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Are you a marketer searching for video websites like YouTube to upload. Your campaign videos? Are you searching for non YouTube videos to use for your marketing campaigns? Do not stress out; this article brings to you YouTube alternatives you can visit to achieve your goals

The importance of videos in today’s marketing or advertising campaigns cannot be downplayed. Every marketer needs a website to upload explainer videos or promotional video content. More so, the video website must have massive traffic.

Meanwhile, the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about the right video websites is YouTube. Well, that is not a surprise because YouTube is one of the earliest online video depositories known, and it remains one of the most popular video websites around.

However, it would interest you to know that there are several other amazing video websites like YouTube. Yes! Many YouTube alternatives are available with great non YouTube videos. As a result, when you are looking for video websites to upload your explainer videos as a marketer or you are searching for awesome and engaging videos as a video enthusiast, read this write-up to the end to know six other excellent YouTube alternatives you can visit.

What Makes a Video Website Great?

Before going on to unveil the 6 Awesome YouTube Alternatives, it is germane to explain some factors or features that make a video website great. These factors are crucial to the performance of your video concerning your marketing campaigns. Here are some of the factors:

1. The video website must have an extensive collection of videos covering all categories that users may need. It must have something for everybody.

2. The quality of videos on the website must be high or topnotch.

3. The content must deliver what it promises.

4. It must be easy-to-use with a friendly user interface.

5. The website must have massive traffic, the most important factor for marketers.

Based on these factors or features, we present you with the six amazing non YouTube video websites.

6 Non YouTube Video Website Unblocked

If you are doing to have YouTube alternatives to upload your video content, read this article to the end.

1. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is one of the perfect YouTube alternatives worthy of being considered. The platform has a layout that is similar to that of YouTube. The website is easy-to-navigate with a simple interface featuring different categories for easy access.

Compared to YouTube, Dailymotion's copyright policy is less stringent, which video uploaders or content publishers undoubtedly fund more appealing. Amazingly, Dailymotion has not less than 112 million visitors every month. This massive and contributes to the possible visible or exposure that content may have.

Besides, Dailymotion allows content publishers or users to monetize their content (video) through a paywall or ads. What more can you ask for that Dailymotion lacks? You can choose to monetize your videos or not. The flexibility and ease of use make Dailymotion a better YouTube alternative. Meanwhile, the chances of finding suitable videos in your preferred categories are high. Be it entertainment, news, music, or movies, Dailymotion is the way to go.

2. Vimeo


Vimeo is one of the video websites that have provided serious competition to YouTube over the years. The video website is renowned for its top-rated topnotch video content. It is best suited for filmmakers, a whiteboard animation company, animated video company, and artists.

In addition to being a video depository, Vimeo is also a community that is fully engaged. The bar is raised for quality content on Vimeo. The platform is dominated by users who value videos in the best quality possible. The platform is meant for real business.

Vimeo is mostly used by creative professionals and artists that intend to display their work. It comprises serious and exciting content. Consequently, if you want to post your explainer videos or you are a whiteboard animation company, Vimeo is the best video website for you to showcase your creativity.

3. 9GagTV


If you are looking for funny videos to make your day, you do not necessarily have to visit YouTube any longer; 9GagTV is the perfect destination for you. 9GagTV offers the best funny videos more than any video website you can think of. It gives unrestricted access to fun and laughter.

You will undoubtedly have access to an extensive collection of movies, funny videos, and engaging content. For best entertainment videos, 9GagTV is the right YouTube alternatives. It offers purely videos that provide you with unlimited time to spend watching videos; you should avoid 9GagTV as it can get you addicted to the awesome videos shared on the platform.

To get the fun you need to unwind, 9GagTV gives you access to funny videos from across all continents. It does not hurt to calm down and refresh, visit 9GagTV to reposition for the task ahead.

4. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

Another excellent website for non YouTube videos is The Internet Archive. This website is a rich library for all kinds of internet-related content. If you are searching for free ebooks, software, content, and videos covering a broad spectrum of niches or categories, there is no better place to be than The Internet Archive.

If you love digging up historical information on such as news, documentaries, and movies, no website can do it better than The Internet Archive. For top TV series that cannot be found elsewhere, visit The Internet Archive to dog it up. It functions like a library that safely keeps valuable information for future references. Irrespective of the subject, topic, or language, The Internet Archive is your one-stop website for high-quality internet content – videos and other kinds of content.

Like YouTube and other video websites, you can upload your content to The Internet Archive free. Regardless of the type of niche your video focuses on, you easily upload your video content to The Internet Archive.

5. Metacafe


Metacafe is one of the oldest video websites, like YouTube. It started in 2003 long before YouTube was launched in 2005. Metacafe is still functional until now.

Metacafe has a vast collection of short videos; however, not professional bodies like Vimeo. Most videos you would find on Metacafe are everyday videos made by users.

If you are searching for the right video website to post your videos of reviews of products and services, how-to videos, and funny videos, Metacafe is the right place. Your videos will unarguably receive massive views.

Find non YouTube that may not be available on other video websites on Metacafe. It is a good place to find videos from animated video companies.



IGTV is one of the recent video websites that are the best YouTube alternatives. It is powered by Instagram, one of the leading social media platforms around. It allows uploading videos up to 60 minutes and 15 minutes for verified and unverified accounts, respectively.

Users can view videos of accounts they follow without any hassles. And with the massive traffic that Instagram has (about 1 billion monthly active users), animated video companies or marketing companies can trap from the high traffic from the platform. Even if you are a whiteboard animation company, you can take advantage of this great video platform.


With other video websites unblocked, go ahead to upload your video content or access your favorite videos from the video websites like YouTube discussed. Take advantage of the video platforms to transform your business and maximize your viewing pleasure.

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