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What is 3D animation?

Creating images by digitally producing them has long been common to the era of technology. What is new with 3D animation is that it brings a unique twist to the realm of computer graphics. 3D animation adds dimension to digital reality through the concept of ‘motion and movement’. It brings video game characters, objects,props, human inspired models and creatures to life by adding physical dimension across the axis and depth to them. It is the attention to details that technology is able to render to 3D animation that allows it to stand out from 2D and 1D graphics. 3D animation is the characteristic feature that gives movies, video games and serials the ‘realistic touch’ that they have. We already live in a world that commonly makes use of 3D animation,yet most people barely know much about it.

How is it different from other computergraphics?

It is only intuitive to ask how 3D animation is different from other digitally produced images that computers are able to generate. In the past, 2D animations were used which made use of traditional imaging techniques. These involved placing objects on frames and moving them frame-by-frame to create the illusion of live movement. This was similar to how movement is achieved on television screens by use of motion pictures. With the advent of time however,technology allowed us to achieve 3D animation that has complete changed the playing field for computer graphics.

3D animation makes use of something called the ‘virtual skeleton’. This is a computer animation technique that splits the object or character into two parts. The to player on the surface, which is the ‘skin’ or ‘mesh’. Meanwhile the other layer which is internally positioned has the moving parts and interconnected joints of the object. 3D animation makes use of an extreme amount of mathematical algorithms and geometry to make sure it delivers quality imagery. After all, 3D animation isn’t easy work!

3D animation has truly revolutionized the way we under stand computer graphics and digital image production today. What is exciting is that 3D animation is only going to keep getting better with time!

So what’s the deal with3D animation videos?

Ever wondered how 3D animation movies get the details right perfectly? How the physical aspects just as lighting, weight, height, shadows, and movements are extremely realistic even though the characters and scenes don’t physically exist in space? What you are seeing is 3D animation video expertise put to work on television and cinema screens. In 2D animation video you would have to draw the scene and have it be created multiple times from different angles if you want to switch how it is being shot. However, 3D animation videos give you the power!You can now control the camera and lighting because the characters and object sexist in digital space. The software for animation allows you to adjust the perspective that a certain 3D scene is being viewed from. You can also close how zoomed in or zoomed out your viewers will be from the 3D setting.

You might often hear 3D animators say that a particular 3D model or character is ‘rigged’. This just means that it has been programmed such that all of its potential movement points (for example:joints in a humanoid character) have been pointed out. This allows animators to control the movement of models and objects conveniently. It is key for 3D animation videos.

Now you know exactly how 3D animation videos work. Next time you see 3D animation videos, you will know what’s going on behind the screen and in the studios!

Where all the magic happens – the 3D animationstudio!

A 3D animation studio is where 3D animation modelling and constructing takes place. It is a studio house where operators and equipment meet to allow experts and professionals in the field to create 3D animation models. Some of the most popular American 3D animation studios include Paramount,Warner Bros, Sony, Blue Sky, Disney, Pixar and Dream Works. Most of the 3D movies that people have watched growing up through childhood was created by one of these 3D animation studios. If you ever wondered about how those movies were made, the now you know!

Is it the same as a 3D animation productionhouse?

Oftenthe words ‘3D animation studio’ and‘3D animation production house’ willbe used interchangeably by clients and providers alike. To an extent they domean the same thing. After all, no production house is complete without astudio. However, the studio refers to the actual physical space where storyboard designing, modelling, landscaping and other technical procedures takeplace. A production house refers to the entire company or organization that isinvested in 3D animation. Itincludes the content writers, creators, illustrators and all departmentmembers. It can be said that they mean the same thing but there is a veryslight technical difference.

From a 3D animation studio to a 3D animationcompany.

A 3D animation studio company is an organization that has access to a 3D animation studio. The company may be operating independently orit may be part of a larger corporate organization. The animation company will operate by employing 3D animators, artists and creatives in the field. What goes down in a 3D animation process is a lot of math and mystery but what you need to know is that much effort goes into being a 3D animator. It is an extremely repetitive and rigorous process that eventually results in near perfection 3D animation. It doesn’t matter which field of life you are in, anyone can become a 3D animator and work for a company. All that is needed is putting in time and effort! You can start now by preparing yourself for a career in 3D animation by gaining knowledge about the physics of movement. This involves facial movement, mechanical designing,and the motions of creatures such as human beings.

