good-quality infographic videos. But, the thing is most of the free infographic video maker offer readymade templates. 

These templates allow you to make videos without spending a lot of time and money. Though, the downside is that pre-made templates won’t allow you to handle unique marketing goals. Ideally, a custom infographic video especially tailored to your brand and audience requirements will work best. 

5.Brand The Infographic Video Organically

It’s important for your audience to immediately recognize the video by your brand. The best way to stand out is to add your colour palette and logo to your motion graphics software video. Having said that, try not to get too salesy through your logo. 

Tip: Avoid using your logo’s display more than twice in the entire video. Allow your logo to make a grand entry, and keep it in the final frame as well. 

Different Types of Infographics

We’ve discussed the essentials of infographics, but there’s a lot more to learn. Let’s know few of the main types of infographics:

  • Statistical Infographics - Useful for showcasing hard data, mainly through charts
  • Informational Infographics - Best for giving an overview of a topic or to address a concept 
  • Timeline Infographics - Ideal for displaying events in chronological order
  • Process Infographics - These are used to demonstrate each step of a particular process
  • Anatomy Infographics - These work best for list down the components and structure of a product
  • Geographic Infographics - These are used to show location-based data through a map
  • Comparison Infographics - This is ideal for comparing various concepts and elements
  • Visual Resumes - Great for making your CV more attractive!

What Makes a Perfect Infographic?

A streamlined design!

A well-designed infographic should have an uncluttered design to allow viewers to read through easily. In fact, it shouldn’t take more than 8-15 seconds to understand the key message in the video. 

Plus, a good infographic is mainly composed of illustrations, so don’t overdo text!

Where Can You Use Infographics?

Animated infographics are usually found in different places such as blogs, social media, newsletters, presentations as well as reports. 

How much does an infographic video cost?

The cost of an infographic video is somewhere between $1000 - $5000. It usually depends on the style and scope of the video production agency creating it. 

Wrapping Up 

Short animated infographic videos successfully transform the most complex technical data into an eye-catching and understandable piece. This way your audience will only take a minute to absorb your content, and they might share it with others. 

The viewers may not become expert s on your subject, but they would easily grasp the core message. Besides, video is the most powerful medium, so viewers are most likely to remember the information you’re trying to convey. 

Now that you’ve learnt what you need for creating a well-crafted infographic video, you must get going! 

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