A closer look at 3D animation services.

If you’re looking to outsource a 3D animation task, then a 3D animation service provider may be the solution for you. They provide multiple services. The process is explained below.

  • Project requirements: This is an outline of what the 3D animation project will entail. It doesn’t consist of intricate details about the task, just a general overview. If you are the client party assigning the job then you need to communicate the timeline, your expectations,pricing and other relevant pieces of information involving your vision of the final product. You need to be an active part of this planning stage!
  •  Allocating resources: Resources may be anything from inputs such as tools, equipment to graphic animators who actually do the work. You can either arrange there sources yourself or hire someone to gather them. This stage involves appointing a project manager who gives you (client party) updates about the work that is done and the work that is still pending.
  •  Execution: This stage is executing the 3D animation services, the way the client envisions it. The execution phase is broken down into pre-production, production and modelling. The pre-production stage is mostly concept art and creating story boards. It is a drafting process that involves narrowing the relevant details before production. The production stage is translating drafts into finished versions. It involves making the assets that will be used in 3D animation.Rest assured, you need to know that this is the most important part of the execution process. Finally you have modelling which is simply adding finished touches and completing any work by tying lose ends in the project.
  •  Review: The client party assess the work that has been done. You can take thisopportunity to seek changes if desired and streamline your 3D animation requirements. The review process involves qualitycontrol and maintains a standard across the animation process.
  •  Output: The final product is handed to the client in the desired format.

This is just a basic outline of what a typical 3D animation service process will look like. Often service providers will have more or less stages depending on their business and logistics model.

Hiring 3D animationservice providers – the ultimate question?

  • 3D animation services take a huge load off your shoulders.By outsourcing animation services, you do not have to worry about quality,deadlines and making sure that everyone is working. All that is taken care of by professionals who are well equipped to deal with it. You can be as involved in the project as you like, even if you decide to hire an animation services company. Here are some potential benefits you gain by hiring a 3D animation service provider.
  • It’s time efficient. Time is money and in a professional service providing business, they take it very seriously. You will be at ease knowing that artists and animators are not wasting time lazing about. Their work is regulated by efficient project managers who understand the need to meet deadlines. You will have free time to do other things which are important to you.
  • You don’t have to worry about purchasing software. Animation software in general costs a lot, but 3D animation software is an extremely niche category of application software. This is why it is even harder to find and all the more expensive. If you decide to operate independently you will have to sign up for premium versions and buy the software to be able to use it. This will typically incur a lot of costs. However, if you decide the hire an animation service provider all of that is taken care of.
  • Quality work in no time! When you hire an animation service provider, you should make sure you check their portfolio beforehand. You can ensure that the quality is up to mark and run through their previous works. You get the opportunity to ask how many 3D animation projects they have worked on before. Moreover, certain service providers will even offer a demo version that you can use to test the waters. All of this ensures that you hire a service provider whose work you are completely satisfied with. You will also be confident in the quality of the final submission.
  • No responsibilities! You won’t have to stay late hours in a studio to make sure that the production process is efficient or deal with deadlines. You will have the chance to prioritize other things in your free time. At most, you will probably have to drop a visit at the studio once in a while.
  • Have your ideas translated intoreality. When you hire a 3Danimation service provider, you do not have to worry about doing ityourself. This way, you don’t have to keep creating and re-creating yourobjects, models and characters. You can keep asking the creation team to makeadjustments as you please until the final outcome matches what you had in mind.
  • The takeaway. Hiring a 3D animation service provider could work well in your interest. The factors you should look into when hiring a 3D animation service provider include the costs of operation, the time duration and of course the quality.Once you find a trusted and reliable service provider, your work is done! 3D animation is an extremely exciting and interesting field. It can be very fulfilling to participate in the process as you watch your dreams come to life.

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